Most celebrities live in the high-profile US cities. Places like Los Angeles and New York City are known as the home of celebrities. It makes sense since a strong percentage of television shows and movies are filmed at studios in those locations. The convenience of living there for the job is not always convenient. Some celebrities feel that living in a big city where they are spotted every day is not a path to happiness. This leads to some big names trying to find homes in places you would not guess. There are many beautiful places in the countries and you never know who is living in them.

Actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and other famous folks will scour to find the ideal place to spend their lives with family and loved ones. Quite a few will seek out suburbs that are away from the busy cities. Some prefer the small-town life where they can feel normal where everyone knows each other rather than being the only person everyone knows. There are even those that like to live near places where they can have a ranch or climb mountains or enjoy other interests. We will look at some of the big names that choose to live life outside of the spotlight. These are twenty-five USA celebs that try to live normal lives off the grid.

25 Elijah Wood – Loves the quiet Texas nights

Elijah Wood has been an actor since his younger days with a long list of films and television shows attached to his resume. The career of Wood is likely most associated with the Lord of the Rings film franchise.

Wood has relocated from Los Angeles to Texas to enjoy life more. Not everyone can handle the celebrity lifestyle every single day. Wood has spoken in interviews about how fun the area of Bouldin Creek is to live in. He doesn’t mind stopping to take pictures with fans since it doesn’t get stopped as much as the common celebrity places.

24 Mark Ruffalo – Hopefully he doesn’t turn into The Hulk in Callicoon

Mark Ruffalo is currently most known for his role as Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk in the Avengers film franchise. There are quite a few scenes of The Hulk battling in New York City. Ruffalo does live in New York in his real life, but it is not in the city.

Callicoon is the home of Ruffalo and his family today. Ruffalo has sought a quieter life than NYC or Los Angeles. Ruffalo does often visit Hollywood for movie work, but the everyday life has him spending time with his loved ones in one of the least known areas in New York.

23 Nicole Kidman – Fell in love with Keith Urban and Nashville

Nicole Kidman has been a top name in Hollywood for a long time now with countless hit films. The relationship with country music star Keith Urban made them a power couple in the entertainment industry.

Kidman made the move to Nashville to support Urban as it’s the place best suited for his music career. However, she fell in love with the area as well. Kidman does not want to leave Tennessee any time soon and seems content to spend the rest of her life there.

22 Tom Hanks – Seeks ranch life in Idaho

Tom Hanks deserves consideration when discussing the greatest actors of all-time. The roles in Forest Gump, Cast Away and many other films led to the success of Hanks as a household name. Hanks has acted long enough to leave Hollywood and still get roles while living off the grid.

Idaho is the place that Hanks chooses to live with his actress wife Rita Wilson. Hanks has a huge home and ranch in a small town in Ketchum. This allows him to skip out on Hollywood life while enjoying nature and the privacy of his own life.

21 Steve Martin – Loves playing music in North Carolina

Steve Martin is another actor that has been relevant for many decades now and wants to get off the grid due to it. The comedic talent of Martin has made him a well-known actor for many years thanks to countless hit films.

North Carolina is the place Martin chose to live a quiet life in his older years. Martin lives in the very tiny area known as Brevard. He plays banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers on stage when he is up to it. Martin clearly loves the small-town life of doing what he enjoys and not having to deal with a busy lifestyle anymore.

20 Sandra Bullock – Fell in love with New Orleans during her time there for work

New Orleans is a fun place to visit and live for those lucky enough to experience it. Hollywood star Sandra Bullock is still as relevant as ever following her starring role in the Netflix hit film Bird Box. Bullock has been a fixture in Hollywood for many years now but does not want to reside there.

The home owned in New Orleans is the main place that she chooses to live. Bullock first spent time there filming a movie and fell in love with the area. She purchased an incredible home there. New Orleans is clearly near and dear to her heart.

19 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively – Trying to create a quiet suburban life for the family

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of the top power couples in Hollywood today. Both are linked together since they’ve been an item for a while, but they have individually successful careers Reynolds and Lively have a couple of young kids that they are raising away from Hollywood.

Bedford, New York is where the couple resides in a large house. This area is mostly suburbs for families to raise their children. Lively and Reynolds did not want to have a family growing up in Los Angeles where they would be stopped by paparazzi every day.

18 Kelly Clarkson –Never wants to leave Tennessee

The singing career of Kelly Clarkson has been going strong since she won the first season of American Idol. There have been many different chapters of her singing career with different styles. Art tends to follow life when someone wants to change things up.

Clarkson made the decision to live in Tennessee due to the busier places for celebrities not feeling like the right place for her. She did purchase a huge mansion to ensure she lives a fancier lifestyle. However, the everyday life for Clarkson is just enjoying the simple joys of Tennessee.

17 Harrison Ford – Wyoming gives him the private life he seeks

Harrison Ford is one of the most successful actors of all-time. The iconic roles of Indiana Jones and Han Solo have made him a relevant figure in film that will continue to live on many decades into the future.

Ford, however, does not like the busy and active lifestyle of a celebrity. He only wanted to appear in one of the current Star Wars trilogy films due to not wanting to be back in the public eye. Ford lives a quiet life off the grid in Wyoming with wife Calista Flockhart. Unlike many of his peers, he does not like the spotlight in his older age.

16 Donald Glover – Keeps his home a mystery

Donald Glover has become one of the most famous people in the world in recent years. Success in television with the series Atlanta along with his music career as rapper Childish Gambino has millions of fans following him. Glover does not want that to extend to his private life.

