We all love our furry friends (they are our family, after all), but most of us can't afford condos and day spas for them. However, seemingly no price is too great to properly pamper the pets of the stars.

If you've ever felt jealous of any of Hollywood's pets, you wouldn't be alone - we've all been there. Who wouldn't want their own assistant (yes, some of them get their own personal assistants to keep their brand updated on social media) and the best food available? Aside from fancy clothes, designer leashes, and beds more comfortable that we could ever imagine, celebrity pets also travel more often (and better) than most of us ever will.

It turns out there are plenty of celebs that give their animals the royal treatment when it comes to travel. We're talking first class all the way, none of this extra legroom stuff.

From rescue cats turned king of the house to doggy divas, there are numerous examples of pets that rival the fame of their owners. Keep reading for a closer look at pets that travel in style, including a guy that cast his own dog in his film (and flew him to every press event) and a woman that takes selfies with her biggest fan (who happens to be her cat) after every show. Plus, find out which celeb has a rather nontraditional traveling pet.

25 Jake Gyllenhaal Has The Ultimate Workout Buddy While Traveling

Jake Gyllenhaal might play a tough guy on the big screen or the stage, but he is actually just a big softie. According to Bark Post, he has adopted two cuddly rescues that he named Boo Radley and Atticus (from Harper Lee's novel, To Kill A Mockingbird).

And because he needs to do a lot of traveling and working out to satisfy his roles, Gyllenhaal keeps the pups as his right-hand dogs for all things adventuring and heavy lifting.

24 Miley Cyrus Schedules Her Trips Around A Very Special Pig

The rules about pigs on planes don't apply to Miley Cyrus. One look at the little pink bundle of joy known as Bubba Sue and we can totally see why the rules would be bent to get this little lady home.

Though Bubba Sue was easier to pack along for the ride when she was small, she's a bit hefty for air travel now. Affectionately just known as Pig at home, Seventeen reports that Bubba Sue was the reason behind Miley's break from touring in 2017.

That is one loved piglet.

23 Zooey Deschanel Takes Her Rescue Pups Everywhere

Another rescue lover is our favorite New Girl, Zooey Deschanel. After falling head over heels in love with the white fluff ball that was Dot, Zooey found out that Dot's sister, Zelda, also badly needed a home. Ready to dive right in to expand her family, she adopted both dogs according to Bark Post.

The dogs reportedly picked the right home as Deschanel showers them with affection (and lots of treats) amidst her busy acting and singing career.

22 Taylor Swift's Traveling Cat Is The Best At Selfies

Want to take a guess at what Taylor Swift's favorite day of the year is (hint: it's not her birthday or any awards show)?

If you were thinking International Cat Day, you would be correct. Swift has been known to bring felines Meredith and Olivia on various stages of her tour and always takes a moment to share the spotlight with them.

According to People, Swift has been cast in a film adaptation of Broadway musical, Cats. We obviously want to know if Meredith and Olivia will have roles.

21 Blake Lively Styles Her Airport Wardrobe With A Furry Accessory

Blake Lively was already turning heads, but when she added bite-sized Maltipoo, Penny, to the mix she turned even more. The pair is often seen strolling the streets together, but Stars Changes also reported that Lively was seen with Penny at LAX as the two jet-setted to New York City.

When Penny isn't traveling with mom, she joins Baxter (Ryan Reynolds' golden retriever) at home. No word on who rules the roost (but we imagine it is Penny).

20 Ed Sheeran Serenades His Cats On And Off Tour

Taking a page out of bestie Taylor Swift's book, Ed Sheeran is a devout cat-lover. It all started in 2014 when Sheeran saved Graham from an untimely kitten death. Graham needed a playmate, so along came Dorito and Calippo.

The cats are never far from Sheeran and they don't seem to care that he has songs to write and audiences around the world to play for because they want their head scratches and they want them now. According to Buzzfeed and BBC, their social media following may soon overtake that of the famous singer.

19 Lady Gaga Wouldn't Even Think About Leaving Her Dogs At Home

We're not saying Lady Gaga made French Bulldogs into the popular breed that they are today, but her thousands of pictures of her pup, Asia (usually dressed in an adorable outfit), certainly didn't hurt. Asia and her Frenchie sisters are living the good life alongside Mother Monster.

According to Pinstapals, Asia even traveled to a Harpers Bazaar magazine shoot. She wasn't there just to sit on the sidelines though, photographers put her to work to star on the front cover with Gaga herself.

18 Priyanka Chopra's Dog Calls Shotgun Every Time (And Always Wins)

Make no mistake, Priyanka Chopra's dog is a princess and she won't have it any other way. Diana, the Chihuahua mix, ran into Chopra's arms during a video shoot in 2016 and never looked back. Emirates Woman recently did a photoshoot with Chopra and Diana, which included the dog looking wistfully over the city below, lounging next to the pool, and snoozing on a feather bed.

We didn't see any pictures, but our guess is that Diana had a leading role in Chopra's wedding with Nick Jonas. Even if she had to stay home, she did post to her own social media account "woofing" her parents a lifetime of happiness, according to Bustle.

17 Liam Hemsworth Couldn't Resist Adding Another Show-Stopper To The Family

Now that Miley Cyrus has officially tied the knot and joined lives with Liam Hemsworth, it is certain that they have a zoo at their home. Hemsworth is just as much of an animal lover, which is how he ended up with Dora the Explorer.

Slightly larger than the cartoon character she is named after, Dora stole Liam's heart instantly. According to DogTime, Miley was actually the mastermind behind the pairing even though the two weren't a couple at the time of the adoption.

We hope this Dora the Explorer takes after her celebrity parents and makes a debut appearance soon.

