A competition currently being run by North Shire farm in the UK is offering Harry Potter fans the chance to spend this Christmas in a real-life Hagrid Hut.

For most people, Christmas means spending time with family. That can be both good and bad. Good because in many cases, it's the only time of year we get to spend quality time with certain family members. Bad because there is no escape from those family members, often for days at a time. We love them, but maybe in slightly smaller doses.


Some people prefer to go away fro the holidays. If that sounds like your cup of tea, North Shire farm might have just the competition for you. The winner of the farm's competition will get to spend seven nights in its replica of Hagrid's Hut from Harry Potter. The best part? It only costs £1 ($1.23) to enter the competition, and you can enter as many times as you like.

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So how much of a replica is this hut, we hear you ask? Well, we think even the most hardcore Harry Potter fan would be happy to spend the holidays there. It looks like it could have been the one used in the movies from the outside, and is about as cozy as it gets on the inside. There's even a spectacular copper bathtub, although we're not sure whether someone of Hagrid's size would be able to fit in it.

The winner of the competition will be able to stay in the hut for seven nights (December 22 - 29, 2019) with five other people (or three others if you're all adults). They also get a hamper, presents from Santa, a ride on a steam train departing from the station featured in the Harry Potter movies, and magic performed by Potter himself. We're not sure what that last part means as we can't imagine Daniel Radcliffe will be joining you for Christmas.

As we said, entries are just £1 each, and you can enter as many times as you like by visiting North Shire farm's website. There are also second and third prizes up for grabs. Three nights in the hut for second place, and two nights in the Shire House for third. We're assuming that's another nearby property on the farm. Now excuse us while we work out how many times we can afford to enter.

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