China is the most populous nation in the world and is also one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. This vast nation is full of historic sites and popular attractions which results in millions of tourists flocking to this country every year.

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While most tourists choose to go to the obvious attractions such as the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City they fail to realize that China is one of the best marketplaces to buy cheap, high-quality goods. Instead of running around this country looking for the best deals, here are the ten best places for buying anything in China.

10 Wangfujing Street, Beijing

Wangfujing Street is located in Beijing, China and is the city's more prominent street market. For tourists visiting Beijing, they should visit this street market that houses every single good possibly imaginable. The stalls situated on this street sell virtually everything from modern goods and amenities to ancient herbs and herbal remedies. As far as markets go, Wangfujing Street is the best collection of a wide variety of goods and items all collected together in one location. Located in the market are also food shops to fuel up your shopping trip and a wide range of souvenirs can be purchased.

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9 Chunxi Road, Chengdu

Chunxi Road is located in Chengdu, and like the Wangfujing Street market, Chunxi Road is Chengdu's most prominent and popular street market. Although it is not as large as the Wangfujing Street market, Chunxi Road houses a series of small stores that sell virtually anything made in China. The specialty of Chunxu Road, however, is the clothes and food sold at this market. A majority of the goods sold are clothes as it is considered a fashion center, so there is a wide variety to choose from, and the food in Chunxi is more Sichuan than Chinese, so it is a unique experience to enjoy.

8 Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou

Shangxiaju Pedestrian street is located in the Guangzhou province of southern China and is considered the best market in this province. The street spans only 1,353 yards in length but houses over 300 stores, so if you ever visit this crowded market, don't get distracted, otherwise, you may miss a really good deal. This market is the best place to buy shoes and modern, trendy clothes, and Guangzhou Liwan Plaza offers the best place to buy crystal jewelry in all of southeast Asia. These shops have been said to provide the best shopping experience in all of China and carry the latest brands.

7 Barkhor Street, Lhasa

Barkhor Street is a nice contrast from traditional Chinese markets and is located in Lhasa, Tibet, the home of the Dalai Lama and the religious center of Buddhism. Barkhor Street in the center of the city has been there for 1300 years. It offers a look at the Tibetan economy, culture, customs, religions, and handicrafts. On Barkhor Street, tourists can find original, Tibetian dim sum that has a unique flavor to them and sets them apart from the dim sum you may have had in the past. For this reason, Barkhor Street attracts a lot of foreign tourists who are also adventurous with food.

6 Central Avenue, Harbin, Heilongjiang

Central Avenue is located in the Heilongjiang province of China which is located very close to Russia in the north. Due to its proximity to the Russians, this market has a very unique story behind it. At one point in history, this province was under Russian rule and the street was paved with cobblestones. It was originally called Chinese Street. Today it is considered Harbin’s prettiest street with its mix of architecture and goods both Chinese and Russian, and the area offers extremely inexpensive lodging ($10 a night) and food. In the winter you can enjoy dog or horse sled rides and the International Snow and Ice Festival. It is only a train ride from Beijing.

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5 The Bund, Shangai

The Bund is a marketplace situated next to the waterfront in one of the most developed and dynamic cities in China, Shangai. Located on the west side of the Huangpu River, the Bund offers a luxurious shopping experience that some may not feel the need to visit as brands such as Giorgio Armani, Patek Philippe, and Boucheron that are sold in this marketplace. However, its waterfront location offers more than just expensive goods. You’ll also get fabulous views of the city and it is considered to be quintessentially Shangai with its mix of traditional and modern in this bustling city.

4 Former French Concession, Shangai

Like Central Avenue, the Former French Concession is another marketplace with a foreign influence behind it. French Concession is located in Shangai, and more particularly, is in the old part of town which was most frequented by French visitors and settlers. Due to this reason, French influence in architecture and design can be broadly noted. From the wide avenues to the chateaus and old colonial houses, French Concession is riddled with French culture. Over time, the French moved on, and the Chinese transformed this area into a giant marketplace. Today, the French Concession is the best market to purchase Chinese silk.

3 China Wholesale Market, Xi’an

Next on this list is the China Wholesale Market which is situated in Xi'an, China. This market is one of the best in the world for buying massive amounts of goods for a very low cost, and as the name suggests, you can buy goods in wholesale at this market. One of the most popular things sold at this market is wholesale clothing, which is sold at very popular stores such as the Northwest commercial area. In addition to clothes, many other products can be purchased at the wholesale market and they include shoes, bags, and even wholesale electronic devices.

2 SEG Market, Huaqiangbei, Shenzen

The SEG market in Shenzen is a series of small marketplaces compressed into two multi-story buildings and yet it is the best marketplace of its kind in the world for electronic components. The SEG Marketplace is also known as the SEG electronics market building, and SEG stands for Saige Electronics Market. It is one of the largest electronics stores in China. If you are in the market for electronics, any electronic, this market has certainly got it. Plus, with hundreds of vendors to choose from, it is not hard to get a killer price. Beware of counterfeit or rebuilt products though and always get a receipt and business card.

1 Silk Street, Beijing

Silk Street market is located in Beijing and is considered as representative of China as Peking Duck and the Great Wall. This market is the premier market to purchase silk and other clothing. Best suited for tourists looking to buy silk, even former President George Bush and his daughter shopped here for silk robes. If you can’t find what you want, you can have a tailor make it for you. There is also a silk museum for tourists to visit. This market also sells porcelain, jade, calligraphy, tea, Chinese calligraphy, and other Chinese artwork. You can even get your nails done and get a much-needed foot massage here.

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