There’s something about the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities that we find completely irresistible. We always need to know more, more, more. We read glossy magazines about them, watch TV shows centring around them, read their autobiographies and buy their sneakers, scarves and other overpriced branded paraphernalia.

Why do we do it? Why do we ingest their every nonsensical ‘wise’ rant on social media (I’m looking at you, Kanye)? Because we’re living vicariously, that’s why. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am quite unlikely to be papped while out shopping for a new solid-gold helicopter. Nobody’s going to be hounding me for an autograph on a sun-kissed beach, somewhere you have to pay six figures just to rent a sun lounger.

It’s a lifestyle unlike anything we could ever imagine for ourselves, and that’s part of why we’re so interested in all the comings-and-goings of the celebrity world.

It’s all just out of this world. Sometimes literally. In recent years, ambitious plans for civilian space travel have been ramping up, with pioneers like Richard Branson at the helm. The only people who could afford to sign up for the likes of Branson’s SpaceShipTwo project were, of course, on the pretty darn famous side. Tom Hanks, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leonardo DiCaprio are all signed up.

Then there are those celebrities who have well-documented fears of flying, like Dennis Bergkamp, or awful travel experiences, like Taylor Swift. In this rundown, we’re going to take a look at some celebrities who are all signed up for a space trip, and those who sure as heck aren’t going anywhere.

25 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Andrew Lloyd Webber And Sarah Brightman- A Space Odyssey

The first thing you’ll want to know about space is that there isn’t a whole heck of a lot to do up there. Granted, the idea of trying to use a zero-gravity toilet is a mind-bending one, but that’s a novelty that’ll soon wear off.

Famous space-farers needn’t worry, though, because there’s some in-flight entertainment planned. As reported by The Toronto Sun, Sarah Brightman and ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber have stated that they’ve collaborated on a song for Brightman to perform while in space.

This all smacks of that one scene with Rosie O'Donnell during a Halloween special of The Simpsons (you know the one I mean), but there you go.

24 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Kirsten Dunst- No Flying Please, I’m Mary Jane

Now, I’m no fan of flying. I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with the whole experience over the years, sure, but for me, it’s just a horribly claustrophobic means to an end.

This is a sentiment that Kirsten Dunst clearly shares. She may be experienced with upside-down kisses from the Spider-Man movies, but she likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

"I always get scared on planes. Whenever I fly I pack those Bose headphones that dull the noise of the plane… I always wear them on take-off and landing," she once said, according to Medindia. That’s perfectly understandable, in my book, but it probably rules out space flight for her.

23 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Justin Bieber- The Concert Of A Lifetime

Well, of course. A lot of the time, stardom is all about getting as much darn attention as possible. It’s like advertising, that sense, only your face is the brand in and of itself.

If there’s any celebrity who’s been down to nab themselves a little press attention –by any means necessary—in recent years, it’s Canadian crooner Justin Bieber. When the idea for SpaceShipTwo was floating around back in 2013, of course he signed up. The $250,000 ticket cost is nothing to him, after all.

Not only that, but of course he announced an intention to shoot a music video in space, as reports.

22 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Billy Bob Thornton- Won’t Be ‘Bobbing Around’ Anywhere

Billy Bob Thornton has always been something of an enigma. For one thing, he’s one of those rare celebrities who doesn’t go in for the whole ‘celebrity’ thing. He’s always wanted to stay out of the public eye and enjoy a little peace, but he’s also been known to go right ahead and marry Angelina Jolie too (a move that, as you can image, got just a little attention from the press).

Even his attitude towards flying is enigmatic. As Mental Floss reports, he used to suffer from a famous fear of flying, but that seems to have eased as tensions around airline security and such have increased. He explained:

"As usual, I'm backwards… everybody else has gotten worried, I'm not afraid of flying now ... Now I feel a little safer because people feel weird about it."

21 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Richard Branson- Space Is His Final Frontier

Well, where in heckola would all these would-be astronauts be without the man that can make it all happen?

Richard Branson is often upheld as an example of just what hard work can bring. With the odds stacked all the darn way against him (his dyslexia and woeful performance at school led his principal to tell him that he would “either end up in prison or become a millionaire,” according to Medium), Branson battled on and became a billionaire.

Today, he has vested interests in projects in the land, sea and air, not to mention darn space itself. SpaceShipTwo has had some teething troubles for certain, but his most ambitious project yet has some of the world’s most famous people on board for good reason.

20 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Taylor Swift- The Woes Of The Fame

For a lot of us mere mortals, being a celebrity sure sounds appealing. You’ve got the money, the adoration, the sponsorship deals, the… well, isn’t that enough to be getting on with?

It comes at a cost, though. The biggest, as Taylor Swift found out, is that your music video is almost certainly going to be spoiled before its release.

