In 2011, Christchurch street, New Zealand was hit by a rather catastrophic earthquake. Following this, the wreckage of Christchurch street became a hub for street artists and graffiti artists alike. While some saw this as an act of vandalism, the reason for this sudden art fiesta was to promote joy, optimism as well as filling the streets with beautiful colors. Almost 10 years later, Christchurch street has become one of the street art capitals of the world. The backbone of this street art and graffiti is the group called "Oi YOU!' Below is some of the amazing artwork you will see on your way there.


Paying Homage

This amazing 3-D Mural at Christchurch does an excellent job at tricking the brain. This Mural was dedicated to Christchurch's past, future and present. The mural tells a story about the Garden City. The mural features the likes of Kate Sheppard in references alongside the Christchurch Women's Suffrage Movement. It is an incredible work of art.

  • Location: Riverside Market

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While following the Christchurch trail, you will notice an amazing artwork of some rather large yet beautiful spray cans. It is located at the corner of Lichfield and Manchester just next to a basketball court. The number of spray-can paintings is about eight. Three of the eight are works done by professional artists over time. Local artists are at liberty to do whatever kind of artwork they want.

  • Location: Cnr Manchester and Lichfield Streets

Women-Centric Work

Jacob Roots, the artist behind the impressive work of art, has a unique art style. In the "Lost Souls" artwork, it features a beautiful lady staring at the area in front of her while looking over her shoulder. This work of art is painted over a background of red and orange as though she were amidst an intense fire. Also, a touch of grey and white can also be seen amidst all the red and orange. The artwork is found in an isolated area thus the name "Lost Soul."

  • Location: 29 Yaldhurst Road

Audrey Hepburn

This is a painting of Audrey Hepburn and is located just on the side of the lemon tree cafe. The Audrey Hepburn painting is painted in stencil style and is in grayscale. This work of art sits on a shining yellow background and Jacob's Roots signature style is used for the "Shine So Bright" painting. As you would guess, the title of the painting is stenciled beside the painting, precisely on the left side of the wall. This street art also features Audrey Hepburn with a Cigarette holder of which leaves and bright light come out as flowers that are placed along her right shoulders. A beautiful work of art, this one.

  • Location: Side of the Lemon Tree Cafe

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Kophie Hulsbosch (Meep One)

This rather stunning work of art was painted as a tribute to wahine to mark International Women's Day in 2021. The soul behind this painting was directed to all women who labor twice as hard but sadly both for less pay and recognition. This painting carries more weight for women of color. Painted by a female artist, this work speaks volumes and was included in an exhibition set up by The Conscious Club in regards to International Women's Day.


On the trail of the Christchurch street art, you will come across a rather exquisite painting of Teresa Oman, the Australian Model. Rones painting of Terresa is indeed from the Rise Festival which was held in 2013. It appears this work of art was done prior to the 2011 earthquakes at Christchurch.

  • Location: Quest Hotel

This painting has a unique style that features old surfaces along with some gorgeous visages. This painting has since become sort of a monument in the city and now serves as a reminder of the uncertainty of the city which is recovering from the quakes. This artwork is maintained so well that it is among the few artworks throughout the city supported by the street art lighting project which illuminates it with solar lighting.

The Cycle of Life and Death

This work of art depicts the cycle of life and death. This work of art features some rare native birds, specifically the Kiwi and moa. This artwork is a bit tricky to find as it is located in between certain buildings. To find more of Roa's artworks, strolling around the museum might do you good as you may just find some behinds curtain or even on the ceiling.

  • Location - Canterbury Museum

Christchurch, New Zealand is the perfect spot to visit for art lovers as you simply cannot get enough of the amazing art out there. There are hundreds of street pieces present there that will blow your mind. A visit to Christchurch, New Zealand is worth every second spent there so it's up to you to plan your trip to the street art paradise.

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