There's something about a cemetery that seems to stir up emotions in everyone who visits it. Most people are scared of cemeteries because they remind them of the good times they spent with their loved ones. But the narrative is changing because there are a couple of beautiful cemeteries on different continents that prove that cemeteries don’t have to be depressing. With amazing architecture and impressive pieces of art, these cemeteries are sure to make travelers rethink the idea of death.

10 Forest Lawn Memorial Park, California

Forest Lawn is a chain of cemeteries in California. Located in Los Angeles, Forest Lawn Memorial Park is a unique cemetery worth visiting. The cemetery covers over 200 acres and includes mausoleums that contain the remains of celebrities such as Harry Ackerman, Iris Adrian, Jimmy Bain, and Darrell Wayne Caldwell. If travelers visit this cemetery during the Halloween season, there will be plenty of activities to enjoy.

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9 Colma, California

Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, Colma is well-known for its beautiful view and peaceful atmosphere. The town does, however, have little too many cemeteries, crematoriums, and other facilities for the dead. In Colma, it's safe to say that more people are dead than alive. The town has undergone several modifications to get to where it is today, much like the rest of San Francisco. And a lot of those cemeteries are responsible for it.

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8 Père Lachaise, Paris

Père Lachaise Cemetery is the largest graveyard in Paris. It's known as a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world. A number of famous people like Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Jim Morrison, and Édith Piaf have been buried here.

The cemetery contains more than a million gravesites spread across 44 hectares. It has several sculptures scattered throughout its expansive area. There are also a number of war memorials here that honor French soldiers who died during World War II or earlier conflicts such as World War I. Père Lachaise has become a popular tourist attraction due to its beautiful architecture and history.

7 Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

One of the must-visit places in Prague is the Old Jewish Cemetery, which is among the world’s oldest surviving Jewish burial places. Founded in the 15th century, the cemetery contains the remains of famous Czech Jews, including David Oppenheim, Mordecai Meisel, and Jehuda Liva ben Becalel – Maharal. The Old Jewish Cemetery is also home to about 12,000 tombstones. Records show that the last burial took place more than 300 years ago.

6 Granary Burying Ground, Boston

Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and James Otis are among the Revolutionary War heroes buried in this tiny cemetery. Established in 1660, this cemetery boasts some impressive monuments.

The intricate carvings of skeletons wielding scythes, flying skulls, and sly-looking cherubs make almost every tombstone striking in and of itself. The entrance is marked by a colossal Egyptian Revival gate. The Granary Burying Ground is open every day and has well-marked graves.

5 St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

St George's Chapel is a royal peculiar, the place of worship at Windsor Castle in England. It also has been a place for royal funerals and interments. The chapel was built by King Edward III in 1348 and rebuilt under Edward IV and Henry VII, but it has remained relatively unchanged since then. The interior of St George's Chapel contains beautiful stained-glass windows. The chapel also houses several famous paintings from British history.

4 La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

La Recoleta Cemetery is the resting place of Eva Peron, the former First Lady of Argentina. Established in 1922, this burial ground is not at all like a typical cemetery. Because everything is oddly miniature, the site is full of intricately carved scrollwork and stately pillars that are only shoulder-tall. If looking for something to do in Buenos Aires, this cemetery is a must-see. There are at least 6,400 tombs here, so visitors need to pick up a map at the entry. Travelers will find anything from Baroque cathedrals to Greek temples among them. Each one is distinctive and was built as an homage to a different architectural style.

3 Calvary Cemetery & Crematorium, Queens

Located in Queens, Calvary Cemetery & Crematorium is a unique place to visit. The grounds are well maintained and have many historical monuments. The history of this cemetery dates back to 1848, when it was founded by Old St. Patrick's Cathedral trustees. Some popular people buried in this cemetery include former mayors of New York Hugh J. Grant and actress Patsy Kelly.

2 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Mount Pleasant Cemetery was established in 1876. It is located on the north side of Moore Park. There are miles of roadways and walking routes throughout the cemetery. It also has fountains, statues, and botanical gardens. Apart from having more than 168,000 graves, Mount Pleasant Cemetery is home to several monuments and noteworthy buildings.

1 Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia

Laurel Hill Cemetery is a National Historic Landmark in East Falls, Philadelphia. The cemetery features graves of many notable Philadelphians, including Edwin Henry Fitler, Robert Adams Jr., and Henry Disston. Laurel Hill Cemetery is one of Philadelphia's distinctive tourist destinations because of its magnificent monuments and lovely environs. The 74 acres of the cemetery offer a spectacular view of the Schuylkill River and a variety of sites to hike, bike, and take in the scenery.