As the New Zealand Herald reports, Swift travelled to the beautiful, remote country to shoot the video for her single Out Of The Woods. The press got wind of the trip, and soon set about hounding her.

“All the media attention irked Swift, forcing her to hide under towels while shooting the music video,” the report explains, while the singer herself said, "Okay, they get a shot of the video set ... it's not going to ruin the surprise of the video [but] at that point you're like, 'I resent being chased, so now I'm going to run from you'. Like, that's the dichotomy of it."

19 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Leonardo DiCaprio- Well, It’ll Be A Safer Ship Than The Last One He Was On

I know, I’m sorry. It will never be cool to make jokes about Titanic. I take it all back. That’s the saddest movie moment since Arnie's stubby little thumb poking out of the molten steel, at the end of Terminator 2.

Hurrying back to the point, though, Leonardo DiCaprio was darn quick to register his interest in the space trip. He snapped up his ticket. Not only that, but he also threw in a bonus: according to, he auctioned off the seat that would be next to his own for charity.

Now that’s one generous would-be spacefarer, right there.

18 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Dennis Bergkamp- The Scaredy Soccer Star

As I say, then, I’m not a fan of flying by any means. It’s just one of those things you have to grin and bear, if you want to see the world. I tolerate it (which would sure be easier if I could afford some of the more luxurious airlines’ prices), because it’s often the best, the fastest and most convenient way to get around, but that’s as far as it goes.

I’d like a lot more legroom, certainly, but am I afraid? Heck no. Compared to retired Dutch soccer star Dennis Bergkamp, I have it darn easy. As The Independent states, his great fear comes from the small planes he’d have to travel to away matches in during his career:

“They were those little planes that stay in the clouds and shake all the time. When you looked out all you could see was white or grey. And there was hardly any space. It was so cramped it made me claustrophobic. You had absolutely no room to move and you just sat there shaking the entire trip. It made me feel so awful and I began to develop such an aversion to it that it suddenly dawned on me: 'I don't want to do this any more.'”

Bergkamp’s fear is so well-documented that he’s been snarkily nicknamed The Non-Flying Dutchman.

17 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Kate Winslet- Getting A Free Ride

As we’ve already seen, then, Leonardo DiCaprio is totally up for a space flight. Jack Dawson is on board. That might be a little bit of a bad omen, when you consider that Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater) is also signed up.

Don’t worry. That was the last snarky Titanic reference I’m going to make, I promise.

The interesting thing is, Winslet appears to have gotten her ticket in unusual (and heroic) circumstances. According to, Branson gave her the ticket as a wedding gift, to thank her for rescuing his aged mother from a fire at his resort on Necker Island.

16 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Jeremy Clarkson- One Trip He Doesn’t Want To Take

Now, if there’s any celebrity you’d think wouldn’t belong in a not-a-fan-of-traveling category, it’d be Jeremy Clarkson. After all, the man has built a career on driving ridiculous distances to ridiculous places and doing ridiculous things in the process. That’s what Top Gear and his later project The Grand Tour is all about.

However, like Taylor Swift, the journey to New Zealand was a little too much for him, so space is clearly out.

“My advice to anyone wishing to visit Waiheke Island is: don't,” he wrote on social media in 2015. The story is a very strange one, as The New Zealand Herald explains:

“Clarkson was said to have made some strange demands during his stay on Waiheke Island including having cigarettes helicoptered to him from Auckland, a Monopoly board game and gravy mix.”

The TV personality claimed that this was a case of somebody “promoting his business by making stuff up about people who use it,” but it looks like long-haul journeys may be off the table for Clarkson.

15 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: David Beckham (Well, Technically Not)

Unlike a lot of supposed ‘celebrity’ reality shows, Richard Branson’s project is one that’s actually attracted some bonafide A-listers. There are no has-beens who once appeared on an obscure sci-fi show in the seventies here.

One megastar who’s already had a question mark over their name is David Beckham. As Metro reports, “It was [heard] that David had been approached by a number of major space travel firms… to go into space, and that the star had talked about it ‘for quite a while’”.

While nothing has come of these supposed discussions just yet, Beckham would be quite a coup for the publicity of any project. Who knows what the future might bring here?

14 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Stephen Hawking- Well, Who Better?

Here’s the thing with space travel, then. Sure, you’re going to need entertainers, singers, and such on board, but a slice of scientific expertise is going to be crucial too. I don’t really see Justin Bieber having too much to offer in the field of rocket science, sadly.

The late, great Stephen Hawking was the perfect candidate. As such, you’d better believe that he has his ticket to space too. reports that Branson got him straight on board, offering Dr. Hawking a place for free as his esteemed guest. Tragically, the good doctor passed away last March, at the age of 76.

13 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Jennifer Aniston- Staying In Central Perk Forever

Yes, Friends has been over since 2004, but no, I will not let go.

