10 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

Have you ever wondered what it takes to own your own island? And no, we're not talking about owning your own resort on an island — we're talking about owning an actual island. How does one even do that to begin with? Well, for starters, you need millions of dollars. And who has millions of dollars? Hollywoods favorite celebrities. When you have so much money in the bank that buying houses and boats bore you enough to buy your own island, you know you've made it.

Not every island is in the Caribbean, of course, some of these celebs bought islands off the coast of the US or Canada. But owning an island isn't all fun and games. Sure, you may be able to jet there whenever you have an off-day or need a vacation, but these celebs are also in charge of maintaining the land; this means they're in charge of keeping it clean, maintaining the ecosystem, and keeping it the way nature intended. These famous island owners can even rent their island to other people or resorts who wanna touch down on their land. Nevertheless, these celebs have money and know how to travel.


If there's one celebrity in the world that seems like he would have his own island, it's actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor has been working since he was a kid, and he's one of the few who hasn't fallen off the deep end. However, when he's not working his tail off and getting into character, many people can catch him chilling on a yacht in the South of France. But one day — boats weren't good enough.

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According to Travel & Leisure, in 2005, Leo bought an island off the coast of Belize. For just under $2 million, Leo's 104-acre island was his own personal heaven, but ever the conscious one, Leo noted in 2018 that he wanted to build a row of eco-conscious lodges to rent out. Now that's one smart business move.


Baywatch's Pamela Anderson paid an undisclosed amount for an island off the coast of Dubai. As many know, Dubai is extremely wealthy and it's a futuristic place where the rich and wealthy go to play.

Around the time of her divorce from Tommy Lee, he actually bought the island for Pamela as an "I love you" gesture, but considering the pair split up... I'm guessing she took the island and ran. The sad part about all this is that Pamela's island is doing much these days. With an intention to build a resort on it, nothing official has been done with it, according to Postize. 


Next to Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z and Queen Bey are the next people on the list who almost deserve their own island. If we heard they didn't own an island, it would be strange considering that Jay-Z is now a billionaire and the two are always vacationing with their kids whenever they can.

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The pair spent about $3 million for an island around the Bahamas. The island is small but is extremely secluded with a massive house in the center, greenery, and a boating dock.


Shakira was a big name in the US in the early '90s and 2000s, and while we may not hear too much from her these days, she's still living large in South America. For a cool $16 million, Shakira bought an island around the Bahamas that's 700 acres. Um, talk about massive. While Shakira doesn't physically live on the island, she did have plans to rent it out or get a resort built on it.


We may not see Mel Gibson around too much in 2019, but he's definitely not hurting for money with his fantastic resume of movies. Worth $15 million, Gibson bought an island off of Fiji called Mago Island.

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After buying it in 2005, Postize explains he bought it to get away from the craziness of Hollywood. Hollywood must be crazier than we expected if he needs to fly all the way to Fiji just to get away for a little!


Julia Roberts has been working for a majority of her life in Hollywood. She has certainly deserved all of her wealth and success. With all the money she's earned from movies like Pretty Woman, Eat, Pray, Love, and Erin Brockovich, she's living large enough to buy an island! Unlike other celebs who bought an island to rent out or do something unique with — Julia Roberts bought a private island around the Bahamas that's cozy enough for her husband and three kids.


Steven Spielberg is wealthy enough to buy 10 islands, if you ask me, but he *only* has two. More notably, he purchased a private island for his family for an undisclosed amount on Madeira Archipelago. Where's Madeira Archipelago? Exactly. This island is so secluded, many people don't even know where it is, but it's off the coast of Portugal.


Now that it's 2019 and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been together since the '90s, people tend to forget about them, but they are definitely country's elite. To be frank, this flawless couple doesn't get enough credit in the "couple" world.

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Nevertheless, these two beauties bought Goat Cay (off the coast of the Bahamas) for just around $1.2 million. After nine years of sweat and hard work (probably not on their behalf), their luxury mansion was completed on the island. While these two love the South and country music, it seems Mother Nature is what they needed more.


Now, this one is going to blow you away. Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Records. Over the years, he decided to buy an island (Necker Island) that was *just* $180,000... Considering people spend more on a house, buying an entire island for that amount is a game changer! Buying Necker Island paid off for him too, because he built a luxury resort on the island and it's now worth over $5 billion. Talk about a smart investment!

1 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Back when Angelina and Brad were still a beautiful, happy family — the pair splashed $12.2 million on Petra Island; a rare heart-shaped island, just 50 miles off the coast of New York.

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What makes this heart-shaped island so intriguing is that the properties designed on the island were created by legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

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