A “things-to-do” list while visiting Chicago is incomplete without indulging in the classic Chicago-style hot dog. The city is famous for its all-beef frankfurter and is almost every Chicagoan’s favorite comfort food. The love for the hot dog is so much that there are instances when people feel homesick without having it for a long time.

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The authentic Chicago-style hot dogs have toppings of mustard, onions, pickle, tomato, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt, all in a fresh poppy seed bun. With changing times, restaurants have come up with a twist to the ingredients, but nothing can beat the magic of the original Chicago Dogs. Here is a list of the 10 Best Places to Get a Chicago Dog.

10 Superdawg Drive-In

The restaurant was started in 1948 with a mission to serving its customers in a way that will make them return. It has proudly succeeded in making this mission a reality with its lip-smacking signature Superdawg and excellent service. The poppy seed bun with a pure beef hot dog has been loved for decades by people of all ages.

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The concept of a 40s iconic drive-in restaurant can still be witnessed here and the rooftop figures of the hot dogs make it a landmark destination. You can relish the tempting Chicago dog in the comfort of your car as the carhop will deliver it to you with a guaranteed smile.

9 Flub A Dub Chub’s

From its name to the logo and even the menu, this Lakeview restaurant manages to keep everything interesting. The classic combination of Chicago dog and fries here is all that you need to brighten up your mood on any day. The restaurant is loved for its fresh toppings and high-quality ingredients. Further, with names like The Mr. Big and the Flubby appeal to the guests who make it a point to try a different dog during every visit. The best part is that the “Flubtastic” restaurant impresses the guest every single time. The fun restaurant has what they call the Ketchup Wall of Shame that displays a slideshow of its customers that have asked for ketchup.

8 Portillo’s

Opened in 1963 as a small hot dog stand named as The Dog House in Chicago, Portillo’s is now a popular restaurant chain with more than 50 branches in the US. The Chicago style hotdog is prepared with a freshly steamed poppy seed bun and an all-beef Vienna hot dog is added. Although this might sound like any other Chicago dog, the recipe here is unique and you have to taste it to believe it. It is popular among the Chicagoans as “dragging the dog through the garden”. The wall of fame displays the pictures of famous personalities who love the Chicago dog the Portillo’s way.

7 Max’s Take Out

Max’s Take out, established in 1962 is one of the oldest hotdog stands in the vibrant Chicago Loop. This is a go-to place for the locals to indulge in authentic Chicago dogs. This iconic take out zone is so popular because they exceed guest’s expectations every time with service par excellence. The owner Max Khan makes it a point to collect the feedback and also checks the social media reviews by the guests himself. The affordable prices, tempting dogs, and loyal customers are the secret behind its success. Don’t miss any opportunity to get your hands on the popular Jumbo dog at Max’s when you are in Chicago.

6 Wrigleyville Dogs

A family-owned business that promises to leave its customers satisfied with its delicious food, Wrigleyville was established in 1991 as a small restaurant. The most popular menu item here is the Chicago-style dog. The delicious delicacy makes use of 100% pure Vienna beef and fresh and crisp toppings.

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Guests throng to grab a dog before baseball games at Wrigley Field. Even after the games, the joint is visited by Chicago dog lovers. With the inclusion of other favorites like the pitas, grilled chicken sandwich, gyros and turkey burger, this restaurant appeals to customers even on days when Chicago Cubs are off-field.

5 Clark’s Street Dog

An ideal location to hold a beer and Chicago style dog together, this late-night joint at Lakeview serves customers till 3:00 am. For the past 42 years, Chicagoans have relied on Clark’s for affordable, high-quality food. The signature Clark Street hot dog served with mustard, pickle and sport peppers is a favorite among the guests. Even the side orders like Chilli Cheese fries and Mozarella Sticks are worth a try. Unlike many other restaurants, they restrain themselves from the use of frozen foods and it is the secret behind there delectable dishes. The restaurant also has a bar adjacent to it with a broad menu of beers.

4 America’s Dog & Burger

America’s Dog and Burger has taken the hot dog game to the next level by featuring nine city dogs. The Chicago dog has consistently been the most popular among all ever since the restaurant’s opening in 1993. It is a family-owned business where three generations have strived to serve its customers with top-quality foods. You can customize the classic Chicago dog here with toppings like green onion, bacon and cheese. This is popularly known as the Chef George special and has gathered a separate fan base for the innovation. The branches of America’s Dog & Burger are spread across the US and it’s the best choice if you are on an American road trip.

3 The Wieners Circle

If you are a loud and aggressive person, this hot dog stand is tailor-made for you. Wondering how this is related to the list of best Chicago dogs? Well, that’s how most people order their favorite dog at Wiener’s circle. The restaurant serves its customers till 5:00 on weekends and is popular for its madness and Chicago style hot dogs. The delicious dogs attract a plethora of customers and it is crowded most of the time. To get your order right it is recommended that you make sure that the staff has heard you well. The char cheddar dog is praiseworthy and all the possible struggle to get it is worth it.

2 Chicago’s Dog House

If you are craving an authentic Chicago dog, Fullerton Avenue has got an ultimate surprise for you. Chicago’s Dog House serves scrumptious classic dogs and the portion size is known to be perfect. The Chicago style hot dog combo with cheese fries and a drink is an ideal lunch choice for many at this restaurant. The BLT hot dogs combo is another extremely tasty option available here. Only high-quality ingredients are used to make the dogs and that’s what makes the guests come back for more. The small size of the joint doesn’t stop its customers from visiting as the services are quick.

1 Fatso’s Last Stand

An old school hot dog stand at the Ukrainian Village, Fatso’s is an ideal place for a late-night treat. On Friday and Saturday, it is open till 4:00 am and has now become a popular spot for an after-party. The menu has something for everyone from homemade mac and cheese to fried shrimp. The char dogs are served Chicago style and it is undeniably the star of the menu. The deep-fried veggie dog is quite popular among the guests. The Chicago rule of no ketchup with a hot dog is applicable here too and there is an impressive board at the restaurant to remind you about that.

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