If you're anything like us, your wardrobe for a long day of travel is super simple. It never fails that you will end up running through the terminal to just barely make your flight and chances are you're going to spill something on yourself at some point. You weren't trying to impress anyone anyway, but hours upon hours of sitting in one place certainly isn't going to help you look your best. Plus, whatever you're wearing needs to be worn again because you weren't about to pay that extra fee for another bag, so you need to be able to accessorize your current look without much effort. All of this points to functional shoes, stretchy pants or fits-just-right jeans, and a temperature-appropriate top that can be layered.

We can get away with this because there generally isn't paparazzi following us past the ticket counter trying to get a good shot for that day's press. But for celebrities, that is often not the case.

We've sorted through all the looks to find celebs that appear to be headed straight to a photo shoot from the airport and others that could just as easily be hanging out on a friend's couch. From the completely outlandish (the tallest shoes) and eyebrow-raising (so little left to the imagination) to comfortable (athleisure for all) and chic (bomber jackets for every season), here are the top twenty-five celeb travel-proof and travel-fail looks.

25 Lady Gaga Proves That Monochromatic Stilettos Are On The No Fly List

Mother Monster has been pulling out all the stops for years. Although we have become accustomed to her startling outfits (which we must say are much calmer post-A Star Is Born), sometimes we still have to do a double take.

Gaga made Elle's Weirdest Celebrity Airport Outfits post with her appearance at Tokyo's Narita airport in head to toe green and stilettos we're not sure can even be walked in (a point proven in subsequent photos from the page that show her toppling over).

24 Long Skirts Require A Tricky Hands On Approach For Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West dazzled in a floor length blue skirt as she made the terminal her own fashion show. But her too long hem earned her a spot on Elle's list of the most bizarre celeb travel outfits.

Look closely and you will notice that her skirt is so long, she has to hold it up off the ground to avoid tripping as she steps. Nobody that has to carry anything (bags, phone, coffee, etc) would be able to spare a hand to pull that look off.

23 Olivia Munn Is Rolling Through The Terminal In Casual Comfort

According to InStyle, Olivia Munn's first job was at a Burger King and she absolutely loved it. That kind of down to earth nature is what makes her a fan-favorite celeb.

She's been keeping it casual while still looking glamorous since her BK days. She was spotted at LAX wheeling through the terminal in a classic jeans and t-shirt look that she dressed up with a long sweater vest. Fashioniser noted her Gucci belt could easily be replicated with any wide belt, so we're running out to buy one now.

22 Taylor Swift's Legs On Sticky Airplane Seats Aren't Ideal

Of all the options available to Taylor Swift, choosing to travel in tiny shorts is a strange choice.

This airport look was flagged as one of the strangest on Elle's list of weird celeb airport outfits. Not only does Taylor have to worry about being cold on the flight (it always seems to be cold even in the summer), but she is putting a lot of faith into the assumption that the seats are clean.

The thought of our skin sticking to the polyester and plastic lining of 14C makes us shudder.

21 Long Live Rock And Roll Chic And Margot Robbie

When she isn't playing female superhero extraordinaire, Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie is being hailed for her simple look by Fashionisers.

She was spotted at always bustling Los Angeles International airport playing it cool by sporting a graphic tee paired with black jeans and a black trench coat. A pair of sporty sneakers capped off the style that almost all of us could throw together.

She was channeling some serious rock and roll vibes and we're loving her chic touch!

20 The Lavatory Is Too Small To Navigate A One Piece Jumpsuit, Even For Khloe Kardashian

If there is anyone that can pull off a one piece jumpsuit, it has to be one of the Kardashian sisters.

Khloe strutted past airport security in a military green ensemble paired with neutral colored shoes and jacket. We admit it looks great, but the lack of practicality in the outfit earned her a top spot on Elle's list of weirdest celeb airport outfits.

A one piece is a great idea until you realize that everything has to come off in order to utilize the facilities. That's a pain no matter where you are, but is definitely awful on an airplane.

19 Priyanka Chopra Shows Off So Much Color, But So Little Comfort

Wide leg pants and a button up long sleeve blouse seem like they would be the perfect ingredients to make a really good travel outfit, but Priyanka Chopra's version has us thinking again.

Her striped suit added a pop of color to JFK, but it might have been a little too much. The pattern was a bit loud and dizzying for a midday flight and the fit of the separates didn't scream comfort. Priyanka might have been better off pairing a plain white tee with the bottoms or navy blue pants with the striped top layered over a softer color tee.

18 Runway Styles From The Victoria Beckham Collection Aren't Always The Best Airline Go-To Looks

Victoria Beckham always looks like she has somewhere to be, which is one of the reasons she routinely makes Fashionisers best-dressed list. While strappy heels and a hip hugging dress would make for a perfect runway outfit, it's not exactly the best go-to outfit for any length of airplane travel.

If you must wear a dress for whatever reason, slip on some comfortable sneakers to downplay an otherwise formal look. Better yet, just save the dress and slip into it after you freshen up at your destination.

17 Take Note, Kendall Jenner, And Travel In Any Color Except White

Kendall Jenner generally doesn't care about the rules, which has contributed greatly to her success at such a young age. However, she broke what some consider the number one travel rule by wearing white.

The drawstring pants she donned for a recent trip looked comfortable (and, as Fashionisers pointed out, was a look worth stealing), but she would have been just as comfortable in any other color. She could have still turned heads in an all black outfit of the same variety and those floral booties. If you ask us, wearing all white is just asking for an issue.

