There's nothing like London at Christmas. Big cities like New York and Paris put on a massive show during the holiday season, but London's pure magic. From the markets to Harrod's light display, it simply doesn't disappoint. The historic city lures in a number of major movie-stars, models, and musicians during Christmas. It's common to see Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or other fabulous L.A.-based celebs across the pond.

But it's not just them, England-born stars like Robert Pattinson and Emily Blunt make sure they return for the holidays. We're sure it has little to do with their family and everything to do with how remarkably special London's Christmas vibes truly are. Without further ado, here is Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and 18 Other Celebs Who Love London, England During The Holiday Season.

20 Selena Gomez Can't Stop Making London Her Christmas Fashion Show

Selena Gomez spent most of December 2019 in London. The "Look At Her Now" singer was spotted roaming around town on several occasions. She rocked a pair of glittering gold pants as well as a more casual white sweat-suit number. Essentially, she used the city as her extravagant runway and her fans ate it up.

19 When Kendall Jenner Searched London For Harry Styles

We all have a feeling Kendall Jenner will get back together with Harry Styles, but we may be a ways off from that. But back in December 2013, the Victoria's Secret model was romantically linked to the One Direction alumnus. Kendall was in London for a photoshoot, prompting Harry to fly back to his homeland from a gig in France.

18 Rihanna Went For That London Glam This December

Mega-star Rihanna got glammed up in early December 2019 when she arrived in London after winning an award at the Fashion awards for her brand Fenty. It's clear Rihanna was struck by the sheer beauty of London during Christmas. Between the giant Christmas trees and the remarkable light displays, it's enough to impress even the wealthiest stars.

17 Taylor Swift Is A Present Every Londoner Would Love To Get Under Their Tree

There's something about Taylor Swift in stockings and a short red skirt that just screams Christmas. At least, that's what her thirsty fans feel. T-Swift brought her Christmas spirit to London this past month when she took the stage at Capital's 2019 Jingle Ball. Of course, the pop-star also made sure to explore the gorgeous city.

16 Sophie Turner Lures Joe And Nick Jonas Over To Her Family's For Christmas

Nobody likes hanging out with their in-laws at Christmas time. Well, nobody except for Joe Jonas. In 2018, the popstar went to London to spend Christmas with Sophie Turner's family. But it wasn't just Joe who went. Nearly the entire Jonas family hung out with the Turners. While Kevin and Danielle hung back in the U.S., Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and little Frankie thought flying to London was a stellar idea.

15 Robert Pattinson Leaves Christmas Shopping Until The Very Last Minute... Like The Rest of Us

Clearly Robert Pattinson left his Christmas shopping to the very last minute like the vast majority of is. The future Batman star spends most of his time in the States but loves flying back to his home country for the holidays. Robert also knows that some of the best Christmas shopping in the world can be down in The Old Smoke.

14 When Lady Gaga And A London Christmas Were One And The Same

This photo was taken back when Lady Gaga went for the most ridiculous looks she could think of. But we can't really blame her for wanting to physically embody the Christmas spirit in such a magical place. However, we'd probably have suggested she dressed like an angel or snowflake instead of a full-blown tree.

13 David Beckham And Victoria Beckham Always Have The Quintessential Christmas In London

When they aren't spending the holiday season somewhere tropical, David and Victoria Beckham can be found exploring their home-base during Christmas. When you have the type of money that they do, Christmas in London can be one of the most extravagant experiences one can imagine. Here we see David and his kids leaving one of Gordon Ramsay's massive Christmas parties in the heart of the city.

12 Ariana Grande Doesn't Care If It's December, She's Wearing That Mini-Skirt

Ariana Grande has to maintain her look. That means she's willing to brave the frigid December weather in London wearing nothing but a mini-skirt. Her thirsty fans don't hold this against her, but we bet she got a few odd stares when she was celebrating Christmas there in 2014. But everyone would admit that the mega-star looked hot AF.