16 Jennifer Lawrence Keeps Her Personal Property Close While Traveling

Jennifer Lawrence still has a long career ahead of her, but she is already one of the greatest actresses of all time. She is so talented, in fact, that she doesn't even need someone to accompany her to awards shows to boost her self-confidence. Nope, that right is reserved for her dog, Pippi Lawrence Stocking.

According to Teen Vogue, Pippi was Jennifer's "plus one" at the 2018 BAM gala. Pippi will pose for pictures as long as you don't get too close, which one paparazzi found out when he tried to touch the dog at JFK airport.

15 Zac Efron Proves He Is As Good At Saving Lives As He Is At Acting

2018 was a big year for Zac Efron. He was coming off the success of The Greatest Showman, but more importantly, he added to his family.

Efron initially only offered to foster pit bull mix, Tilly, according to Us Weekly due to his hectic travel schedule. However, he quickly realized the dog would be able to adapt to anything and brought her home for good.

Now known as Maca, the dog is enjoying her time in the spotlight (and gives lots of kisses to her new dad).

14 Chris Evans Is Packing For Two For His Next Trip

Captain America, also known as Chris Evans, became a real-life superhero when he adopted his pup, Dodger. Though Dodger does get to come along for shorter trips, Evans recently traveled solo for ten weeks of filming. Us Weekly reported on the heartwarming reunion of the two, in which Dodger kept a watchful eye (and paw) on the recently returned actor.

Our guess is Evans won't be leaving Dodger behind any time soon (seriously, how could you resist those puppy dog eyes).

13 Amanda Seyfried Dines Post-Flight With A Four-Legged Friend

Amanda Seyfried never thought of herself as a dog person. She worried about the responsibility of owning one and considered them to be rather messy. Then, she met Finn (a rather clean eater, if we can comment).

After nearly a decade together, the pair are completely in sync. She admits to InStyle that Finn sometimes creates a few extra challenges, but it's worth every second. In that interview, she also told reporters that she only takes acting jobs if they will allow Finn on the set. Thanks to that rule, Finn has become a world traveler.

12 Hilary Swank Steps Out At LAX And The Paparazzi Can't Resist

Hilary Swank might not be front and center in Hollywood any longer, but that doesn't mean the paparazzi won't sneak a shot of her whenever they get a chance. That was especially true when Swank was recently spotted at Los Angeles International airport with two photogenic dogs ready for their close-up.

Swank was on a press trip for her Foundation, Hilaroo, according to the organization's website and obviously had her trusted companions (and face of the Foundation) by her side.

11 Mario Lopez Has Some Serious Arm Candy To Go With That Ride

As a former competitive show dog (discovered entirely by accident), Julio the French Bulldog is enjoying retirement with mega-superstar dad, Mario Lopez. Julio and his doggy sister, Juanita, are adored by Lopez and his family, always having a seat at the table (or in the car for family trips).

According to Romper, Julio still enjoys his share of the spotlight when he travels to competitions to support other dogs. Mario loves that they can still be a part of it all, but admits that playing a supporting role to Julio was difficult.

10 Katy Perry Totes Her Dog In Only The Best Gucci Bags

To say that she loves her dog is an understatement. Katy Perry is absolutely, positively obsessed with tiny Butters (seriously, she has Butters' face on her pajamas).

Harpers Bazaar captured a pic of Butters riding comfortably in a Gucci backpack while Perry did some retail therapy. But that wasn't her only outing. According to Beano, Butters was very influential during the Super Bowl halftime performance planning and sports a dog tag with her mom's picture on it. Butters even gets to pick out her own breakfast.

9 Paris Hilton Clutches Something Better Than A Purse

When Prince the Pomeranian isn't flying high across the seas with owner Paris Hilton in her private jet, he is enjoying the ultimate experience at home.

According to The Daily Mail, Hilton spent nearly $500,000 to have a replica of her own home designed and built as a dog house. The deluxe doggy den is two-stories and fully air-conditioned. In true Paris Hilton fashion, the dog house also has crystal chandeliers (because the dog obviously needed a chandelier to look at).

8 Jessica Chastain Makes Sure Her Dog Has The Best Backseat Experience

Actress and activist, Jessica Chastain, gave us all major goals when she adopted a three-legged dog. Neither she nor the dog, affectionately know as Chaplin, want you to feel sorry for the misfortune. Chaplin is as energetic as a four-legged dog and as happy as can be to accompany mom to speaking engagements and on set.

According to The Daily Mail, Chaplin gives the surprisingly shy Chastain a boost on camera. He especially likes riding in cars so he feels like he is chasing everyone on the street.

7 Demi Lovato Has A Pooch For Each Arm During Her Adventures

With a dog in each arm, there isn't much room for anything else. However, Demi Lovato wouldn't have it any other way and makes sure her pups, Batman and Cinderella, feel like the superhero and princess they are, respectively.

The dogs have remained loyally by Lovato's side through thick and thin, offering a ray of light on tough days. Their reward for being the perfect size and the perfect companions is never being left at home, according to Us Weekly.

6 Bradley Cooper Made Waves On The Set When He Cast His Own Dog For A Starring Role

In Hollywood, the saying goes that your meal ticket is dependent on who you know. For Labradoodle, Charlie, that was especially true.

Charlie belongs to Bradley Cooper and landed a breakout role in his dad's film, A Star Is Born. Though the puppy version in the movie was played by another dog, grown-up Charlie played himself. According to Today, everyone gushed over Charlie and felt like he was a natural, including Lady Gaga (who admitted she couldn't stop playing with him).

Charlie had a lot of media requests following his instant success, so Cooper got him an agent to help with bookings.