Cigars are a great way to sit back and relax while out on a road trip. You can pick up a few of your favorites before you leave town, or stop by a few different shops to try some new things. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to cigars, but there is something out there for everyone.

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We have uncovered the best cigars sold in America that would be perfect to take along on a road trip. There is something to fit every budget and preference so you are guaranteed to have a great time. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing cigars to bring with you on a road trip!

10 10. Punch After Dinner

This cigar is a blend of several nations and it is spiced with earthy tones, but it is balanced by tastes of brown sugar and molasses. It costs around $6 per cigar and it made in Honduras, and they manage to pull it off effortlessly.

It is a timeless favorite and no matter which year you happen to buy, it will be amazing. You can sit around a fire and smoke this beauty as you enjoy the time you are spending in the outdoors with your family and friends.

9 9. Trinidad Santiago Belicoso

This cigar is a bit pricier at $9.90 apiece, but it is a sample of Dominican Republic perfection. It is a hardier cigar that will add a bit more punch than others on this list with tones of licorice and earthy scents.

It draws you in with the honeyed finish and has you buying them time and time again. You can already imagine pulling out this cigar as you sit beneath a sky full of stars and embrace the wilderness around you as you breathe it in by enjoying this cigar.

8 8. Plasencia Cosecha 146 San Luis

This cigar comes at a cost of $13.50, but it will be money well spent. These cigars originate from Honduras and use it as a filler, but they switch it up by combining it with some tobacco from Nicaragua. The blend is a bit more robust than most as there are hints of spicy red peppers in the mix, but it does have an even burn.

There is some vanilla at the end to sweeten the deal, and this is what sells most people on this particular cigar. It might not be for everyone's road trip, but those who like a hearty smoke should definitely choose to take this one in their suitcase.

7 7. E.P. Carillo Encore Majestic

This made in the Dominican Republic, but it only consists of Nicaragua materials. It costs $11.50 and is a more robust concoction. The detail in the flavor is phenomenal though which is why this is such a hot commodity on the cigar market.

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It goes from earthy to sweet to tangy as you continue to puff on this amazing creation. There is truly nothing else like it in the world and that is why it is perfect for your road trip. You want it to be memorable, and this cigar is one way to ensure that happens.

6 6. The Wise Man Maduro Robusto

This cigar rests in the middle of sweet and robust and the tobacco is from Nicaragua. It has a full body that doesn't overpower your senses and incorporates a unique blend of flavors. There is a hearty earthiness that is toned down by flavors of cocoa and vanilla and it will drive you wild.

You might want to pick up a few at the store if this sounds like your kind of cigar because chances are your buddies might want one too. It is a great in-between that everyone seems to like as it has evolved into a household favorite.

5 5. San Cristobal Quintessence Corona Gorda

This cigar is a tad cheaper at $8.25, and it even features a beautiful parrot on its wrapper. It is a bit more robust as the flavors of the Nicaraguan tobacco and Honduran wrapper mix together to create something irresistible.

It has a spicy kick, but the chocolate notes they layered in will have you singing praises to the moon. There are some from the medium crowd who have grown to enjoy the flavors held in this cigar, and it is a great way to make some memories.

4 4. Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc

This is a mild to medium cigar that some say has a light spice to its taste. The spice is not hot like a dash of chili pepper, but more like something you might find in your mild spice cabinet. There are hints of cedar, but the cocoa and vanilla finish are what make this choice a winner.

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The draw is smooth and effortless which makes this perfect for anyone who smokes infrequently or just on holidays. It is the thing you need to complete your road trip as you hit the road for a grand adventure.

3 3. 7-20-4 Hustler Series Dog Walker

This is the most unique looking cigar of the bunch, and part of the reason why we decided to add it. It is a great conversation starter that blends flavors from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Honduras. It only costs $6 and it is a bit more robust with tangy and earthy tones that sometimes resemble licorice.

Many people complain that it is too rich, but for some, this is exactly what they are looking for. They desired something that would put them on the edge of their toes, and it draws you to the edge as you have a blast during your road trip.

2 2. Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot

This cigar will transport you into the backcountry of the world as you puff away on this beauty. It has a heart flavor of hickory and chocolate that will curl anyone's chest hair. This is perfect for the upcoming winter months when you need a kick in the pants to experience the outdoors during your vacation. Its rustic look will have you fitting in with the locals and creating lasting friendships that you will have for a lifetime.

1 1. Charter Oak CT Shade Rothschild

This is the cheapest cigar on our list at a price of only $5 and is perfect for anyone looking for something in the middle. It has an almost creamy flavor with hints of chocolate that make it smooth, as well as a peppery spice that gives a mild kick.

It has a smokey feel that is unbeatable and the low cost only makes this cigar even better. You will keep coming back time and time again to buy this beauty even after your road trip has ended.

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