Most people who write out a bucket list will usually have Vegas somewhere on it. Las Vegas has been the epicenter of glitz and glamour since the early to mid-twentieth century. Visitors have their choice of amazing shows, breathtaking natural attractions, and every opportunity to experience new food and places. However, not everyone who visits Vegas has an equal budget. Some are here splurging on a bachelorette party and others want to save their money over the weekend.

Although Vegas seems to have multiple dollar signs attached to it, there are many options to make the city more accessible for those on a tighter budget. Here's a list of luxury options to consider, as well as some budget-friendly ones.

10 Luxury Accommodations Are To Be Expected

Las Vegas would not be what it is without glitz, glamour, and dollar signs! One of the hotels to check out if you want to spend a little money is the Four Seasons. At $200 a night, be prepared to have rooms with amazing views (some straight over the desert) and a private pool separate from its neighbor, the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It's got almost unanimously positive reviews, so you're in good hands!

9 But A Night In Vegas Doesn't Have To Bankrupt You

However, just because Vegas is known for being expensive doesn't mean that you need to empty your bank account. For starters, finding a hotel just off the Strip is a great way to ensure deals. According to Katie Dierdrichs, the Renaissance is a great choice because of its new renovations and low nightly rate. Also, check out different booking platforms, as well as the Hotel Tonight app for discount rates.

8 Hotel Upgrades...If You Ask Nicely!

You can get a lot of things if you ask nicely...including with your hotel! If you happen to let it slip that it's your first time in Vegas or if it's a special occasion (true or untrue is irrelevant), the hotel might offer you a free upgrade. This can be anything, including a more expensive room at a low upgrade cost. It doesn't hurt to ask. Even just being a decent human might get you a reward!

7 Activities On The Cheap (Or Even Free!)

You can always find affordable activities if you know where to look. If you're into hanging out at the pool, you can check out the Citrus Grand Pool Deck. Admission is FREE from Monday to Thursday to everyone, including the public. For Friday and the weekend, non-guests only have to pay $10. Also, no need to pay full price for shows and attractions. You can find discounts for them on

6 Activities To Splurge On

If Vegas is a bucket-list trip for you, we recommend that you splurge! One example is Maverick Helicopter's HeliYoga Limitless experience. You and five others can take a private helicopter to the top of Valley of Fire State Park, where you'll experience a 75-minute yoga session. All for the low, low price of $3499. Another is receiving a $400 facial at Encore's Spa...from real gold! You'll feel a little more regal afterward.

5 Activities To Splurge On (Tourist Edition)

If you're more of the tourist inclination and you want to splurge, then here are some activities to consider. You can take the Old Southwest Grand Circle tour, a two-week tour of seven national parks. The group rate is around $8500, but it varies. You can also take a half-day helicopter tour and riverboat ride of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon for about $850. You even get a limousine pick-up!

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4 Great Food For Fewer Dollar Signs

It's easy to forget your budget when it comes to food. But there are many cheap food options to find around Vegas. You can find large portions of amazingly flavorful food at Le Tai. If you're in the mood for pizza, you can get a slice for under $6 at Secret Pizza. And don't worry vegetarians and vegans! VegeNation has a varied menu of plant-based dishes inspired by cuisine from all around the world.

3 Ignore Your Credit Card Statement At Dinner

What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas...including your credit card statement! Head over to Joel Robuchon to experience an 18 COURSE MEAL! For $445, you can taste all varieties of fish, meat, and pasta. You can also get a whole dessert cart of mini desserts! For drinks, head over to FIZZ Las Vegas to experience the FIZZ Deluxe cocktail, complete with real gold flakes, all for the low price of $2500!

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2 Saving Money While Getting Around

Public transportation can be efficient (even cost-wise) to get around a brand new city. You can hop on one of three free trams to get between various hotels. The Las Vegas monorail costs five dollars for a single ride and $13 gives you unlimited rides for a day. Another great option is taking the double-decker bus known as The Deuce. It's $6 for two hours and, if you're there for the weekend, the $20 3-day pass is well worth it!

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1 Miscellaneous Luxuries To Consider

Now here's where you can take the plunge! If you're staying at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, you can check out a very special vending machine. On the 23rd floor, you'll find the Moët and Chandon vending machine where you can get a mini bottle of champagne! All you have to do is show your ID at the bar or front desk, and you'll receive a special $25 coin. The bottle even comes with its flute!

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