The life of a celebrity is a complicated life to live and a rather complex one at that. When an entertainer reaches a certain level of fame, their life winds up being put on display by their peers and even the fans who follow them. However, even when their life can be viewed for the world to see, there are still certain private aspects of a celebrity's life that deserve to be kept private. That is a certain boundary that sometimes even their most loyal of fans fail to understand.

For example, when a celebrity gets on an airplane, they are not trying to be the actor, singer, or entertainer that their fans come to recognize them as. They are just a regular person trying to navigate onto their flight with no issues. Their biggest issue usually winds up being a fan or a paparazzo bugging them while they're exhausted at the airport or worse, while they're on the plane. Sometimes, they bug the celeb about taking a picture with them. Other times, they are rude enough to take a picture of the celeb without the celeb's permission. To highlight such invasions of privacy, here are some pictures of celebrities on planes and airports that they did not want taken.


This one is a bit tricky. In the photo, it looks like Keanu Reeves does not want anything to do with this photo. We would understand why if that is the case. He was just trying to enjoy his flight when an unassuming fan approaches the Matrix actor for a picture, which must happen to him dozens of times a day.

On the flip side, anyone who has seen any number of Keanu's movies knows that his tired and disheveled plane face isn't that much different from his usual blank state. Maybe his face is less annoyed and more ... just ... his face.


Ever play two truths and a lie? Let's play two lies and a truth.

Back in May 2017, Bow Wow posted a picture of himself next to his "private plane" on a press tour for what he called "the hottest show EVER," Growing Up Hip Hop. The only truth is that Bow Wow posted a picture in May 2017. Growing Up Hip Hop was never the hottest show ever - nor is it really a hot show - and that plane was not a private plane. If it was, it certainly wasn't Bow Wow's.

The rapper was photographed hours later by a fan to be on a regular commercial flight. Bow Wow's viral lie turned out to be hot enough to create a worldwide #BowWowChallenge joke.


2018 was an interesting year for Ty Dolla Sign. In terms of music, the R&B artist could not have done better producing hit record after hit record with stars like Kanye West, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. Most notably, his song with Post Malone - "Psycho" - peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts.

His work outside of music hasn't been so stellar. More recently, he was arrested in December for cocaine possession; an offense that could land him 15 years in prison. Before that in February, he received some bad press after a Snap of Ty taken by a fan on a plane went viral where Ty was having a blind person's seeing-eye dog from a plane removed because it bothered his allergies.


Before he was released by WWE due to some damning allegations against him, former professional wrestler turned amateur rapper Enzo Amore was no stranger to controversy. One story broke out that he annoyed his fellow wrestlers so badly that he was kicked off of a tour bus.

Even now, the unemployed former champion finds ways to get himself in trouble. More recently, he was kicked out of a November WWE pay-per-view event after crashing the show and causing a scene. Before that, he was kicked off of a Delta flight for vaping on board. When cameras caught him at the airport right after the incident, he didn't look too happy.


Just like high profile Hollywood celebrities, WWE Superstars are not in the mood to take pictures with fans when they are coming fresh off of an airline flight or getting ready to board one. More often than not if you approach a wrestler at an airport, they just get peeved.

There is no better example of this than the viral fan photo of 5-time Women's Champion Sasha Banks taking a pic with a fan after she arrived from a flight. Clearly, judging by the mean mug she's shooting at the camera, Banks looks like she wants to body slam everyone at this airport.


Another former WWE Champion who was not in any mood to take a photo in the moment was Randy Orton. Non-wrestling fans may recognize Orton as the face behind the viral #OuttaNowhere meme a few years back where Orton was photoshopped hitting his RKO finisher on unsuspecting cows, Christmas trees, and everything in between.

Like most WWE Superstars who travel the globe 24/7, an airplane flight might be the rare time a wrestler gets to rest. Orton looks all snuggled up here, but apparently, he was sleeping too comfortably as someone was able to sneak a photo of him outta nowhere.


Actors are typically expected to be a photogenic cast of characters. Whether it be a big square film camera being pointed at them in the middle of a movie set, or perhaps dozens of press photos taken at red carpet events, actors are expected to look dashing as ever, every time.

This is the complete opposite of dashing. We are not sure if this fan caught Oscar winner Nicolas Cage unexpected at the end of a long flight that drained a lot out of him or if the actor might have had one too many drinks in his system during the flight, but even Cage would admit that he's looked better.


Here is a picture of rapper Lil Wayne taking a picture with a man who served our country. That country being the United States of America, just in case any of our non-US readers reading this didn't get the memo.

Nothing wrong with taking a picture with one of our troops. The one photo that we could not show was a photo of Lil Wayne smoking pot on the plane. The wild part is that this occurred on Wayne's own private plane. Since smoking wasn't allowed on the pilot's plane, said pilot turned the plane around 17 minutes after takeoff and forced Wayne and his entourage offboard.


Ron Jeremy is best known for his - let's call them "performances" - in films that are far from being so PG-rated. He has also made cameo appearances in over the top B-movies like The Boondock Saints and One-Eyed Monster. That last one isn't what you think it is. It's a horror comedy.

