It stands to reason that a place that's a destination for fast vehicles would serve food that's just as fast. And with that mindset, on Monday, Chicago's Midway International Airport announced the opening of a slew of new eateries promising items to match the pace of life for those scrambling to embark or find their connecting flights.

The new spots are in Concourse A and will be within a quick stroll to a 6,300 square-foot dining area with plenty of seating. The usual array of burgers and fast food fare in that category will be available from the like of newcomer vendors like Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizzeria and Billy Goat Tavern, where you can also down a mug of suds in time for boarding. There's also sushi from Arami and a larger venue for the relocated pub Reilly's Daughter.


The addition of these vendors is part of Chicago's aspirations to modernize Midway, which has played second fiddle to the vast terminals of O'Hare, which if many travellers recall, can be a confusing hike and a half when looking for your gate, especially before you figure out that Terminal 4 is actually a bus depot. The Midway upgrades are also designed to have a more welcoming esthetic than the clinical catacombs of O'Hare.

When the project started in 2017, the first part of the revitalization included the establishment of Cafe L’ Appettito, Home Run Inn Pizza and the Go-Go White Sox Grill, named after the 1959 American League championship team.

However, passengers complained about old favorites like Potbelly's and McDonald's were shut down in favor of nearly 30 restaurants that wound up getting space in the airport. Baseball fanatics were especially disappointed that one establishment called Harry Caray's (named after a local Major League Baseball broadcaster who was frequently lampooned by Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live) was also gone.

In response, Midway airport authorities said that the $323-million initiative, of which $75 will be designated towards accommodating new restaurants, will include the return of Harry Caray's in 2019. Additional vendors destined to set up shop down the road at Midway include Epic Burger, R.J. Grunt's, Freshii and Goddess & the Grocer.