Travel insurance is an important consideration when planning a trip. Some people may not have considered purchasing one of these policies. After all, when planning a trip, most people are thinking about booking airfare, reserving a rental car, selecting activities to participate in, and finding a hotel to stay at during your trip.

However, travel insurance can save you a ton of money if something comes up and you can't make it on your trip. It also covers you if you are injured while you are on vacation and you can even select coverage to protect your luggage.


If you are planning an international trip, travel insurance is a necessity because you do not want to end up sick abroad without medical coverage. At this point, you are probably wondering what type of policy you need for your next vacation. So, keep reading to find out how to pick the best travel insurance to fit your specific needs.

Trip Cancellation Insurance Companies Cover You If You Can't Make Your Trip

If you have ever booked a trip and not been able to make it, you will surely remember the sinking feeling. Nothing is worse than looking forward to a vacation of a lifetime, and finding out something is going to keep you from it. Well, except for the money you paid when booking it.

When you are planning a vacation that requires you to book in advance and is non-refundable, you want a travel insurance policy that covers cancellations. It is also a good idea to get one of these policies if you plan on going on a cruise. Or, if you purchase airline tickets that are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Keep in mind though that most policies require you to cancel at least 48 hours before you depart to receive the full benefits under the policy. If you are looking for one of these policies, try Travel Insured International. They are a reputable company.

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Travel Medical Insurance Covers You If You Get Sick Abroad

Getting sick when you are in a foreign country is miserable, especially if you do not have access to adequate medical treatment. You should always follow precautions not to get sick while you are traveling. However, you can also protect yourself by investing in a travel medical insurance policy. There are two types you can choose from; single trip and long-term coverage plans are available.

These policies do add a bit of expense to your trip, but the peace of mind is well worth the money you will spend. These policies typically do not cover you if you get sick from a pre-existing condition, though, so it is best not to travel if you are already ill.

Personal Belonging Travel Insurance Protects Your Luggage

Personal belonging protection is critical if you are carrying valuable items or have expensive luggage. It protects the items you bring with you on vacation if they are stolen or damaged during your trip.

However, these policies have pretty low limits. Your best bet if you are traveling for business with high-end equipment is to get a policy that covers those items specifically. The limits are usually no more than $2500 per person per trip. If you have multiple people going on the trip, it is a good idea to get a policy for each person, so you all have the maximum coverage.

Most basic policies offer some coverage for stolen or damaged items, but you have to prove that there was a loss with bills or a police report. Then, you can add more coverage for specific items through some carriers.

An Evacuation Insurance Plan Will Air Lift You Home If You Are Injured

If you are injured while you are traveling, a MedEvac travel insurance policy will help you get back to your country of origin. However, there are some things to note about these policies. Some do not cover reckless behavior, like taking selfies in dangerous locations. If you post a photo or video on social media doing something the insurance company deems unfit, you could lose your benefits.

However, if you are reasonably careful, these policies will cover you, and they are worth the money you sill spend. They also handle the legalities of getting you back to your home and flying there on a medical helicopter or plane if necessary.

One of these insurance plans is not just peace of mind for you; it is also a great help to your family if you require these services during your trip. If one of these insurance plans interests you, look into Travel Guard, they are a reputable company that is easy to work with during an unforeseen emergency.

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