Sometimes, traveling is more difficult than it sounds. It’s easy to catch a case of the wanderlust and spend ages pouring over google images and travel sites, fervently staring at the pictures and wishing you were there… but the practicalities can be really hard. There’s the time off work, the debate of who to go with or whether to go alone and, of course, the big one… money. Plane tickets, accommodation, food - it can sometimes be a real hit to the bank account to travel.


But these ten countries might be feasible. They’re some of the cheapest places to visit and they’re still fun and beautiful!

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10. Mexico

Mexico is often thought of as being unsafe but as long as you do your research and use some common sense, there’s no reason not to travel to Mexico! With awesome cities and beautiful beaches, it’s still a popular destination - exercise caution when booking, research the area, and then take off here. It has some great destinations for a romantic getaway or some fun with friends.

It’s particularly popular with young people and thought of to be a bit of a party destination but since it’s so big and diverse, there’s something for everyone here and it’s absolutely worth looking into. Don’t let preconceived notions put you off!

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9. India

For many of us in the western world, India just doesn’t seem plausible. It’s far away, made to seem further by a completely different culture - but although the plane tickets might cost you a whack of money, actually getting accommodation and eating there is really cheap and the country is absolutely beautiful.

From the Himalayas to the coastline, it boasts some really amazing views and is, of course, home to one of the new seven wonders of the world - the Taj Mahal. If you’re willing to shell out on plane tickets (or are perhaps a little closer than some of us over here in the UK and USA!), this is a dream destination that can be done for pretty cheap, all in all.

8. Thailand

Another one fairly far away for some but absolutely worth doing is Thailand. People who have been here tend to rave about this country and something keeps them coming back. Easy to see why. It’s a popular backpacking destination and has some incredible sights—it’s also very safe for tourists and, as is the point of this list, very cheap!

It’s known as the country of smiles since people tend to be friendly and it also doesn’t get too hot there so all in all, this is a solid choice, especially if you’re thinking about a first solo vacation to ease you in.

7. Hungary

Some European destinations can be really cheap too, and one country that’s underrated and often overlooked is Hungary!

Hungary is a beautiful country known for its cheap alcohol and attractions. Budapest, its capital city, is a popular European destination and, in my opinion, way better than Barcelona, Rome, or other cities that might get recommended to you first. Two main meals and four drinks there in a really nice restaurant usually comes to under $30, and even if it had been super expensive, it’d remain one of my favorite cities in the world. The people are friendly and are willing to help you out even if they don’t speak English, and it’s such a big, sprawling city that you will not run out of things to do.

6. Colombia

Colombia does have high crime rates but as long as you stay within the green zone and, again, use common sense, most visits to Colombia are trouble-free - and it is definitely worth visiting as long as you do your research!

The capital, Bogota, as well as some other desirable destinations like Cartagena, Cali, and Medellin, are all within the green zone and, well - Google them and take a look. Beautiful destinations all too often overlooked because there are some high crime rates associated with other parts of the country. I am by no means advising you to take unnecessary risks, but as long as you know where to go and where not to go, you’ll be fine!

5. South Africa

South Africa is one place that I haven’t been but have researched for hours because of one main thing I want to do there… the safari!

An amazing destination for animal lovers, this country is host to a range of safaris where you can go out and see animals in their natural habitats rather than visiting them in a zoo and then later feeling guilty for it - or, is that just me? Even if you’re not an animal lover, South Africa has a lot of art galleries and entertainment venues that mean there’s something to do for everyone.

Let’s be real though, there’s no point visiting this affordable, awesome country if you aren’t going to venture out on a safari!

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4. Czechia

Czechia, formerly known as the Czech Republic, is one of the only place where a bottle of water will cost you more than a beer.

Think I’m joking? Yeah, I thought so too until I visited!

A cheap destination for alcohol and sight-seeing, Prague, in particular, is worth a visit if you’re passing through Europe. One of the few major European cities untouched by war over the past century or so, its architecture is beautiful and much more cohesive than the neighbors who had to do a lot of rebuilding. Actually, Prague looks very much like a fairytale, and it’s especially worth visiting in the winter when the Christmas markets have popped up in the snow.

3. Greece

If you’re a person who loves the sun and the sea… Greece is definitely worth a visit.

Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini… they’re all worth it, and it’s worth looking into these destinations over the capital, Athens. Each of them has something entirely unique about them and although some might be more expensive than others, you’ll find that Greece is generally cheaper for food and living expenses than some of its neighboring countries.

Speaking of food—if you want good, exotic food, Greece is absolutely the place you should be going! So for all the foodies out there, this is the destination you guys want.

2. Turkey

Turkey is often overlooked, perhaps because it’s further East than most of Europe but not quite as far as Asia. People from Turkey claim it has the best cuisine you’ll ever taste, so this is another one that’s totally worth it for foodies - and, like every other country on this list, is probably cheaper than most of the destinations you’ve been looking at.

But don’t think it’s just the food that Turkey has to offer. It seems to be one of those rare catch-all destinations, with places to lie on the beach and soak up the sun, and other places within the country to see the architecture and immerse yourself in the culture.

1. Vietnam

I never quite understand how Vietnam manages to be so widely underrated. Maybe it’s because when people think of traveling to Asia they think of China, Thailand, Japan - Vietnam always seems to be way down the list, and I can’t quite grasp why it isn’t better thought of as a vacation destination.

Yes, it’s cheap, but that’s far from the best thing about it. The country is absolutely breathtaking. It’s also famous for its cave guided tours, one of which actually takes four days to even enter a cave, because fewer people have seen the inside of it than have seen the summit of Everest. What?!

So for the adrenaline junkies, this destination is for you.

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