The idea behind monsters has been around for centuries and throughout all that time, there are always those who firmly believe in their existence. None of us want to think there are creatures that go bump in the night or otherworldly apparitions that are just waiting to reach out and grab us when we're vulnerable, but there's also a certain allure to the fear.

Mythical beings and swamp-side creatures that are rooted in folklore had to come from somewhere, and many of these stories have been passed down from tribes and native peoples who swear to know of their existence. So who are we to judge what they claim to have witnessed? North America is a hub rich in folklore and a place not many would expect to stumble upon such devious monsters.

We're here to tell you that you'd be surprised to know how many are supposedly lurking just below - or above - our feet.

10 The Mothman Is Said To Have Appeared Before Tragedy In West Virginia

Many of us know the Mothman from the movie, The Mothman Prophecies. While Hollywood takes liberties with many things, this was one of the rare cases when much of what was depicted in the film rings true of the town's personal accounts. To this day, some claim to see the Mothman as an omen before major events.

9 There Are Still Firm Believers Of Bigfoot, AKA Sasquatch, In Washington State

The History and Discovery channels have devoted entire series episodes to the finding of this mythical creature. In this day and age, we even have supposed footage of the massive, hairy beast, who supposedly hides out in the high wilderness of the mountains. Whether or not it actually exists still remains to be seen.

8 The Urayuli Of Alaska Was Crowned The "Official State Monster"

Similar to Sasquatch, the Urayuli are known as big, furry man-like creatures who do nothing but dwell in Alaska's wilderness. The legend goes that they're a peaceful group, but are awfully unsettling if spotted. With their glowing eyes and larger-than-a-bear size, they'd give anyone a serious fright.

7 The Fresno Aliens Of California Still Have Not Been Explained

This footage actually made its way to local news sources, who still can't manage to explain what these glowing, transparent creatures are. They look like a pair of legs and when they move, they seem to just float along the ground rather than actually touching it. They've even be caught on home security cameras and many have traced them back to Native American legends.

6 Vermont And New York Have Their Own Lake Monster, Champ

While Champ isn't scaring anyone anytime soon, it is interesting to think of a lake monster occupying the depths of Lake Champlain. As deep a lake as it is, no one has ever been able to find anything close to the likeness of this mythical monster, but photos have been taken of what appears to be something similar. Could it be lurking, just waiting for a swimming passerby?

5 The Pope Lick Monster Of Kentucky Is Like A Minature Krampus

Okay, this one is downright terrifying. We'd imagine the Pope Lick Monster to be the subject of many a campfire story (that would likely leave you awake for days).

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Supposedly, this creature uses hypnosis to lure unsuspecting woodland visitors to an untimely end. We're calling it Krampus 2.0.

4 Dewayyo And Snallygaster: Maryland's Monster Enemies

While these two aren't likely to pay humans much attention, they're certainly out for each other. The Dewayyo is a ground-dwelling, wolf-like creature, while the Snallygaster is supposedly somewhat of a vampire-ish, prehistoric bird. The details are unclear; all we know is they're both out for blood.

3 The Wendigo Calls The Great Lakes Home

Wendigo has quite a reputation in both literary, film, and video game culture. His nature is pure evil, and some even say cannibalistic.

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Suspected to stalk the Great Lakes region, Wendigo often brings in its terrifying wake brutally cold weather and famine. Our advice? Stay out of the woods in the winter.

2 Chupacabra Is The Subject Of Many A Horror Story

By far, one of the most popular, and iconic, creatures of darkness we all know of is the Chupacabra. This blood-draining monster is rumored to be responsible for many lost cattle.

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Haunting farmers, in particular, this dog-demon hybrid is not something you'd want to run into at night - especially when there's some pretty compelling footage of its existence.

1 The Jersey Devil Inspired The Hockey Team Which Shares Its Name

That's right - this tiny creature is rumored to be the very first recorded footage of the New Jersey Devil. The legend is so popular that even the state's hockey team has been named after it. A man captured this photo of a goat-like creature who sprouted wings and flew off, and while there are many skeptics, it still hasn't been explained.

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