10 Charming, Small Texas Towns You Should Definitely Visit

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but there are actually some super tiny towns across this very large state. And we don’t mean small as in 20,000 people or even 10,000 people. We're talking about truly tiny spots with populations such as 8,000, 2,000, 300 and 91!

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Don’t let these small numbers fool you, though. Lone Star State is also known for its Southern hospitality, and these towns serve it up in an amazing way. From the service at cafes that serve drool-worthy comfort food or at boutiques with stylish clothes that can’t be found anywhere else to the residents who smile, wave, ask how someone is doing and actually care, these are small towns with some real charm. Here are 10 that you should definitely visit!

10 Gruene

Gruene was a town known for its cotton, but now, it's a tourist destination full of unique finds. There is a historic Victorian mansion, the Gruene Family Home, which is an inn. There are antique stores and gift shops full of treasures.

There is the Gruene Hall, which is one of the oldest dance halls in the state. There is an old cotton gin that was turned into an amazing place to eat, the Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar. And there is the iconic water tower that stands above it all.

9 Marble Falls

Marble Falls, which is near Austin, Texas, has just over 6,000 people in it. Outdoor recreation is a big draw to the area, as Lake Marble Falls offers up pretty views, hiking trails and a large drag boat race each year.

The downtown square is full of adorable shops (including one that sells the best toffee in the world). One of the most notable spots in town is the Blue Bonnet Cafe. It opened up in 1929, and it is known for its Southern hospitality and food, such as delicious pies!

8 Munday

Munday has around 1,300 residents, and it sits in between Abilene and Wichita Falls (two towns in Texas that are a little bit bigger!). This is a farming community, with an emphasis on cotton, but there are many other perks, as well. There is a school that has earned several state titles in extracurricular activities such as football, track, cross country, band, one-act play, and CX debate.

There is a downtown square with cute stores, such as a flower shop called Buds For You and a clothing store called Casablanca. And there is a public art project that has resulted in several murals and other pieces going up in town.

7 Wimberley

During its last census, Wimberley had 2,626 people living in it, and this another charming town to see. First up, there is the Blue Hole Park, a lagoon in which people can swim, and the Blanco River. There is a downtown square that attracts numerous visitors, with its shops and restaurants.

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There are wineries and inns nestled in this pretty Hill Country area. And there are regular Market Days, too, which allow even more people to discover even more goodies in this town!

6 Graham

Graham is in north central Texas, it has been around since 1871, and it has around 8,900 residents. There are several churches, a hospital, a radio station, a couple of parks and a drive-in movie theater.

There is also a cute downtown square, which claims to be the biggest in the nation, and it also has a movie theater, as well as several shops and eating establishments. Up until just a couple of years ago, Graham was one of the few towns left in the state that was dry, meaning no one could sell wine or beer.

5 Bastrop

Bastrop is part of the Greater Austin area, and its population is 7,218. This charming place is full of historical homes, lovely shops, a state park, art galleries, annual community events and The Bastrop Advertiser, which is the oldest continuously published weekly newspaper in the state.

Furthermore, several films have been filmed in this location over the years, such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Courage Under Fire, Michael, Hope Floats, Bernie and Boyhood, and director Richard Linklater is even from Bastrop.

4 Albany

Albany is an additional cute town in Texas, and it has just over 2,000 residents. Like the other spots that have been listed out here today, there is a great square full of boutiques, as well as a gorgeous courthouse.

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One of the biggest draws in Albany is the Fort Griffin Fandangle, which happens each year in June, in order to give the history of Fort Griffin, a military outpost in the area, which now functions as a state park. As the oldest outdoor musical in the state, this show combines the American West, catchy songs, humor and a true look back through time.

3 Dripping Springs

About 3,100 people live in Dripping Springs, near Austin, and it has become a real tourist destination. It is the state’s wedding capital. It is full of wineries, breweries and distilleries. It is the state’s first Dark Sky Community, has a lighting ordinance has reduced outdoor lighting to a minimum since 2011.

And there are several celebrities from this Central Texas town, such as Kyle Chandler, Jesse James and Jensen and Danneel Ackles, who own the Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs.

2 Granbury

Near Fort Worth, people can find Granbury, which is another little spot that is full of charm and history. There are just under 8,000 people in this town, and a good amount of the buildings found on the downtown square are historical landmarks.

One of these is the iconic Granbury Opera House, which actually puts on productions. Additionally, Davy Crockett's wife, Elizabeth, lived here in the 1800s and is buried here, at the Acton State Historic Site, Texas’ smallest state park.

1 Round Top

Finally, there is another small town (a very small town!) near Austin, and that would be Round Top, with its 91 residents. This place is best known for pie at the Royers Round Top Cafe and for the Round Top Antiques Fair; this event happens every spring and fall, it draws in tons of people from around the country, and it features booth after booth of antiques.

Speaking of antiques… Round Top is also home to the Junk Gypsy Company, as these design stars have a store and an inn in this location.

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