Have you ever noticed that sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation? We get so excited for a week-long vacay that we jam-pack it with tours, early morning wakeup calls, hikes, and everything else we plan on doing on our days off. However, doing so many things in a short span of time is a great way to get burned out. Not to mention everyone around us is most likely doing the same thing we're doing! This can create quite a hectic atmosphere.

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Wanting to ditch the madness and our trendy planners, we found 10 quaint seaside towns in Europe that are the perfect getaway from the craziness of larger destinations and cities like Disney World, London, or Munich. These seaside towns are just as majestic as they are relaxing. Get lost wandering around the small alleys, with fresh salty ocean mist in the air.


What's not to like about the South of France? There's French music in the air, palm trees, and a beach right outside of the city.

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Unlike its neighbors Cannes, Antibes, and Monaco, Nice is just as popular but large enough where you don't feel crowded by all the tourists. While all the holiday-goers head to Nice in the warmer months, try stopping by in the fall. The weather is still beautiful (albeit cooler), hotels and Air BnBs are cheaper, and the crowds have dwindled away.


In Northern Italy, Cinque Terre isn't well-known to us North Americans, but it's a hidden gem. Right on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, Cinque Terre is home to different villages and harbors. Tourists will love the emerald green water, colorful homes, and vineyards that are open for tours.

This region is also famous for its pesto, so it's another excuse to eat all the pasta you can!


Slovenia may be known for their gorgeous mountains and winter resorts, but we're praising the town of Piran for its stunning pier.

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Found in the southwest of the country, you'll be able to dip your toes in the Adriatic Sea while ogling at the Medieval architecture. Interestingly enough, the main language spoken in this small town was Italian until around a couple of years ago, now speaking the native tongue of Slovene.


Not too many people plan their vacations around Estonia (right between Finland and Latvia), but their city of Tallinn should not be ignored.

As the capital of the country, Tallinn is filled with gothic architecture, adorable cafes, and a stunning marina entering the Tallinn Bay. This area is known for their tech geniuses and startups so feel free to pick the minds of locals you meet on your travels.


Not too many people think of Brighton when they're planning a trip to England but if they're looking for a little sun and sand while abroad, Brighton should be added to their list.

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Just two hours south of London is the seaside town of Brighton. It's hip and has a ton of fun things to discover, and is very accepting to the LGBT+ community. There are also beautiful sites on the marina of the English Channel.



If you've been watching Bravo's Below Deck, then you've seen the stunning shots on screen. But enough living your life through the TV screen, it's time to see Rovinj yourself! Righ on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Rovinj is known for being a fishing hub. You don't need to enjoy fishing to visit Croatia though.

With an ancient history, you can take tours around the cobblestone streets and listen to both Italian and Croatian being spoken around you. With only a little over 14,000 residents, Rovinj is small and personal, but it's slowly gaining more traction as a destination vacation.


If you've never heard of Malta, don't worry — not many people have. Malta is a small island off the coast of Southern Italy, not too far from Tunisia. With a population of over 400,000, this small island has a lot of people calling Malta home.

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When visiting the island of Malta, be sure to check out Marsaxlokk, a small village on the Eastern side of the country. Many people come near and far to see the views Marsaxlokk beholds and has amazing markets throughout the week for locals and tourists to enjoy. And although Marsaxlokk is mainly known for their fishing harbor, there are designated swimming areas tourists can take a dip in.


Going to Spain would be amazing enough, but finding your way to San Sabastian would make your trip all the better. This resort town does get a lot of foot traffic from tourists due to its golden beaches and high-end shopping. Heck, this gorgeous area of Spain is only 12 miles from the French border!

The terrain alone separates itself from other sea towns in Europe due to being both mountainous and beachy. Start your mornings off with a gorgeous sunrise hike and then relax all day on the beach. What could be better?


We've all heard about the island of Capri and its endless rows of lemon trees, but now it's time to see it for ourselves. If you're traveling to the Amalfi Coast, you can grab a ferry from towns like Positano and set sail for the island.

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Once you've made it to Capri's harbor, grab some gelato as you climb your way to the top of the mountain (don't worry, there's stairs, shops, and eateries along the way) where you'll get the most stunning of views. If you're visiting the Amalfi Coast, skipping Capri would be a real buzzkill.


If Portugal is on your list for holiday destinations, don't pass up the chance to see Carvoeiro. The resort town has a stunning backdrop with natural cliffs and beaches. It's a great place to visit if you're looking for some alone or quiet time.

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While here, be sure to take a boat ride over to Benagil Cave, walk the boardwalk at Carvoeiro, and see the Algar Seco Cliff!

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