While there was once a major emphasis on material possessions to really showcase a person's fulfilled life, people have begun to realize that it's life experiences that really showcase what it means to be alive. Traveling used to be seen as something that only the rich and elite could partake in but things have changed in recent years. From airlines that cater to a smaller price point, to Airbnb allowing for even more options than standard hotel stays, more and more people are finding themselves being able to travel to far-off locations all over the globe. Although couples are still heading to movie theaters and fine dining establishments to spend quality time together, it's the couple's vacation that really seems to be dominating the photos that are shared for all the world to see.

With an increased number of couples traveling with each new year, it's not surprising that a number of the travel photos have been duplicated for all to see. Some of these travel poses are seen as classic and a must-do for a couple vacationing together but that doesn't mean that people are still smiling when they see them taken over and over. It seems like the majority of these photos have just become completely overdone over the years and it's caused people to think of them as incredibly cheesy, rather than romantic or unique in any way. Check out our list of the 25 cheesy pics couples need to stop taking ASAP and see if some of these poses look familiar.

25 Edge Of The Abyss In South America

There are numerous travel destinations around the world that showcase some truly stellar scenes but there are some that feature far more than just a beautiful landscape. Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, there is a hiking trail called, Pedra do Telégrafo. While the stunning ocean views are enough to draw in the attention of tourists, there is a specific "cliff" that really seems to entice people to come and take a photo. In one area of the hiking trail, there is a rock that hangs about three feet off the ground. Photos that are taken at a certain angle can make it look like people are standing at the precipitous edge. People stand in line to take their photo and couples have chosen to do it in some comical ways. Yet, with the "cliff" photo being so popular, it has lost its appeal and has come off as incredibly cheesy.

24 Feet In The Sand

For couples traveling to a beach location, it seems like there will inevitably be some sort of feet in the sand photo. People often take this sort of photo to recreate the feeling of looking out into the ocean, with their feet blocking a portion of the picture. Yet, it takes on a different meaning when it's a couple's photo. Couples traveling to a sandy location are constantly taking pictures of their feet, whether they're covered with sand or completely buried in sand. This is supposed to convey a romantic sentiment but it's not always appealing to those that view the photo. It's not just the people with unappealing toes that make this pose a turnoff since the whole concept has become increasingly cheesy over the years.

23 Led By The Hand

While couples are constantly taking photos of themselves and sharing them with the world, there is one particular couple that has made a name for themselves through their signature hand-holding pictures during their travels. Murad Osmann started taking pictures of himself holding the hand of his then-girlfriend during their travels and they've continued to do so, even after they were married. This hand-holding picture style has been recreated by many other couples from around the world and it seems like it's becoming a trend for anyone going anywhere. The picturesque photos by Murad Osmann have shown everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal and never show either one of the couples' faces. While it may have started out as romantic, it's definitely started to realm into the cheesy category.

22 Lifted Leg While Kissing

There are numerous couples that have posed in "The Foot Popping Kiss," and they often use popular travel hotspots to engage in this infamous pose. Whether it's in front of the Eiffel Tower or on the steps of the Spanish Steps. Taylor Swift infamously posed with Calvin Harris during their Bahamas Beach vacation and made sure to lift her leg up high during their kiss. Many people might remember this pose from when LIFE magazine published a photo of a World War II sailor kissing a nurse on V-J Day on August 14, 1945. Time magazine reported on this infamous photo in 2016 and stated, "Greta Zimmer Friedman, identified later as the nurse in the photo, became the subject of perhaps the most iconic photo taken on V-J Day." With the huge significance of the pose, it's often thought of as a bit cheesy to try and recreate it during regular travel photos.

21 Forehead To Forehead

Couples seem to be constantly looking for new ways to show off their love for one another in a photo, whether it's taking pictures of their hands encased together or the full-on locked lipped kiss. Yet, the pose that seems to be becoming increasingly popular in recent years is the forehead to forehead pose. This is something that seems to be in every couple's travel photos and it's usually taken in front of some serene looking landscape, whether it's on a bridge overlooking water or a field full of flowers. There have been some couples that have been able to put a comical twist to this standard pose, many of which emphasize an extreme height difference. Yet, the rest of these types of couple photos come off a bit cheesy and forced.

20 Camping In A Tent

There have always been people that have enjoyed camping when considering a worthwhile venture for a trip but it seems like being out in nature has become increasingly popular for young couples in recent years. Traveling to the most exotic places around the globe can be a huge dream for some but others would much rather head to a scenic camping ground for a quick weekend trip. While there are some ultra-lavish camper vans and other recreational vehicles that can make a camping trip far from "roughing it" but many people still prefer the 'classic tent photo' when venturing out into the woods. A common pose that seems to consistently come up for couples that go on a camping trip usually involves lying on the ground and making sure the tent is in view. While it's supposed to come off as romantic, it often delves into the cheesy category.

