Model turned culinary celeb Chrissy Teigen can be every bit as industrious as she is beautiful. This is the same runway star who challenged her social media following that she could take an emotional casserole on board a plane as carry-on. But she did her homework first, by calling airline and airport authorities to ensure she'd follow the necessary steps to ensure her main course wouldn't wind up remaining at the security gate.

Now, she's managed to use her social media clout to achieve something even more ambitious. After the umpteenth tweet complaining about the poor quality food served on flights, Delta Airlines finally responded by offering her a chance to demonstrate to the airline how to rectify that gastronomic shortcoming.


Even though she's got a following that far exceeds the minion Twitter set and has a lot more clout than most, she's hardly a diva screaming for extra pampering in first class. After all, Teigen's been echoing the same laments as most of us who have had to endure what's been served on those in-flight trays all these years. And her disapproval of the mile-high cuisine comes at a very precarious time in the airline market where passengers continue to be inconvenienced by cuts in services and gouged by a nasty upsurge in service and baggage charges.

Not surprisingly, many of Tiegen's nearly 11 million supporters agreed with her, even egging on the former model to create a menu for any carrier that would pay attention to the laments. The idea grew legs after the likes of celebs like actress Mindy Kaling and CNN scribe Omar Jiminez provided a few phrases of approval. Other Teigan devotees even went so far as to let Delta Airlines know about the uproar when the airline thought the barrage of tweets was a cheap trolling publicity stunt. After thinking things over, that's when the airline approached her to talk to them.

What's bound to happen once they talk? Who knows? Delta may use the meeting as their own publicity dodge and wait for the storm to blow over. Or perhaps they'll take Tiegen seriously, as she has a lot of culinary cred, especially with a myriad of cookbooks of her own recipes on bookshelves almost everywhere.

After all, anyone who manages to get a casserole past authorities onto a flight is one to be taken seriously.

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