Disney's iconic movie Cinderella was released in 1950, making it the 70th anniversary since it was released. To honor one of Disney's most famous princesses, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, announced that its famous Cinderella Castle will undergo a huge transformation!

Cinderella Castle was completed in July 1971, and the blue, gray and gold 187-foot structure has looked the same ever since. Each year more than 52 million people visit Disney World and see the striking castle, taking photos of it, watching its epic firework show and even getting married in front of it. Inside, visitors can eat breakfast with all the Disney's princesses, get cute makeovers, and even spend the night in special princess suites.


So what will change about Disney's World's most famous castle? News outlets have hinted that it'll get a new paint job that's fit for a princess.

Cinderella Castle is truly the main attraction in Magic Kingdom and it's about time this beautifully constructed castle finally gets its magical makeover.

Cinderella Castle In Disney World Is Getting A Huge Makeover

Cinderella Castle is an iconic structure in Disney World and the center of Magic Kingdom park. Everyone that's been to Disney World has taken a photo near the landmark and hundreds of people have even gotten proposed around the magical castle.

Besides giving visitors a feeling of enchantment and wonder, the towering castle's blue, gray and gold colors are its main features, but it appears that it's time that it finally gets a full-blown makeover since it was built in 1971.

Jason Kirk, vice president of Magic Kingdom, announced in a Disney Parks blog post that Cinderella Castle in Orlando, Florida will be transformed in honor of the 70th anniversary of Cinderella. While Kirk did not mention any specifics about the changes, he did share a mock-up of the structure. So far, there doesn't seem like any structural changes will be made, however, the castle's colors will change, making it pink, navy and gold.

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It's Getting Painted Pink!

So when should visitors expect to see a brand new Cinderella Castle? Renovations to transform the castle are suppose to take place soon and will continue throughout the summer. It's also expected that the castle will be fully completed before the Magic Kingdom celebrates its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2021.

Guests who already purchased tickets to Disney World or are planning on making a trip shouldn't worry about missing out on anything while these renovations take place. Popular shows like Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire and the iconic Happily Ever After fireworks will still continue even with the makeover taking place.

Disneyland in California saw a similar transformation in 2019 when they decided to add richer colors to the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Many of these renovations are common to spruce up the park's attractions, but Cinderella Castle will surely get one of the biggest!

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