The wife and child of Glover are kept mysterious despite being such a public figure. Glover has been spotted with his new family in various places like Hawaii, Atlanta and New York. The only thing certain is that Glover wants as normal a life as possible off the grid.

15 Jennifer Lawrence – Never lost her love for Kentucky

The career of Jennifer Lawrence has grown immensely over the past decade with many roles leading to success. Lawrence has been credited with many incredible performances that make her stand out. Despite spending a lot of time in Los Angeles for work, Lawrence prefers a more relaxed lifestyle.

Kentucky was the place that Lawrence grew up in and she does not want to ditch it completely for her new fame. The Appalachian Mountains are the area where she most enjoys. Lawrence goes back and forth with Kentucky remaining the place she prefers to spend her life.

14 Bill Murray – Takes his love of baseball to the next level in Charleston

Bill Murray is one of the most famous people in the world from Hollywood. Films like Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Caddyshack will ensure people remember Murray’s work forever. The actor, however, doesn’t want to be stopped for pictures every day in Los Angeles or New York by the paparazzi.

Murray has made Charleston, South Carolina his home. Multiple folks have shared stories and photos of meeting Murray at everyday places like restaurants or parks. Murray even used his love of baseball to appreciate the time there as he owns the Charleston Riverdogs minor league team.

13 Meryl Streep – Missed Connecticut while in Hollywood

There are very few actresses or actors that have delivered as much success in their craft as Meryl Streep. The incredible actress has been in countless great movies and still is a booming star. Streep is a staple in Hollywood, but she did not necessarily enjoy life there.

Connecticut was her home in the 80s before relocating to Los Angeles. The time there had Streep missing Connecticut until she made the decision to move back. Streep lives in the Salisbury region of Connecticut and enjoys having her privacy.

12 Matthew McConaughey – How to Leave Hollywood for Texas in 10 Days

Matthew McConaughey has become a top name in Hollywood with many starring roles. The body of work from McConaughey has seen him travel all over the world for the job. However, there’s only one place that remains home for him.

McConaughey lives in Austin, Texas and has no desire to leave it. You can spot him at Texas college football games supporting the Longhorns. McConaughey will be in Los Angeles for work, but his fun takes place in his home of Texas where he enjoys his most normal version of life.

11 Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen – Power couple of Arkansas

The couple of Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen are two highly successful actors in Hollywood on their own. Danson found huge success on Cheers and is now an important part of the success for NBC’s The Good Place. Steenburgen has been thriving for years and was recently on Last Man on Earth.

Both Danson and Steenburgen enjoy their lives together living in Arkansas. They have become unofficial spokespersons for the area since it’s not known for being the most active place to live. Danson and Steenburgen are happy living relatively normal lives in the place most people would not choose to visit.

10 Christian Slater – Living a quiet life in Florida

Christian Slater has been a successful actor for many years now. The decision to ditch the fast-paced lifestyle in Los Angeles would see Slater relocate to a more serene atmosphere in Florida. Slater chooses to live a quieter life in Coconut Grove.

Many actors to decide to leave the busy Hollywood life to one they remember more fondly once they get a little older. Slater is still acting, but he wants to have a relaxing life in Florida with his wife. Coconut Grove is the place for him as he is finding happiness there these days.

9 Bruce Willis – Bounces back and forth between Bedford and Idaho

Bruce Willis has been a household name in Hollywood for decades now. Most people think of the Die Hard franchise as Willis’ best days, but he’s still a big name as seen with Split. Willis is one of the few celebrities that did not enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle as much as most.

Bedford, New York is the main home of Willis and his family. This is nowhere near the city associated with New York and is removed from any hustle and bustle. Idaho is another place near and dear to Willis as he recently sold his ranch there. His two favorite places to stay aren’t the normal celebrity attraction hot spots at all.

8 Wiz Khalifa – Loyal to Pennsylvania

Hip hop star Wiz Khalifa has become a huge star in the music industry after a few years of hit songs. A military brat upbringing would feature Khalifa moving around a few times in his childhood before his family decided to settle down in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The fame would not change the love that Khalifa has for the Pennsylvania area. He currently resides in the Canonsburg area of Pennsylvania. Khalifa clearly has pride for his home as he even wrote the popular Black and Yellow rally song for the Pittsburgh Steelers a while back. Wiz is just like any other local sports fan trying to do his best to support the team.

7 Vera Farmiga – Not the part of New York you’re thinking of

New York is known for the city as the bright lights and busy lifestyle is the home of many celebrities. However, quite a few like Vera Farmiga like the other side of New York. Hudson Valley is a place that consists of more suburbs and a quieter life in general.

There are a lot of trees and some lakes that you don’t typically find in the city. Farmiga has a great acting career still going strong after many years of success. She seems to want to enjoy the fruits of her labor in a relatively normal place like Hudson Valley without having to feel like a celebrity every single day.

6 Robert Redford – Quite possibly the only celebrity in Utah

Robert Redford is currently enjoying the later years of life in his 80s after a long career acting. The incredible body of work by Redford made him a top actor in the movie industry. Films like The Sting and The Way We Were would showcase his skills enough to keep him relevant to this date.

Redford, however, doesn’t want a celebrity life in his later years. He now lives in Utah. Not many people think of Utah as the ideal place to live, but it provides a quiet and relaxing environment. Redford gets to enjoy his life with his loved ones instead of random folks spotting him everywhere he goes.