11 Miley Cyrus Braves The London Cold To Schmooze With Her Fans

Miley Cyrus is another gorgeous pop star who isn't afraid of braving the London cold to maintain her image. Only, back in 2018, she chose to wear a black turtle neck with her mini skirt when greeting her fans outside of her luxury hotel. We're sure that Miley adored her holiday season in the big city and will be back in the near future.

10 Suki Waterhouse Likes Caroling In London And She Doesn't Care Who Knows It

Beautiful model  Suki Waterhouse was born in Hammersmith, London but spends most of her time Stateside. But it 2016, she made her way back to her family to enjoy the holiday season. She was even spotted making her way to St. Luke's Church with her younger brother in order to listen to some Christmas caroling. More specifically, it was a caroling service that benefited the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust for mental health.

9 Christmas Looks Very Different For Barbara Palvin And Niall Horan This Year Than It Did In 2014

We're not entirely sure who Niall Horan is with nowadays, but it certainly isn't Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin. The unfairly attractive model from Hungary is deeply in love with Dylan Sprouse so it's unlikely to spend Christmas in London with the One Direction alumnus. But in 2014, the pair of hotties were spotted roaming around the city together getting mighty cosey by a Christmas fire.

8 Bella Hadid Looks Like Jessica Rabbit Had Some Christmas Fun With Santa

We all know that Bella Hadid is starved for attention. So, it makes sense that she wore a Christmas outfit that seemed to simultaneously invoke images of Jessica Rabbit and Santa Claus. Bella was in London back in 2017 to open the TAG Heuer's flagship store there. She also took part in a problematic protest which definitely reminds us of Christmas... NOT!

7 John Krasinski Makes Emily Blunt's Dad Very Happy By Showing Up Across The Pond

We all love Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. They're just the most wonderful couple who seem to genuinely adore each other. But in 2015, Emily fell in love with John all over again when he agreed to spend the holidays in her home city instead of his. The look on Emily's father's face says it all... this was important to her family!

6 Ellie Bamber Is Literally The Most Beautiful Attraction London Has To Offer

If you don't like history or culture, go to London on the off-chance you might spot Ellie Bamber. The Nocturnal Animals actor and model is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. Here we see her as the Ladder Shed at the Chiltern Firehouse in 2019, as well as leaving The Fayre of St. James's Christmas Concert in 2018. So, maybe this might give you an idea or two of where to find her.

5 Rita Ora Wows In London While London Wowed Her

Rita Ora's skimpy Christmas outfit turned a few heads when she made her way out of her London apartment in 2016. But the ANTM judge's own head was turned when she saw the incredible light displays throughout the city. Particularly in the areas of Kensington, Trafalgar Square, Carnaby Street, and at Harrods.

4 Ellie Goulding Does Something Good For Others

Ellie Goulding has more than enough money to spend her Christmas vacation doing something fun somewhere hot. But in 2017, she chose to spend time volunteering at a Crisis At Christmas Centre in London. While there, she handed out some food and warm beverages. But, more importantly, she actually engaged with people she might not otherwise have ever met.

3 Jude Law Is Basically Santa... So, There's That

Sherlock Holmes and Captain Marvel star Jude Law was caught playing Santa in London back in 2016. While the actor spends most of his time there, he has been spotted far away from the city during Christmas time. But that was very different a few years ago when he dropped a bunch of gifts off at a family member's home in the heart of London.

2 Bella Thorne Makes Some Odd Holiday Fashion Choices

London is usually one of the best places in the world for fashion, particularly at Christmas time. But we guess Bella Thorne didn't care about that while she was there this past month. Instead of glamming it up for the holiday season, she wore pink pajamas and slippers and, on another occasion, a black Chanel outfit that felt more Halloween-appropriate than Christmas.

1 Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton Head To Cara Delevingne's Massive London Christmas Party

Leeds-born Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton loves a little London at Christmas time. And apparently his co-star and girlfriend Natalia Dyer does too. The pair were spotted roaming around town in 2017 as well as hanging out at the Burberry X Cara Delevingne Christmas Party. While not all of us could get into a Christmas event like that, there's no shortage of holiday-appropriate things to do in London.