Austin "Chumlee" Russell is one of the leading cast members in Pawn Stars, which like most hit reality television series has its secrets. He makes his living wheeling and dealing in some unusual finds in the City of Sin. In looking at the guy, you would never guess in a million years that he is a serious high roller.

That is, in fact, precisely what Chumlee is. At only thirty-seven years old, the Pawn Stars celebrity is a total baller. The reality star (and if you're a fan you can visit the set) is worth five million dollars! From lavish homes to flashy cars to millions in the bank, Chumlee has managed to elevate his status immensely over the last few years. So how exactly did this seemingly ordinary fellow acquire such a mass amount of riches and wealth?


He Happened To Have The Perfect Connection

Chumlee grew up in Henderson, Nevada, alongside a childhood pal by the name of Corey Harrison. Corey and Chumlee had plenty of hobbies together, but their favorite thing to do as youngsters was hang out at Corey's father's local pawn shop. Corey's father is, of course, Pawn Star leading reality star, Rick Harrison. Harrison acted as a father figure to Chumlee and showed him the business ropes from an early age on.

Rick went on to score a lucrative reality television deal about a shop in Vegas called Pawn Stars, which centered around his Las Vegas pawn store business, and by that time, Chumlee was already in Rick's employ. His charismatic personality, zest for the market, and jovial sense of humor made him a perfect fit to star as Rick's classmate.

Chumlee Makes A Huge Chunk Of Change For Starring On Reality Television

Pawn Stars debuted in 2009. When the show hit the air, its stars like Chumlee received one heck of a payday. He reportedly rakes in a twenty-five thousand dollars for every episode that he films for the History Channel. That is not a small chunk of change by any means, especially for a guy who, right before the series took flight, was working the counter at a Vegas pawn store.

Being a part of this hit series most certainly served as a life upgrade for a simple guy from Henderson, Nevada. We bet he thanks his lucky stars every day for the hand that he was dealt

His Car Collection Is Nothing To Balk At

Aside from filming the popular television show, Chumlee has a ton of assets worth a lot of money. He is a huge car buff and owns several luxury vehicles. He purchased a Maserati for eighty-five thousand dollars, even though the car was valued at one hundred grand. This was an immediate fifteen thousand dollar boost in equity. He also owns a 1964 Impala SS, a Cadillac Escalade, a Range Rover, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom. It is estimated that his car collection is worth an astounding one million dollars alone.

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He Also Knows What He Is Doing When It Comes To The Art Of Haggling And Dealing

Fans of Pawn Stars know Chumlee as the silly guy who is often the butt of the other cast members' wisecracks. He is happy-go-lucky, never allowing the banter to get under his skin. What is perhaps most surprising is that Chumlee actually knows what he is doing behind that counter. While he comes off like a sack of clueless deadweight, he has certainly earned his spot in Rick's pawn store employ.

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Chumlee has evaluated some pretty essential items that brought in lots of money. As viewers saw in the Season Two episode, 'Pinball Wizards,' he is a bit of a savant when it comes to assessing old pinball machines.

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