When it comes to deciding between the two gorgeous cities - such as Charleston and Savannah -  travelers often feel perplexed. The reason behind this is abundant beauty, sightseeing options, historical significance, and unique attractions in both places.

While one city boasts foods, drinks, and nightlife, the other offers historical architecture and exemplary neighborhoods. Since Charleston and Savannah are located in close proximity- around 90 miles apart, deciding on one seems a little tricky.


If time permits and pocket allows, taking the voyage to both Charleston and Savannah is recommended. However, for vacationers who are short of time and want to explore the city that offers more of everything, the article will help make the right decision.

Charleston Vs. Savannah: Top Downtown Attractions

Tourists are fascinated with places that offer them more to explore and enjoy. Both Charleston and Savannah have abundant interesting things to do and place to hang out.

Exploring Savannah

Check out the most popular places tourists can explore at Savannah.

River Street

Running along the mesmerizing Savannah river, River Street abodes shops, dining, and some nice hotels- something that every traveler looks forward to. The famous Waving Girl Statue is at the end of River Street that looks fascinating.

Forsyth Park

For travelers looking for spectacular recreation spaces and walking paths, Forsyth Park is the perfect place for them. Reach the famous white fountain to get some instagrammable photos.

The Squares

The 22 greenspaces forming a small town square are pretty popular among the tourists. They are named for historical events and people. Travelers can find historical monuments and statues.

Historical Homes

Travelers can also tour some famous old homes like the Mercer Williams House and the Green-Meldrim House.

Exploring Charleston

When in Charleston, tourists must visit the following places.

Charleston City Market

City Market is stretched along with four city blocks, showcasing artwork from local artisans. Travelers can get pretty souvenirs from here.

Waterfront Park

Vacationers with children must visit this popular place and see the popular Pineapple Fountain.

National Parks

Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Military Park are the popular National Park at Charleston. Just a few miles away, tourists can visit Charles Pinckney National Historic Site at Mount Pleasant and Reconstruction Era National Historical Park.

Historical Homes

The two most famous historic house museums- Aiken-Rhett House and Nathaniel Russell House are worth visiting.

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Charleston Vs. Savannah: Food Joints And Fine Dining

For the foodies, a trip is incomplete without hopping on some of the best food joints of the place. When it comes to Savannah and Charleston, tourists get plenty of options to relish the delicacies. From quick bites and desserts to fine dining, both the cities compete equally, making it really difficult to decide which one is better.


Charleston is famous for being one of the best foodie destinations in the country, offering up coastal low country cuisine as their specialty. From traditional Southern fare to international dishes, tourists can enjoy exclusive food on the platter. Even though with plenty of restaurants for fine dining, it is essential to make reservations in advance.


Savannah is not as famous as Charleston for food, but the Southern food tourists can get at the local restaurants is unmatchable. While Charleston offers better food scenes, Savannah can make travelers drool over its huge variety of cocktails.

The best part is that both the cities offer a great meal with a view of the water, making every food taste great. After all, sometimes it is more about the company and ambiance!

Charleston Vs. Savannah: Size And Atmosphere

The vibes of the city are an important aspect that attracts tourists. It helps in deciding whether or not to visit it. However, when it is about atmosphere or vibes, it largely depends upon individual preferences. Something loud for one could be attractive for the other. So, let’s check how Charleston and Savannah are vibing.


It is one of the oldest cities in the country, established in 1670. With so much historical significance, traveling to Charleston becomes a must. The tourists can experience true southern hospitality owing to the city’s friendly atmosphere. Whether the vacationer is looking for a laid-back vibe by the beach or fast-paced downtown life, Charleston serves all.


Tourists love Savannah due to its friendly community and incredibly welcoming locals. There is a sense of calm and tranquility in the city, making the tourists feel more relaxed and comfortable. Tourists can enjoy leisure walks by the parks and the town. Another way to experience Savannah’s vibe is through its local businesses. Tourists can shop, dine, drink, and buy great souvenirs at the best price.

Overall, both Charleston and Savannah are friendly cities offering people a lot. If the vacationer is looking for more relaxed vibes, Savannah is the right choice. On the contrary, for those who wish to experience the hustle and bustle of a busier city, Charleston is probably the place to visit.

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Charleston Vs. Savannah: Safety Rankings

When it comes to exploring a place as a tourist, safety is the prime issue of concern. So which city is safer - Charleston or Savannah?


Charleston is not considered safe as the city reports to have higher crime rates than the US average. In fact, the North Charleston areas are considered relatively dangerous than any other area of the city. Downtown is largely safe, yet sometimes crowded.


Compared to Charleston, Savannah is safer and trouble-free for tourists. The city is calmer, where travelers might feel more at east.

No matter which city, sometimes staying safe is in the hand of travelers. Book secure accommodation, do not walk around after dark in the areas you barely know and do not flaunt your valuables.

Now that touristy information of Charleston and Savannah are unlocked, travelers can decide which city suits their mood. Make the reservations and pack your bags. The Southern cities are waiting to be explored!

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