Deep dish pizza is a staple dish in Chicago, and it is even better than it sounds. The crust is thick, yet crumbly, and it is layered with a thick sauce and mozzarella cheese. It is basically pizza heaven, and you haven't lived until you have tried a slice for yourself.

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There are numerous pizza restaurants in Chicago, but some of them have risen to the top of their game and supplied their customers with the greatest pizzas in the city. These pizzas are to die for, and, when visiting this great city, your stomach deserves nothing less than the best. Keep reading to learn about ten Chicago restaurants that serve the best deep dish pizza.

10 Uno Pizzeria and Grill

The Uno Pizzeria and Grill offers a decadent variety of deep dish pizzas to choose from and they are all equally delicious. This restaurant has perfected its crust, making each and every slice to die for. A few of the options you can choose from include Chicago Fire, Numero Uno, and Farmer's market. Their chunky tomato sauce is so fresh you won't want to share your pie with anyone else, and you shouldn't have to when it is this delicious.

9 Gino's East

Gino's East has an entire section of its menu dedicated to deep dish pizza, so you know it has to be good. You can choose from a variety of pizzas including Diavola, Ratatouille, and Meaty Legend. When you finish your delicious pizza, you can dive into a dessert of Tiramisu layered with custard and ladyfingers. You might find yourself liking their pizza so much you will want something to remember them by, and you can do that by purchasing a variety of items from their Swag Store.

8 Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

This is a family-owned pizzeria and it is part of the reason their pizza is so great. The crust is a flaky and buttery masterpiece and, combined with their sweet sauce, it is one of the best in the area. Their cheese is supplied by a small local dairy, which means it is always fresh. The variety of deep dish pizzas they serve include The Malnati Chicago Classic, The "Lou", and Cheese Deep Dish. You won't leave hungry from this place because the family who owns it will ensure your belly is full before you walk out their doors.

7 Giordano's

This recipe comes all the way from the shores of Italy and is the family's specialty dish. This restaurant is nationally acclaimed, and their millions of customers can attest to its outstanding taste. They serve a variety of deep dish pizzas including Bacon BBQ Chicken, Fresh Spinach, and a Chicago Classic. They even make heart-shaped deep dish pizzas to send to that special someone, because who wouldn't love you if you sent them this? If you prefer something different they also make thin-crust pizzas and a multitude of wings for customers, as well.

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6 Tano's Pizzeria

If you got their website, you can witness the extent of their pizza's cheesiness on their homepage. The cheese stretches for what seems like miles before it finally snaps, which is any deep dish lovers dream. They have multiple deep dish options including Quattro Formagi, Sausage and Pepper, and a Margarita option. They have just added a fresh pasta option to their menu and people have fallen in love with that as well. Your belly will be filled with a deliciousness that can't be beaten, and you will find yourself coming back time and time again for more.

5 Connie's Pizza

This little store began when a man decided to trade his 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire for a Chicago storefront. It turned out to be a great investment because now it is one of the top-rated deep dish pizzerias in Chicago. They have a large sampling for you to choose from including Beef and Giardiniera, Gluten Free, and Four Cheese. They even have a pizza you can buy to support Chance the Rapper's charity called SocialWorks. The owners might have to roll you out the door when you're done because your belly will be so full of outrageously delicious deep dish pizza.

4 Ricobene's

Ricobene's is known for their amazing sandwiches like their Breaded Steak or Eggplant Parmesan. What people don't know is that they also serve a great deep dish pizza. You have the option to build your own, or you can choose from the Four Seasons, Veggie, or The Works. Each of their pizzas is served with crushed tomatoes for an added bonus and extra flavor for your pizza. They also serve Chicago-style hot dogs which are another must-have when you are in the city.

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3 Pequod's Pizza

This restaurant is quite unique as you can call in your order ahead of time and let them know when you are 15-minutes out via text, so your pizza is ready when you arrive. All of their pizzas are designed by you, so you can always have exactly what you want. They also offer a variety of sandwiches and pasta if you want something to complement the pizza. The cast iron pan the pizza is made in bakes it to perfection and it comes out overflowing with gooey cheese.

2 Bacino's

Bacino's is located near the Lincoln Park Observatory and Lincoln Hall and provides outstanding deep dish pizza for you to enjoy. They have a variety of flavors including Bacino's Special Stuffed, Very Vegetarian, and Broccoli for customers to try for themselves. They also serve a flourless chocolate cake which customers have raved about in their reviews. You won't leave here empty-handed as you will be singing them praises the entire ride back home, whether it's your house or your hotel room.

1 My Pi

The secret sauce blend of herbs and spices is what makes this deep dish pizza pop. They offer two types of menus, with one being regular and the other being for vegans. You can choose from various specialty options which include Hawaiin, Chicken Pesto, and a Modern Art white sauce pizza. You can also order from their large salad menu if you feel you need to add a healthy component to your meal. A cool feature is that you don't have to travel to Chicago to try their pizza, as they do ship them nationwide. You could be sitting at home and still receive a freshly made pizza from this renowned restaurant.

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