Hawaii is a vacationer’s paradise known for pristine beaches, lush tropical vibes, fiery sunsets, and epic volcanic landscapes. But there’s one problem: Tourists have a lot to tick off the bucket list, so the vacation becomes an expensive affair. As a result, the lomilomi massages, umbrella drinks, sumptuous meals, and ocean-facing hotels usually carry a hefty price tag.

The good news is that a holiday in Hawaii doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are budget-friendly things to do to get the most out of this destination.

10 Take A Hike

The spectacular landscape of Hawaii created by the forces of Mother Nature can best be experienced by hiking. There’s a lot to enjoy, such as exploring dense bamboo forests, viewing cascading waterfalls, and walking along a crater’s rim. If hiking in a national park, tourists will only pay the entrance fee. That will cost approximately $20 per vehicle or $10 per person.

The best hikes to experience include the Pipiwai Trail, Haiku Stairs, Diamond Head Trail, Koko Crater Trail, and Manoa Falls Trail.

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9 Visit The Bishop Museum

Museums are the perfect place for culture vultures and history buffs. Admission is pocket-friendly, and they are a great way to learn about less-known or hidden things from the public. Bishop Museum is a must-visit since it has a rare collection of Pacific cultures, Hawaiian artifacts, exhibit tours, and interactive presentations. The entry fee is $22.95 per person, and it includes all-day access to the Mosaic Backyard Universe, The Planetarium, and the Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat, among others.

8 Explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Serving as one of the best places to observe steaming lava beds and freshly formed rocks, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a geological masterpiece. The national park includes two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. The biodiversity in the national park attracts millions of tourists and nature lovers every year who come to watch endangered species of animals such as the hawksbill turtle, the nene, and the Hawaiian petrel. The admission fee is $10 per person and $30 per vehicle.

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7 Go Snorkeling

The best way to have a complete Hawaiian experience is to explore Hawaii underwater. Believe it or not, Hawaii has one of the world’s best beaches for snorkeling. The budget-friendly sport is an excellent way to spend a family vacation since renting snorkeling gear costs around $5 per person. No tourist should miss out on snorkeling in the turquoise waters along with sea turtles. Popular places to snorkel include Turtle Town, Fringing Reef, and Night Manta Snorkel.

6 Visit The Botanical Gardens

For any visitor who wants to experience Hawaiian nature at its best, consider Hawaiian botanical gardens and arboretums. With some sitting in the middle of the beautiful city of Honolulu, the lush greenery of the gardens provides a picture-perfect scenery full of tropical flowers and bubbling streams. Admissions range from free entry to $5 per adult. Most botanical gardens in Hawaii are open daily except on Christmas Day.

Incredible botanical gardens not to miss include Sadie Seymour Botanical Gardens, Foster Botanical Gardens, Manuka State Wayside, and Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

5 Learn More About Pearl Harbor

Due to its massive role in defining American history, Pearl Harbor is one of Hawaii’s major tourist attractions. The Hawaiian Naval Base features the USS Arizona Memorial, where visitors come to pay their respects to casualties of the Japanese air attack on the morning of December 7, 1941. Travelers stream in every year to immerse themselves in sights and tour guide stories of the Harbor’s fateful date. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Centre is free to the public. It houses interesting exhibits, including artifacts, books, and photographs of World War II and its aftermath. Pearl Harbor is easily any history buff’s paradise who wants to soak in some more information.

4 Sample Hawaiian Cuisine

Travelers don’t have to spend a fortune to treat their taste buds to an enticing Hawaiian cuisine. From fresh fruits and vegetables to delicious sashimi-grade fish, foodies can get to sample traditional Hawaiian cuisine in local restaurants in the city. Interestingly, most eateries in Hawaii offer early-bird discounts for guests who visit before 6 pm. So be sure to enjoy some tantalizing poke, a famous local dish that consists of tuna marinated with sesame oil and combined with onion rings.

3 Visit Maui Honey Bee Sanctuary

Learning about the daily life of bees is a fun and unusual way to enjoy an extended stay in Hawaii. The spot is located on beautiful grounds with a panoramic view of Maui. Learn about bees' pivotal role in agriculture while sampling delicious honey straight from the hive during the guided tour. More laid-back visitors can grab a coffee or shop for handmade items in the shop. Tours only cost around $20 per adult.

2 Hit The Sandy Beaches

On a summer vacation, hitting the beach is the perfect way to have fun in the sun. The picturesque beaches with wavy waters are perfect for activities such as surfing, swimming, kayaking, and cruising. Though most beaches are crowded with tourists who want to make the best out of their Hawaii vacations, beaches on Big Island offer more real estate for sun basking and beach blanket space. Some of the best beaches to visit are Makena Beach, Papakolea Beach, and Hapuna Beach State Park.

1 Go Cliff Jumping

Hawaii is littered with ledges and high grounds where visitors can put their adrenaline rush to the test. A cliff jumping thrill is always an experience to remember, whether alone or with a group of friends. The sport attracts more enthusiasts every year, mainly because of viral videos that take over social media. In Hawaii, the cliffs come in all shapes and heights, making it easier for tourists to choose their most comfortable thrill level. Sites that offer free cliff jumping sessions are Kapalua Cliff House, Kapena Falls, Maunawili Falls, and Leap of Faith.