The 10 Most Beautiful Celeb Cottages In The World (That We're Jealous Of)

We already know about all the fabulous mansions in Beverly Hills. But just like everyone else, sometimes celebrities need to get away for a while. Not many people know this, but tons of famous people have opted to buy more secluded places that they can visit when they need a break.

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Many of these cottages are lakeside, so they can experience all the beauty and relaxation that nature has to offer. Some of them are just tucked away in a busy, bustling city so celebs have a place to hide when they want privacy. Here's a list of some of the celebrities who stay at some of the coolest cottages out there!

10 Martin Short

Funny guy Martin Short's place on the lake is technically a cottage, but it looks more like a mansion! Martin says the view from his place by Lake Rosseau in Ontario is "staggeringly beautiful," and even proved his dedication to the location by creating a commemorative coin dedicated to the cottage!

He teamed up with artist Tony Bianco and the Royal Canadian Mint to form the "Martin Short Presents Canada" silver coin worth $3. The coin depicts his cottage, his sailboat, and two chairs on the dock looking out at the majestic view.

9 Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Iconic Hollywood couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have a HUGE place by Lake Rosseau! Makes sense, as the Muskokas -- the area which this lake resides in -- is often referred to as "the Hamptons of the North."

Goldie and Kurt are said to spend every summer at this cottage, and sometimes stay even longer! While you can't even get close to their massive home, you might be able to spot Goldie shopping in the Gravenhurst area if you are looking for a cool celebrity sighting. Even from a distance, this cottage is clearly impressive!

8 Tom Hanks

As one of the biggest actors in the world, it's understandable Tom Hanks would need some downtime! Tom's friends Goldie and Kurt apparently encouraged him to grab up a place near them, and now Tom heads to his Muskoka cottage whenever he finishes wrapping up a film.

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With many movies now being filmed in Canada, a lot of the time Tom is already in the country and ready to lay low. Finding pics of his specific cottage is a toughie, but there are plenty of pictures of the most expensive places in his Lake Rosseau neighborhood -- we can assume it looks pretty similar to this swanky home.

7 Justin Bieber

You can't be too surprised that Canada's sweetheart, Justin Bieber, cottages there! While Justin has other properties in the country, he also is frequently spotted at Lake Rosseau with his family and friends -- especially during the summer months!

Muskoka also has an entirely private island, Old Woman Island, available for rent. Of course, Justin has taken advantage of that offer multiple times! Alongside the typical outdoor activities, the island also has a yoga pavilion and a tennis court. It sounds like a private paradise! Mansions can be gorgeous, but nothing beats a glamorous cottage that allows you to take in nature.

6 Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford loves Muskoka so much, she and her husband had a cottage built from the ground up for their family to live in! She often shows off her rustic cabin on Instagram and gushes about the beautiful views in the captions.

Her whole family loves living by the water and participating in activities like boating, cliff diving, bass fishing, logrolling, and wake surfing. "The point here is to slow everything down," Cindy told once told Vogue about her lakeside retreat. We don't know about you, but that sounds pretty relaxing!

5 Ethan Hawke

Actor Ethan Hawke has bypassed the Muskoka trend by instead shacking up in Guysborough,  Nova Scotia. He often went on writing retreats at his friend's cabin, and he loved the environment so much he had to buy one of his own. His love for his cottage even inspired him to take a role in the movie Maudie, which tells the story of Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis and her relationship with fish peddler Everett Lewis.

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Though his cottage might not be as huge as the ones by Lake Rosseau, Ethan is there for outdoor activities anyways. He loves fishing in the pristine lake he lives by. Imagine getting to do such a peaceful activity every day!

4 Jason Priestley

While many celebrities head to these Canadian cottages for privacy, actor Jason Priestley wants to spread the word about this wonderful location. He actually co-owns a cottage retreat in Ucluelet, British Columbia! He runs Terrace Beach Resort with his father and step-mother on Vancouver Island.

When he's not working or traveling, Jason likes to hang out here with his family and chill by the lake. For those who want to rent from the Priestley family, there are plenty of cottages available -- some even with gorgeous lakefront or boardwalk views.

3 Madonna

Madonna has seen all the world has to offer, but still at one point wanted to settle down in a nice mews cottage in London. She lived there with ex-husband Guy Ritchie from 1999 to 2003, and the place was actually quite quaint in comparison to some of Madonna's other extravagant properties.

Keep in mind, we mean quaint for Madonna - the average person would still be in awe of the high ceilings and enchanted by the library. Yep, this cottage has a library. This Georgian cottage is actually back on the market and available for rent!

2 Brian Murphy

Legendary British actor Brian Murphy lived with his wife in a cottage in Bromley for 23 years, only selling it last year. This cottage is the real deal: Built sometime around the year 1548, it's considered the oldest residential building in Bromley!

It apparently once served as a servant's quarters by a farmhouse. Brian's wife, actress Linda Regan, described the home as "beautiful and charming." History aside, the cottage itself is said to be a cute little getaway from the often-crowded city of London. But the history behind it is a cool selling point!

1 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

This cottage is -- quite literally -- a place fit for royalty. Built during the 1800s, Frogmore Cottage has housed plenty of members of the royal family over the years. Now, it's home to Prince Harry, his wife actress Meghan Markle, and their new son Archie.

Though the age definitely gives the cottage character, Harry and Meghan have updated it to include modern touches like bookcases built into alcoves. Add the beautiful green gardens and a peaceful lake in the backyard, and you've got the perfect place to raise a new royal.

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