Europe is home to the world's most amazing ski slopes and while there are some dangerous runs there that only professional should attempt, there are also plenty of resorts with beginner-friendly skiing and snowboarding. However, we're not necessarily looking for resorts that offer slopes for all ski levels. Rather, we're wanting to know which reports offer the most bang for a person's buck or, in this case, the most euros. From France to Switzerland and Poland and everywhere in between, ski resorts can charge anything from an incredibly affordable price to an arm and a leg just to rent some skis.


The price point of a resort is a big allure for those looking to book one, and for avid skiers, there's no better news than when a premier slope also comes with a deal. Rather than shoveling out a person's life savings in order to pay for the lift, there are Europe's most affordable resorts, complete with the euro price they can expect to pay (give or take a bit for updated fees).

Les Houches, France

Les Houches in France is set against a stunning landscape and this is indicative of the types of slopes a skier or snowboarder can expect.

Its location in the French Alps makes the slopes more inclined to intermediate and professional winter sports enthusiasts, and spotting Mont Blanc in the background only confirms this due to both its altitude and range of ski runs. However, this is still a popular resort for many people, as the resort is also home to snowshoeing and ice skating. The lift itself runs a guest 45 euros while the ski rental is 29 euros.

Vogel, Slovenia

Vogel is a ski resort that's suited for all skill levels as their range of 19 slopes allows for many options. While not as striking as the French Alps, Slovenia's Triglav National Park is still just as beautiful with gently cascading slopes that call both skiers and snowboarders to spend a day in its fresh, well-kept powder.

This resort also has a total of nine chair lifts and the cost of a pass is only 25 euros, while the cost to rent skis is even less at 24 euros. For those who don't ski or snowboard, the snow park is open to everyone wanting to engage in any number of alternative sports from sledding, cross-country skiing, paragliding, and even ski jumping.

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Soll, Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world during the winter and its ski resorts only echo that claim. This resort is located in Tyrol so if the views don't get you, the option of 85 different ski lifts headed to slopes that range from beginner to expert likely will.

While this resort does charge a bit of a high fee - 53 euros for the lift pass, 23 euros for the ski rental - it's well worth it to have so many options. Downtown in the village of Soll, those seeking a break from the slopes or those who don't ski will be more than happy to find plenty of restaurants and pubs at the bottom.

Poiana-Brasov, Romania

Romania isn't always the first place that many people think of when it comes to a ski resort town but Poiana-Brasov should be on the list. With an unbelievably affordable price of 26 euros for the ski lift pass and only eight euros for a ski rental, this resort's prices are unbeatable compared to the rest.

Rather than being surrounded by gargantuan mountains, skiers headed to Romania will instead be surrounded by stunning Alpine trees, making each of the nine runs feel private and tucked-away. Beginners can take lessons at a premier ski school while experts can relax their muscles in the warm pools located at the resort. This is a great way to get a taste of Romanian culture as well, with traditional foods being served at the resort.

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Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland

Of course, Switzerland had to be on the list. While many people might think this country has outpriced them, fear not - Val d'Anniviers is affordable, although not the cheapest. The cost of a ski lift pass is 62 euros while the cost of renting skis is much less at 28 euros.

However, it's well worth it to take in all of the incredible sights of the Swiss Alps as well as all this resort has to offer, including four ski areas, all attainable with the price of one pass. This resort also lends itself to a village that's home to plenty of shopping and incredible Swiss food and exploring the area is not uncommon, with its many ice caves and intricate landscapes.

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