In everyone's wildest dreams, going on vacation would be staying in a luxurious hotel suite (with two floors, please and thank you) and being able to afford room service the entire time. Money would be no object and so you wouldn't even bat an eye about the cost of your weeklong hotel stay.

In the real world, sometimes booking a cheap hotel is the only way to make a vacation work financially, and we're totally okay with that. Whether we're going to exciting New York City or Paris, we're going to be walking a ton and exploring and eating, and we don't need a fancy hotel room since we won't be spending a lot of time in there. But unfortunately, staying in a cheap hotel can sometimes mean some unwelcome visitors. Yup, we're talking about bedbugs. Thankfully, there are some things that we can do.


Keep reading to find out how to make sure your cheap hotel doesn't give you bedbugs.

Be Careful When Reading Reviews

The first thing that you can do is be careful when reading reviews of hotels that you're considering booking your stay at. A post on Reddit recommends taking note of any reviews mention bedbugs and how the hotel took control of the situation. One person shared that when a hotel owner said that they had solved it, they stayed there and nothing happened. But when they stayed in another hotel where the owner totally ignored the bedbug comment, they saw bedbugs.

The same user also recommends avoiding hostels where the beds have mattress covers or mattresses that aren't very light. They wrote, "Might be a red flag if you're staying in a place that has a history of bedbug complaints."

Look At The Bed And Mattress

Once you've found a hotel that seems okay and arrived, you should definitely look at the bed and mattress first. Another Reddit user posted, "I look at the seams all around the sides. Another good place to check is along the baseboards throughout the room."

According to, you should also look for bedbugs on the bedside table where the phone is sitting. The website mentions that bedbugs could be "found in or within 15 feet of a bed." And if you're wondering what bedbugs even look like or how you can be sure, describes it as "small black dots that look like mold or ground pepper." Nope, it's not lovely to think about... but when you're saving a lot of money on a more affordable hotel, it's good to be aware of this.

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Let The Hotel Know ASAP

If you see bedbugs, you have to let the hotel know ASAP. recommends asking for a hotel room two floors up or down from where you're staying (but of course, you could ask for even more distance if that's going to make you feel a lot better).

People's opinions are divided on whether it's best to say goodbye to that hotel and find a new one or if you could just get a room on another floor. This is pretty subjective so it's whatever you feel comfortable with. But you do have to tell the hotel because they have to deal with it.

Be Careful With Your Bags And Clothing says that being careful with your bags and clothing is important here. The first thing that you can do is have some plastic handy so you can keep your suitcase encased in plastic for the duration of your vacation. That might not be the most convenient thing ever, but it would be better than bringing bedbugs home, right?

Another tip is to put your suitcase in the bathroom, as a Reddit user suggests. Many people say that bedbugs aren't going to be on the tile of the bathroom floor. Whatever you do, don't put your suitcase on the hotel room floor as that can bring you bedbugs, according to This is a fairly easy solution. If you typically put the suitcase on the floor or you like unpacking and putting everything in dresser drawers, it'll take some getting used to, but it's much better than bedbugs.

Pest World says that when you get back home, you should make sure that your clothing is washed in super hot water. The last thing that you want is to put everything away and it has bedbugs (ugh). You should also make sure that your bags are steamed and you can even use a vacuum on your luggage, too.

It won't be pleasant to look for bedbugs in your hotel room, but with these tips and easy things that you can do, you can rest assured that you're doing everything that you can to have a bedbug-free vacation.

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