London is a diverse and multicultural city which is growing every day. People who have migrated here have brought their passion for cooking, and with different flavors from around the world, it is no wonder why the Big Smoke is one of the highest trending cities when it comes to culinary flare.

While it may be good for businesses and the people to have more options, it creates higher prices, and no one likes seeing moths in their wallets! If you do your research, you can find cheap and delicious places to eat in London, so let your research begin here.

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10 10. Island Poke – London, Soho & Canary Wharf

The classic Hawaiian Poke Bowl may be one of the hottest trending dishes to date, and has seen a recent spike in popularity. It is no different at Island Poke in London, with a classic bowl starting at around seven pounds! Healthy, guilt-free, and convenient eating while not costing you an arm and a leg sounds perfect, combined with vegan-friendly options, it has something to suit everyone!

9 9. Banh Banh - Peckham Rye

A family-run institution based in Peckham Rye is the perfect spot for some delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Located in the up and coming food hub of the area, and with plates to share, or devour on your own, it is a perfect meeting place for family or friends. And with prices generally ranging from five to ten pounds, it is easy on your wallet too. A recommended dish is the banh khot pancakes with shrimp dust; it will cost you a little more, but why not… treat yourself.

8 8. Bleecker Street - Spitalfields

Enter the Big Apple, with Bleecker Street. This New York style burger joint in Spitalfields will fill you up to the brim and although you won’t want to eat any more immediately, once that juicy angus beef burger has run its course, you will want to come back for more, guaranteed.

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What people love about this place is that they can walk in with a tenner, eat some tasty and filling food, and leave with some change in their pockets, and anyone who has been to London will know that this is not easy to do!

7 7. Flesh And Buns – Covent Garden

Who doesn’t love a bit of Korean BBQ? It is super easy to get carried away at Flesh and Buns, one of London’s leading Korean BBQ joints, and if you look at the menu, it is not hard to see why. Great prices and food that will tickle your taste buds. Even if you haven’t tried Korean BBQ before and you are reading this article and you find yourself in London, there is one word for you: go! This restaurant is famous for its Korean fried chicken wings, coated in a sweet and savory sauce, topped with sesame seeds. Vegetarians can feel right at home, too, with the same thing except aubergine/eggplant instead of chicken!

6 6. Princi - Soho

A staple Italian establishment in Soho, Princi, takes you back to the old Italy, with a cantina style atmosphere. Take your pick from pasta, pizza and salads, all made with quality fresh ingredients, and of course, homemade by Nonna!

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As tempting as it may be to fill up on pizza or pasta, make sure to have a look at the dessert selection before ordering, because a meal is not a meal without dessert, right?

5 5. Flat Iron - Soho & Covent Garden

If someone said that you could get steak, chips, and salad for twelve pounds, you would think they are crazy, especially in the middle of London! Flat Iron serves just that - and not just any old steak, but premium quality meat with sauces and sides of your choice. Plus, fancier restaurants are always quiet and you have to be on your best behavior, whereas at Flat Iron, there is a much more relaxed steakhouse vibe. It is also worthy to note that with no policy regarding reservations, tables fill up fast but it is worth the wait, if there is one.

4 4. Bistro Mirey - Hammersmith

If you’re feeling like a bit of French cuisine, but without the added price tag, head to Bistro Mirey in Hammersmith. The steak tartare is one of the most famous in London, not only for the price, but for the quality as well. This eatery also highlights the diversity of London, with an unusual combination of French-Japanese fusion options. A little more expensive than some other restaurants listed here, but definitely worth it!

3 3. Café Sou - Bank

Great for a quick grab-and-go or a sit-down meal, café Sou in Bank offers a range of simple, yet to-die-for options.

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Quiche, sandwiches, salads and everything in between ranging from four to ten pounds means it is the perfect place to grab a delicious meal while on the go if you have forgotten to pack some lunch…we’ve all been there. Add in some dessert options and now you’re talking!

2 2. Franco Manca – Throughout London

Some of you are asking… where do I find a good and cheap pizza in London? Here is the answer you’ve been looking for, Franco Manca is a pizza joint with restaurants scattered around London, and what makes it special is that they serve sourdough pizza, a rarity. We should mention that for only £4.50, you can get a Margherita pizza, and if you want to add toppings, it is only approximately a three or four pounds more expensive. So, if you are in the mood to head in to a pizzeria with a twist, then keep Franco Manca in mind.

1 1. Mildred’s - Soho & Camden

It is no secret that the vegetarian and vegan scene is becoming bigger each day, and this is why Mildred’s in Soho and Camden is the perfect place to discover this new trend. People think vegetarians have a boring diet, well, head to Mildred’s and discover a whole new world of living and flavor you never thought possible. Even if you love meat, once you try this place, guaranteed you will rethink about loving it so much, and starting at six pounds, you ant really go wrong.

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