Speaking of horror comedies, Jeremy must have been horrified when he found out that somebody snapped a picture of him sleeping on a plane for the sake of some social media comedy at his expense.


Nick Offerman is best known for playing the always deadpan Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation. For those who have not seen the show (first off, stop living under a rock), Ron is a character best known for being super macho and looking like he is always mad at the world.

Offerman is looking just as mad on a flight where a passenger beside him snapped a picture of him. We are not 100% sure if Offerman looked angry because he was taken off guard by the pic or if he was just putting on his character face to make a fan laugh. It could be either way.


Andre Iguodala is one of the NBA's star athletes playing for the Golden State Warriors. He won the All Star Award in 2012 and was the 2015 MVP of the NBA Finals. When the cameras start rolling and the lights are on bright, Iguodala shines through it all.

Well, not always when the cameras are rolling. Sometimes, when the cameras are rolling and snapping pics at him when he least expects it, Iguodala is catching up on some much needed beauty rest. That happened to be the case here when he was caught sleeping on a private flight beside fellow Golden State Warrior, Klay Thompson.


Triple H has been wrestling for the better part of the last 27 years of his life. Despite nearing the age of 50, the real-life son in law of Vince McMahon still wrestles for WWE. Although, he does not compete regularly as the former WWE Champion has spent the last decade pulling double duty as a WWE executive producer and talent scout.

He shared a flight with YouTube sensation Casey Neistat, who took a selfie to memorialize the moment. Triple H did not look too happy about it and we're not sure if he was acting or genuinely annoyed.


Richard Marx is the Grammy-winning voice behind such contemporary pop classics "Now and Forever," "Dance with My Father," and "Too Late to Say Goodbye." He tends to keep his private life separate from his professional life, but he could not possibly be in a private space during his Korean flight in December 2016.

During that flight, a crazy passenger was causing a scene and attacking passengers. Marx was brave enough to step in to help try to restrain the man. In fact, according to his wife Daisy Fuentes - who recorded the fiasco for social media - the 80's icon was the first to step onto the scene to subdue the guy.


Charlotte Flair is the daughter of world-renowned wrestling legend Ric Flair. Following in the footsteps of her 16-time World Heavyweight Championship winning father, Charlotte has won WWE's Women's Championship 7 times. She's quickly creeping up on her father's record just as her career is still in its infancy.

While it took Charlotte's dad only 16 times to reach the legendary status that he has today, it only took Charlotte's colleague AJ Styles one time to catch The Nature Girl slipping as she slept on a flight.


Charlotte Flair did not take it lightly when she discovered that former 2-time WWE Champion AJ Styles took a picture of her sleeping as they boarded their private company flight together, nor that he posted it to Instagram for his 1 million followers to see. So she decided to turn the tables and sneak a pic of him sleeping during their flight as well.

The photo pranks of each other across social media were all in good fun as the two wrestlers are good friends in real life and even competed alongside each other in a tag team competition in the ring a few times.


At the age of 53 and a wrestling career spanning a staggering 35 years, The Undertaker surprisingly has yet to retire. Miraculously, he still competes for WWE every once in a while for special occasions.

When he isn't donning his gothic tights on his way to the ring or competing in the squared circle, The Undertaker is just mild-mannered Mark Calaway. In summer 2017, Calaway was seen on a flight to New York City where WWE was holding its SummerSlam pay-per-view event. Although he did not wrestle that night. He must've just flown in town to see the show live.


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been married ever since 2012 and in all of these years look as happy as ever. For many fans, Reynolds and Lively may be viewed as Hollywood's favorite couple simply because they are just so likable and approachable.

Reynolds and Lively don't mind interacting with their fans and taking pics, but even they have a limit. Here, the only thing on their minds at the airport is getting to their flight safely. That did not stop a so-called fan from photographing the unsuspecting couple.


Caitlyn Jenner has made a remarkable transformation these past few years in more ways than one. Not only has she literally transformed from a star athlete into a Kardashian woman, but she has completely rebranded her image by becoming an advocate for the community and - interestingly enough - the face of H&M Sports.

At one point in time, Caitlyn was asked for a photograph with some flight attendants. The flight attendants looked excited to take a pic with the reality tv star. Was the reality star excited? Not so much from the looks of it.


Anyone who has kids knows that dealing with them can be a handful, especially when trying to share a plane ride with them. Kids tend to goof around and run up and down the plane while a parent is losing their end wits trying to keep them in line.

This seems to have been the fate that befell the actor who plays Thor for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth. From the looks of it, after spending a bunch of time trying to get his children to settle down, he settled down himself and took a nap with his kids rested atop him.


We mentioned earlier just how dealing with children on an airline while in flight can be a difficult task. It was so difficult for Chris Hemsworth that he crashed and fell asleep. From the looks of this photo, Will Smith wishes he could say the same thing.

Here, Will shows just how difficult it can be for a parent to fall asleep while their child rests on them. Here, his daughter Willow is sleeping serenely on his chest while her dad is looking exasperated with eyes looking red as if he was begging for some sleep.