19 Holding The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most popular attractions for tourists all over the world but it seems to especially attract couples. The history of the Taj Mahal is entrenched in romance. Wonders of the World describes it as a symbol of love and states, "Indeed, history has left us the explanation for the construction of the Taj Mahal, namely that it is the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, the 3rd wife of the 5th Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The latter built 'the most beautiful tomb' for his wife, who died during the delivery of his 14th child." The sheer grandeur of the Taj Mahal has caused couples to imagine the depth of love that the emperor had for his wife. It's caused many couples to travel to see the Taj Mahal but the pinching photos with the structure have definitely started to be seen as cheesy.

18 Posed Like The Scene From Titanic

The 1997 film, Titanic, featured a plethora of different scenes that appealed to the romance-enthusiast. The film became so hugely popular and iconic in the minds of moviegoers that it has caused many couples to want to recreate some of the film's most memorable moments. The scene involving Jack and Rose posing together with their arms outstretched is something that travelers consistently try to recreate, whether it's on a cruise ship or in various other locations around the world. Doug and Meg Bradshaw were photographed in this iconic pose outside of the Yorkshire at Titanic Belfast and they aren't the only ones. This is such a common travel pose for couples that it's starting to be seen as incredibly cheesy and it may be time for people to finally let down their arms.

17 Piggyback

When carrying someone on the back or shoulders, people often refer to it as a "piggyback." This seems like an odd choice for a romantic pose with a partner, especially when one person is being referred to as a "pig." Yet, that hasn't stopped millions of couples from posing like this in their travel pictures. The actual origin of the phrase has nothing to do with pigs. Mental Floss reported on this original phrase and stated, "Experts believe the original phrase dates back to 1565 and was 'pick-pack,' meaning objects that were taken from storage and pitched onto a person's waiting shoulders for transport. As time went on, the phrase mutated to 'pick-a-pack,' and then to 'pick-a-back,' which ultimately turned into 'piggyback.'" Despite the fact that it doesn't have anything to do with pigs, this type of couple pose can come off as extremely cheesy during travel pictures.

16 Caveman Style

The caveman style of carrying a woman by throwing them over the shoulder isn't exactly something new but it has become increasingly more popular as a pose for couples traveling to various spots around the globe. While this is a pose that is often thought of as quite playful and a great way to put a twist on the classic romantic stance, it doesn't exactly showcase either partner in the most flattering light. Not many women can make this pose look flattering to their form and the overall look of the pose can sometimes be seen as a bit misogynistic. Yet, it's still a pose that couples tend to take when posing for their travel pictures, whether it's on the Great Wall of China or heading up the Spanish Steps.

15 Names Written In The Sand

When it comes to different travel destinations, it seems like beaches are consistently at the top of the list. Whether it's partaking in some water sport activities or just taking in the sunset on the beach, couples often choose to travel to a location that is close to a beach. This can be seen as ultra-romantic but there is one travel photo that couples constantly take and it doesn't involve a pose at all. Instead, it's just a picture of a couple's initials being written in the sand. Oftentimes, it features some sort of heart component and sometimes includes some sort of phrase referencing to everlasting love. While this is a travel picture that millions of couples have taken over the years, it's definitely a photo that has become seen as ultra-cheesy.

14 Watching The Sunset Together

Part of the appeal of traveling as a couple is how it can allow people to spend quality time together, away from the stresses of day-to-day life. Having time away from the regular work week and the stresses that come from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life allows couples to partake in activities that aren't always readily available. One of them involves sitting together and watching a beautiful sunset. While this can seem like a simple venture, not many people live in a place where they can sit back and really take in the majesty of a sunset. Couples often make a point to take in a sunset together when they are traveling, especially when visiting an ultra-serene travel hotspot. While the actual sunset photograph can be quite beautiful, the posed couple picture can come off as quite cheesy.

13 Putting A Padlock On A Bridge

In 2006, the tradition of attaching a padlock to a bridge to symbolize the love of a couple started to spread across Europe. CNN reported on it in 2015 and stated, "It came to Paris around 2008 and started posing problems in 2012." Travelers from all over the world have journeyed to the Pont des Arts bridge to attach their padlocks, usually engraved or inscribed with a couple's initials. The key to the padlock is thrown into the Seine River and thus, further symbolizes their love. Couples have adopted this tradition to other bridges around the world and often take a photo to mark the occasion. Not only do these photos come off as cheesy but the padlocks have posed huge problems because of the incredible weight that has forced local officials to have them cut off.

