A new hotel is opening at Beijing’s massive Daxing International Airport where you can finally rent a room by the hour.

Daxing International opened at the end of September as the world's largest airport. Once fully staffed and operational, Daxing will move over 100 million people per year.

Many of those flights will be arriving in Beijing from far away places, including long-haul, trans-Pacific flights. As a new hub for air travel in Asia, not all of those trans-ocean flights are going to be direct. Some people will inevitably have layovers at Daxing both short and long. After 20 hours on a plane, the last thing a traveler wants is to sit around waiting for yet another flight.


Enter Aerotel. The hotel chain operates in several locations, including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Abu Dhabi. The big selling point for Aerotel is offering rooms by the hour and not by the day. This means that you can have a delightful nap in a comfortable bed in between flights rather than in some grimy airport lounge.

At Aerotel Beijing, you pay for your stay in 3-hour increments up to 12 hours. Check-in or out at any time, day or night. The hotel is about 10 minutes from the international flight check-in desk and has 215 rooms of varying sizes and amenities.

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The important bits of each room are a good, high-powered shower, soft ambient lighting, and a comfy bed either in double or queen size. Although most rooms are small, they're all very modern and well-appointed--perfect for the weary traveler that just needs a safe place to recuperate after a long flight.

In addition, the hotel has three multifunction meeting rooms, a games room with a pool table, and a fitness room for people to get their daily steps in.

“We tailor services at each location to make our guests feel at home. The opening of Aerotel Beijing is for travelers seeking elevated and personalized experiences at Beijing Daxing International Airport. It will, for example, transform the experience for travelers journeying from Beijing and Tianjin that have early morning long haul flights,” said Mr. Song Hoi-see, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group. “Domestic Chinese travelers will account for about 80% of travel through Chinese airports and the Chinese traveler expectations for better travel experiences will grow exponential in the coming years. Our aim is to be ahead of this curve, driving the trend for China’s next generation of traveler.”

Aerotel Beijing is available for booking now.

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