16 Track Pants Make For A Perfect Redeye Piece For Cara Delevingne

She may have just flown across an ocean all night, but you would never guess so based on how great she looks. Fashion Insight kept in stride with an always stylish Cara Delevingne as she deplaned and headed toward baggage claim.

We wouldn't normally think of track pants as chic, but the way Cara paired the blue pants with simple shoes, a sports jacket, and a high ponytail is giving us some new ideas for our next overnight flight.

15 Feel Like You're Wrapped In A Cloud While Soaring Through The Clouds Like Bella Hadid

Former model of the year, Bella Hadid, is a jetsetter. From runway shows, to magazine cover shoots, to seeing her boyfriend, The Weeknd, in concert, she always has places to be.

Bella doesn't believe in sacrificing comfort to look good while traveling, which is why she made Elle's best in celebrity airport style list. Her cropped puffer jacket layered over a basic dark turtleneck is sure to be the hit style of the season.

14 It Has Pockets! Practical Pants For Chrissy Teigen For Easy Multi-Tasking In Air

The Budget Babe brings easy to copy styles right to your fingertips, straight from your favorite celebrities. The best part is everything is also easy on your wallet. Case in point, Chrissy Teigen brings back the cargo pants in an epic way.

Seen preflight with daughter, Luna, Chrissy looked ready to conquer the skies and her closet. The pockets in the cargo pants could fit everything Luna might need and the look was completed with a cross body bag and plaid long sleeve shirt (tied just above the drawstring for added flair).

13 Reese Witherspoon Styles In Cool, Comfortable, Chambray

If there is one article of clothing we couldn't live without, it would be our chambray shirt. It goes with everything, stretches to fit just right, and is durable through loads and loads of laundry. Lucky for us, Reese Witherspoon totally agrees and depends on hers.

Seen at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut, Reese wore a chic New England outfit of black pants and chambray. Her pink lip was the perfect accent to her cool style.

12 Jennifer Garner Is Equal Parts Cozy And Stylish

We didn't know we needed a cropped pea coat, but Jennifer Garner taught us that we most certainly do (especially for those not too hot and not too cold days of fall). Harper's Bazaar covered Garner's sleek airport look as she put her best foot forward in loafers, jeans, a mock turtleneck, and that show-stopping coat.

That particular cropped pea coat, Khaite, is available from FarFetch for about $1000, so we're going to take our chances and look for something similar at the thrift shop.

11 Blazer Dresses Have Their Place In Hailey Baldwin's Closet, But Not On The Tarmac

The new Mrs. Justin Bieber is a woman of many talents. One of those talents is making any outfit look good. She recently took to a French airport wearing high tops and a greenish blue plaid blazer dress accented with gold jewelry.

While we would copy this look in a heartbeat for a holiday party or gallery opening, we wouldn't dare try to replicate this to fly. That blazer dress leaves a lot of skin exposed and not much opportunity for layering. We hope it wasn't a long flight!

10 Kesha Can Save The Cute Floral Overalls And Floppy Hat For Brunch

Kesha looked beautiful in a white ensemble on the pages of Marie Claire. Those braids tucked neatly under a hat and flowing floral overalls would have been perfect for a sunny outdoor brunch with girlfriends. Unfortunately, the shot was taken at an airport just before Kesha boarded a flight.

Nothing about that outfit from its color to its accessories to lack of functionality (really, those buckle straps can be tricky and the midsection will bunch up with lots of sitting) made it a good option for traveling.

9 Kate Hudson's Over The Knee Boot Is Too Over The Top

New mom (again), Kate Hudson, comes from a long line of chic women and she's been giving us style goals from her first time on set. She is a favorite muse of Marie Claire's photographers, having appeared on the cover a handful of times. So, it's no surprise to see her in the magazine en route to a new destination.

It is surprising, however, to see her walking up to the airport in over the knee boots. Those are not going to be easy to pull off (or on again) at security and won't be very comfortable in air. We're thinking she would be better off (and still just as stylish) with ankle booties.

8 From Day To Night, A Hooded Sweatshirt And Baseball Cap Works For Ryan Gosling

We can't forget about the guys, especially one as well dressed as Ryan Gosling. Gosling, fresh off filming for astronaut flick First Man, nonchalantly strolled through the airport in a maroon hooded sweatshirt over a tee and baseball cap, clutching his weekender bag. The look doesn't make him as unrecognizable as he might think (we would know those eyes anywhere), but maybe he doesn't mind being greeted by adoring fans (we hope so).

Thanks, Ryan, for proving that simple sweatshirts can be stylish.

7 Nicolas Cage Reminds Us Of The Ghost Of Air Travel Past

Every year, the Sundance Film Festival brings the best and brightest to Park City, Utah. Sometimes, those best and brightest are wearing things only fit for the mountain's blooper reel.

Esquire published a shot of Nicolas Cage sporting what could be described as 'cowboy chic'. His shiny blue faux-fur trimmed jacket (looking roughly two decades old) and second cowboy hat (?) certainly turned heads. We don't know if that coat will cut it against the biting winter winds so hopefully he has an entourage to keep him warm.

6 We're Totally Onboard With Jason Momoa's Muscles, But Sleeves And Covered Toes Are Still A Must

We're not saying Aquaman needs to put a sleeved shirt on (we would just never tell him to cover up), but we will say that flip flops and sleeveless shirts do not match well with air travel.

Jason Momoa made us cringe when we saw a local news photo of him plodding through the airport in shoes we would only wear to the beach. We're still shuddering thinking about his bare toes coming in contact with the airport floor.

And those bare arms! Airports aren't the best place to leave extra skin exposed, no matter who you are.