12 Posing With The Eiffel Tower

Paris is often thought of as the City of Love and it causes couples from all over the globe to choose it as their travel destination. There are a myriad of different attractions throughout France but it's the Eiffel Tower that seems to be one of the biggest highlights for couples traveling together. Best Tourism describes the Eiffel Tower as "An imposing landmark and one of the country's symbols. For more than 100 years, the slender and the bold structure continues to be a true emblem of the capital of France." Couples often make a point to pose beneath the Eiffel Tower and take a selfie or pose in a location to ensure that the structure can be seen in the background. While it's supposed to come off as ultra-romantic, the fact that it's such a common photo has caused it to become seen as cheesy.

11 Sharing A Drink With Straws

The classic picture of a couple sharing a drink with two separate straws has been around for quite some time. Whether it was the standard milkshake or sharing a bottle of Coca Cola, this is something that couples have consistently tried to recreate through their travels. Couples are constantly trying to show off their love through their travel pictures and it seems like this is a pose that has come up on more than a few occasions. While it definitely offers a bit of nostalgia and it conjures up ideas of good wholesome romance, it has started to be seen as extremely cheesy and forced in recent years. While some people might still see the charm of this particular couple's pose, there are many that don't really see the appeal.

10 Interlaced Arms While Drinking

There are many different travel locations that really emphasize romance and the inclusion of drinking together as a couple, whether it's visiting a wine vineyard in Napa Valley or having a glass of champagne while admiring the Eiffel Tower in France. One pose that constantly seems to pop up in couple's photos during their travels is the classic interlaced arms pose while drinking. This is actually part of a German ritual toasting tradition entitled, Brüderschaft. The Orlando Sentinel describes this tradition by stating, "It means 'brotherhood' and signifies the time when two people begin to call each other by their first names. The two friends who perform this ritual link their arms, drink and kiss each other on the cheek." Yet, this tradition has evolved to cause couples to pose in this manner in order to convey a bit of romance but many people see it as extremely cheesy.

9 Posing Like Statues

There are a number of different statues around the world that range from mildly curious to instantly recognizable. People travel from all over the world to see infamous statues like Michelangelo's David or Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. Couples often choose some of these high-traffic travel locations to see some of these famous statues and many of them choose to pose alongside these statues to emulate their stance. The interesting thing about this is the fact that it can be done in all corners of the globe, whether it's a statue at the local park or an iconic statue with historical significance. While it can seem mildly comical in the moment of having the picture snapped, it's seen as incredibly cheesy when scrolling through a couple's travel photos.

8 Recreating Lady And The Tramp

Despite the fact that Disney's Lady and the Tramp was originally released in 1955, the scene that involved the two lovable dogs sharing a plate of spaghetti has become something that's iconic in the minds of couples. This scene has been recreated countless times over the years and many couples have chosen to pose like this for their travel pictures. The film showcased a chef from an Italian restaurant providing the spaghetti dish so many couples traveling to Italy have ordered a pasta dish in order to recreate this famous scene. While the point of the picture is to convey a bit of romance and offer some nostalgia, it's often seen as incredibly cheesy and a bit unhygienic to those viewing the travel photos afterwards.

7 Gondola Picture

Gondolas are specifically designed to expertly navigate the narrow waterways in Venice. Anyone traveling to Venice will inevitably see the many different gondolas and their gondoliers rowing couples throughout Venice and there are definitely enough pictures to prove it. For those that are unable to travel to Europe, there are outdoor gondola rides in Las Vegas that help to create the same sort of romantic ambiance. The Venetian offers gondolas that feature a live serenade while couples are taken through the Grand Canal and under romantic bridges right on the Strip. The gondoliers don the stereotypical ensemble of those in Venice and couples are constantly taking pictures in some sort of embrace while they're rowed in the gondola. While it was once seen as something truly romantic, it's now under the same category as the cheesy carriage ride.

6 Stomping Grapes Together

Ever since Lucy stomped on grapes in order to entrench herself in the wine-making experience on I Love Lucy, people have loved the idea of really getting in there to take part in this fun and unique activity. Nowadays, vineyards offer this activity as more of a novelty experience for visitors since there aren't exactly fields and fields of people being employed to stomp on grapes in order to bring the world's wine to the local liquor store. From traveling to Europe to visiting a local vineyard, this is something that numerous couples have tried and they all seem to have the photos to prove it. Some people even take it a step further and incorporate grape-stomping in their engagement or wedding photos but it's definitely started to run its course.