Traveling during the fall season has many perks, and there are plenty of reasons it’s the right time of year to book cheap flights and more affordable accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a great deal or simply want to enjoy stunning fall foliage around the world, it’s a wonderful time of year to hop on a plane for an adventure. These ten reasons to start booking travel for the upcoming season will have you reaching for your passport ASAP.

10 The Kids Are Back In School

One of the top reasons to book flights during September specifically is because there is a steep decline in travel due to families returning home, so their kids can go back to school. The summer travel boom that hits during June, July, and August while families are free to travel with their children ends once classes commence, and as a result, crowds diminish, and prices drop. This is the ideal time to swoop in and book a flight to hot destinations like Italy, France, or Greece that were previously packed with families on school holidays.

9 Airlines Offer Seasonal Deals

Many North American airlines are aware of the decline in demand for travel during fall, so to encourage travelers to book flights, they may offer incredible deals. According to Christie Hudson of Expedia, ticket prices drop as much as 10% in the fall compared to the summer. Air Transat offers fall flight deals from North America to Europe, with many of these tickets becoming available in mid to late August. Last-minute flight deals are a great way to travel cheaply in the early fall, but be sure to book well before November to avoid price increases for the holidays.

8 It’s Officially Shoulder Season

Avoid the crowds and high price tags that come with traveling during peak seasons like summer break or the winter holidays by booking flights during the shoulder season. Shoulder season refers to the months between peak and off-season, typically May and September, when the weather in destinations is still enjoyable, but there is less tourism demand. Booking during shoulder season is a great way to save money on flights and accommodation and get photos without other tourists in the background.

7 In Many Places, It’s The Prettiest Season

In many destinations around the world, fall is the best time to visit for colorful scenery, comfortable temperatures, and sunny, dry weather. Traveling locally within Canada and the United States is beautiful during September and October, especially in national or provincial parks. This is also true for Europe, where the temperatures drop from the summer heat waves and autumn leaves cover the ground. In Eastern Asia, specifically Japan and South Korea, the weather is also beautiful during the fall months.

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6 It’s A Season Of Festivals

Many countries around the world have various festivals and celebrations during the fall months, specifically in October and November. This means a chance to immerse yourself in a cultural event and learn more about the people through their traditions. In many cases, attending cultural festivals is free or affordable, reducing the costs spent on activities during a trip. While North Americans celebrate Thanksgiving during the fall, there are many other reasons for celebration during this time. In Northern Thailand, there is the Yi Peng (Lantern Festival); in Germany, there is Oktoberfest in Munich; and in France, the Paris Autumn Festival is a months-long celebration of art.

5 A Chance To Sample Seasonal Foods

Since fall is the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the perfect time of year for foodies to travel to new destinations and sample unique dishes that are not available year-round. In North America, specifically Canada and the United States, these dishes typically include sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, and other hearty ingredients. In the Netherlands, fall is a season for venison dishes, while in Japan, Pacific Saury (fish) and roasted chestnuts are seasonal delicacies.

4 It’s Easier To Get Time Off Work

This might not be the case for everyone, but for employees working for companies with limited vacation time, summer can be a competitive period for time off requests. Some businesses process these requests based on seniority, meaning not everyone gets their time off approved during the popular summer months. Travelers who are venturing out solo or as a couple will likely find it easier to book time off work in the fall when colleagues who have children are back from vacation and hunkered down for the school year.

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3 You Get A More Authentic Experience

When traveling to a popular destination during its peak season, it’s common to pass more tourists on the streets than locals. This can create a fun vacation town atmosphere, but it can also detract from the authentic local experience of visiting a new place. Traveling in the fall, after the summer crowds disperse, increases the chances of interacting with locals and observing everyday life in the destination without too many foreigners.

2 You Have Your Pick Of Any Destination

There are very few destinations around the world that don’t have great weather during the fall. While countries with gorgeous fall foliage often top travel lists for this season (Canada, Japan, Scotland, Czech Republic, Germany, and the United States), there are many places that simply have dry, sunny weather during September, October, and November making it the perfect time to visit to avoid monsoons or typhoons. In parts of Southeast Asia, the dry season begins in November, while in Tanzania, the dry season and shoulder season coincide during September and October.

1 You’ll Beat The Holiday Rush

There is a short window for exceptional flight and accommodation deals between the summer high season and the Christmas holidays. With inflation increasing, travelers can expect holiday flight prices to increase year-over-year, with Christmas travelers seeing flights increase by 71% between December 2020 and December 2021. Taking a trip during September, October, or November satisfies that wanderlust for a bit, so travelers can enjoy spending the holidays at home with family before searching for their next adventure in the new year.