Celebrities seem to have it all: fame, riches, and free swag. All it takes for a celebrity to get perks from a brand of their choice is by showing some love for it on social media. Not even a week later that particular celebrity is showing off the goods they received for free on social media with different sponsorship opportunities. But it's not just clothing and makeup companies shelling out free products, it's restaurants too. (Just keep those eyes peeled for #Ad or #Sponsored hashtags in various social media posts.)

After news broke out that Chipotle had a VIP celebrity card, fans of the eatery wanted to know A) how do they get one? And B) which celebrities have one! But Chipotle isn't the only mega food chain that dishes out perks to celebs. Keep scrolling to check out 15 food brands that cater to celebrities and those with a strong social media presence.

15 Chipotle Sends Out Gift Cards To Celebs

After rapper Big Sean admitted to eating Chipotle every day, the Mexican food chain sent him a Chipotle Celebrity Card that allowed him to eat free food for a year! According to Sports Business Daily, the chain waits for celebrities to express interest in their food before sending the coveted food card (even though most celebs have no financial stressors when it comes to eating out).

14 Legacy Camberwell Looks For D-List Celebs

Legacy Camberwell is a swanky restaurant in Camberwell, Australia. It's been said that if you're looking for a social media influencer or D-list celebrity who resides in this area of Australia to keep those eyes peeled on Legacy Camberwell. Keira Maguire from The Bachelor and Georgia Love from The Bachelorette have been seen eating here and have said to eat for free as long as they advertise online.

13 McDonald's Has A Gold Card

As you've probably already guessed, McDonald's has a swanky McGold Card that they only hand out to celebrities who eat there. According to The Independent, Bill Gates (who has more money than God) and actor Rob Lowe are two owners of the McGold Card. The reason why we know about the McGold Card is because Rob Lowe showed his off on Jimmy Kimmel and noted he actually knew the man that created the McMuffin!

12 Silk Sends Kylie Free Milk

While Silk may not be a restaurant or cafe, they are a reputable brand that dishes out different dairy and non-dairy products. Back in 2018, Kylie tweeted that she had milk and cereal for the first time and that it was "life-changing." To hop on the bandwaggon, Silk sent Kylie a bunch of free products to introduce her to the milk and cereal world. Fans, of course, were peeved but Silk snatches the opportunity to work with influencers.

11 Ed Sheeran Sure Does Love Nando's

Nando's started off in South Africa and quickly became a popular restaurant chain with amazing chicken dishes. Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has said to be a fan of the chain and was given a Black Card. Holders of the Nando's Black Card get free food and soft drinks but just in case you're about to ask for one, Nando's don't give it to those who ask. It's simply an unsuspecting gift.

10 There's A Burger King Crown Card

If McDonald's has a card dedicated to celebrities then you know other fast-food giants have to follow in their footsteps. The Burger King Crown Card is free to get and lasts for a lifetime but it's not offered to everyone.

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In fact, Reader's Digest claims only 12 people in the world have been given one! Those with close ties to Burger King (and those who have been loyal to the brand) have been given one — including George Lucas!

9 Colin Farrel Is Living The Doner Good Life Thanks To Abrakebabra

Abrakebabra is an Irish food chain that actor Colin Farrel has been a fan of for years. After talking about his love for their food in an interview with Aer Lingus magazine, the fast-food chain created a black card for its loyal celeb followers and Farrel was the first person to receive the card! As he told Jimmy Kimmel, he gets free food and can buy as many meals as he wants on-the-house.

8 Subway Has A Special Black Card

Unlike other brands or eateries, Subway only hands out their Black Cards to celebrities who promote the brand on their own and are seen eating there. The sub-giant isn't too keen on dishing out the card to nobodies; they only cater to the elite who can bring in more money (and a new following) to Subway stores.

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NFL player Jarvis Jones has bragged about being given the free-meal card and actress Lana Condor is doing sponsored ads with them on social media. Is she the next Black Card member?!

7 Fourth Chapter Seeks Reality TV Stars

Fourth Chapter is a popular cafe in Melbourne that is a hot spot for local celebs. Similar to Legacy Camberwell, the cafe also dishes out free meals to those who shine a light on the cafe and its food. Love Island star Tayla Damir has been seen eating and doing some advertising here proving that reality TV stars can get as many perks as A-list celebrities.

6 Yo! Sushi Looks For Ambassadors

In case you're a person who is active on social media and is looking for brands to work with, Yo! Sushi is known to work with influencers and share their posts on their IG page.

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The Japanese food chain has a Black Card and made it known to the world after holding a competition in one of their restaurants. The people who found the cards (only two people!) were now owners of the coveted Black Card.

5 Cartems Donuterie Loves Riverdale

With Vancouver being in close proximity to California, many stars head to the Canadian city as a getaway or for work. Knowing how many celebs are crawling around Vancouver, Cartems Donuterie found a way to bring celebs in on their own: through its blackboard. The show Riverdale films in Vancouver and since the cast has been known to get their donuts from there, they decided to bring them in naturally by saying two of the stars can eat for free!

4 Big Star Sandwiches Caters To Liam Neeson

Similar to Cartems Donuts in Vancouver, Big Star Sandwich Co. has followed suit with its blackboard advertising and it worked. After the cafe heard Liam Neeson was in town shooting a movie, they created a sign saying he'd eat there for free and it actually worked! Neeson saw the sign and strolled in for a sandwich, making everyone happy that their sign actually worked.

3 Peyton Manning Gets Free Pizza From Papa Johns

Retired NFL superstar Peyton Manning bought a stake in NFL sponsor Papa John's and ended up being a big spokesperson for the brand. When he still played, his teammate DeMarcus Ware said Peyton used to bring free pizzas into practice all the time. But truth be told, as a sponsor of the NFL it can't be hard for NFL players to get their hands on a free slice or two.

2 Tim Hortons Loves Its Hometown Heroes

As a Candian brand, Tim Hortons is a big-time fan and sponsor of the NHL and supports its native celebs. Shawn Mendes is the latest celeb to collab with Tim Hortons, as is NBA star Tristan Thompson. But NHL players Syndey Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon have been seen in commercials for the cafe and its pretty obvious they're cruising off coffee perks along with a big-time paycheck.

1 Popeyes Loves Chicken Lovers

Similar to other fast-food chains, Popeyes loves people who love them. They chase after influencers, celebrities, and foodies for the chance to flex on social media. Food Network star Vivian Chan has shared her love for Popeyes and appears to get free swag and goodies from the chain for posting, which is not a bad gig!

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