Every city has specific things that they're famous for, from the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. These landmarks will bring tourists in as people want to see what all the fuss is about and want to see pieces of history. While that is totally valid and also important, it's just as smart to want to see some underrated buildings in a certain city or find some activities that aren't mentioned quite so much.

When it comes to the cool city of Chicago, the cloud gate sculpture is a landmark that people can't stop talking about. But there's a lot more to know about this place. Read on to find out why Chicago is more than the cloud gate sculpture and some reasons to book a trip.


Spend A Peaceful Afternoon At The Garfield Park Conservatory

Want to visit a greenhouse with tons of plants? It sounds so peaceful, doesn't it? You'll want to see the Garfield Park Conservatory when you're in Chicago. You won't have to pay to get in, and Time Out describes it as "A gorgeous glass structure housing more than 100,000 plants." You can literally go to this place any time of the year as it doesn't close for even one day, and there is an outside area in the warmer months that makes up 12 acres.

Time Out says that it has been around since 1908, and there are 600 species and 120,000 plants in the 1.6 areas of the Garfield Park Conservatory. Jens Jensen, the architect behind the building, designed the Fern Room to have a water and stone area called a "prairie waterfall."

A review on Trip Advisor says that there are often artists getting inspired and creating some art at the conservatory, which is so cool. Someone posted, "The greenery, flowers, and water features were such a wonderful diversion from the city and winter blues. I could have stayed all day. There were a few tables here and there for those who wanted to do just that, and artists were sprinkled around drawing and painting the lovely views and plants."

Enjoy Some Italian Beef And Grab A Seat At Gene's Sausage Shop Rooftop Bar

According to Thrillist, you'll want to try some Italian Beef from Al’s Beef when you're in Chicago. This is a sandwich that people in Chicago really love. According to this Trip Advisor review, it's worth it: "Al's Beef is a long-time venue, with many locations throughout the city. For a reasonable price, you get a very large amount of beef on a tasty bun, along with cheese and relishes of your choice."

After you grab an Italian Beef sandwich, head over to Gene's Sausage Shop which is located in Lincoln Square. Someone shared about this on Reddit and said it has a meat market, grocery store, and rooftop bar.

The website says that the rooftop stays open to customers until October 31st, and menu items include Shish Kebab, Cabbage Rolls, a Bratwurst Plate, and a Polish Sausage Plate. It would be an amazing place to sit for a few hours and enjoy some drinks and food. The market looks like a lot of fun to walk around and browse around as well. A lot of people shop at the store but don't know about sitting on the roof, but it sounds like something in Chicago that you can't miss.

Stay At The Kinzie Hotel For A Fun Experience

Where are you going to stay when you're in Chicago? You'll definitely want to pick a place that will be unlike another hotel that you would find in another city. Everything from the modern lobby to the rooms which feel like an adorable, comfy apartment will draw you in.

One look at the treats available for breakfast and you'll want to stay here for sure. A guest shared on Trip Advisor that there's actually breakfast food available on every floor, which is such a nice touch that not many hotels offer.

Kinzie Hotel is in Chicago's North River District and it's close to a lot of things, including the Garfield Park Conservatory and Gene's Rooftop, mentioned previously. People say it's a "perfect location" allowing for a "perfect stay."

Sure, it's fun to check out the cloud gate sculpture in Chicago, but there are a lot of other things to love about this American city. Check out an amazing conservatory for some nature time, eat an Italian beef sandwich, sit on a lovely rooftop, and stay at a fun, adorable hotel. Chicago will soon become one of your favorite places to visit.NEXT: Woman Takes Her Miniature Service Horse On Flight To Chicago