Anyway, moving on, our next travel-averse celebrity is Jennifer Aniston. You’d think that world famous movie stars would be used to jetting all around the world on a regular basis, but according to Aniston, she’s never quite developed a comfort for it.

As China Daily reported in 2006, the actress developed a fear after being caught in an electrical storm on a flight to New York City.

"What scares me is taking off,” she’s said, “because I don't understand how the plane gets up there. I've heard all about the aerodynamics, the speed, the engine. Of course, when your number's up, it's up. Maybe I'm just a control freak. I'm still nervous.”

12 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Russell Brand- Cosmic Comedian

British comedian Russell Brand has had what can safely been described as a tumultuous career. The 43-year-old first came to public attention as a stand-up comedian, before making a name as an actor in such movies as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and lending his voice talents to Despicable Me, Hop and more.

On an international level, it was his 2010/2012 marriage to pop megastar Katy Perry that really introduced us to the Brand… brand. It all went awry very quickly, as we know, but according to The Toronto Sun, Perry reportedly decided to give the comedian quite the gift: a ticket on board Branson’s celebrity-strewn spacecraft!

11 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Barbra Streisand- Heck, She’s Got ‘People’ For That

Here’s another one of those nice little perks of stardom: you’ve often got a nice little entourage around you. Not much of a cook? Not a problem, you don’t have to be. You’ve got personal chefs or any number of ritzy restaurants to pick from.

Don’t want to drive? Well, why bother? Barbra Streisand is one celebrity who hates to be behind the wheel. According to Babbletop, she was never comfortable with driving, and developed a real aversion to it after once hitting the ramp of a freeway.

She developed a bit of a phobia about the whole thing, and that put paid to her driving.

10 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Tom Hanks- One Of The First To Jump On Board

Oh, Tom Hanks. What a national treasure. He’s worn the greatest hairpiece of all time as Dr. Robert Langdon in the Dan Brown movie adaptions. He’s starred in Carly Rae Jepson’s brilliant I Really like You music video. He’s appeared in more romantic comedies than it should be humanly possible for one person to star in.

Is there anything Tom Hanks can’t do? Apparently not. Following on from his Houston, we have a problem moment in Apollo 13, he clearly wanted to have a real space adventure, as he was one of the first to sign up for the SpaceShipTwo project.

9 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: Carey Mulligan- Too Fast, Too Furious

Now, many of us remember just how darn stressful that driving test was. Unless you totally aced it and were perfectly calm throughout, in which case… well, I don’t know what to tell you. Except to stop gloating.

For Carey Mulligan, this was quite the traumatic time. In 2010, the actress played a young racer with complete confidence behind the wheel, despite the fact that she had slim to zero experience with driving beforehand. She did acquire a license in the United States, but, Babbletop reports, failed the test five times on returning to the UK. That would be enough to put anybody off for quite a while.

8 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Ashton Kutcher- 500th Time’s A Charm

It’s the same old story, isn’t it? Whether it’s an online contest, a store or wherever, you’ll hear of these ‘the 30th person to enter/apply/whatever else gets a free Phillips head screwdriver/ticket to the Bahamas/coupon for a Big Mac' offers.

Whatever the offer is, has it ever been you? No, no it hasn’t. Well, it’s never been me, anyway, and I’m a little bitter about the whole situation. I was right behind the guy who did win, once, and I deeply regret not climbing his body like a frightened cat to get through the doors first.

But never mind all of that. Personal rants aside, Ashton Kutcher was reportedly the 500th person to buy a ticket to space. He didn’t win a Phillips head screwdriver for it, but he was thrilled nonetheless.

7 NEVER LEAVE THEIR HOUSE: The Pretty Things- That Experience Was Not Pretty

I can’t say I’ve ever been in an international megastar band before (messing around in my mom and dad’s shed with an old keyboard and three buddies back in 1992 doesn’t quite qualify me to comment here), but there’s one thing I can tell you: lots of tours are involved, and lots of on-tour shenanigans are also involved.

British rockers The Pretty Things visited New Zealand on tour, way back in 1965. Whatever they got up to was so outrageous they were given a lifelong ban by the government!

The whole escapade was detailed in a book called Don’t Bring Me Down Under, according to The New Zealand Herald. Now that sounds like one heckola of a party.

6 ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS: Mila Kunis- It’s Just What I’ve Always Wanted!

Here’s another entry that’s a bit of a grey area. You know how reports about the rich and famous can be at times, after all: it’s all about getting an hype-inducing story out there, and the precise details sometimes go amiss.

We know that Ashton Kutcher is on board for a trip on Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo, but there’s another interesting facet to the story. reports that Kutcher also planned to buy a ticket for his then-girlfriend Mila Kunis. The couple married in July 2015, and we don’t yet have confirmation as to whether they’ll be taking a trip into space together.