Typically, when you think of Hollywood and celebrity culture, you imagine all actors and actresses are living the high-life out there with enough money to fill up a swimming pool and champagne always at the ready. For some, that is certainly true.

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But for others, fame and fortune aren't everything, and they have no issue with remaining the same, regular person they were before they got famous. It's a nice reality check to remember that celebrities are people too, just like the rest of us. You might be surprised to learn how many of them don't mind doing normal things like flying coach!

10 Blake Lively

Do you think Serena van der Woodsen would fly coach? Well, regardless of what her fictional Gossip Girl counterpart would do, Blake Lively doesn't mind flying commercial. Given she's one of the most famous actresses on the Hollywood A-List right now, this might come as a surprise. But Lively doesn't mind it.

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She has joked in a few interviews about how awkward it is at times when the flight is airing her husband, Ryan Reynold's, movie Deadpool and she has to watch his sex scenes with a crowd of people around her! It's nice to see that she has stayed so down to earth.

9 Prince William

Maybe the royal family isn't so different from us commonfolk after all! Did you know it isn't all that uncommon to spot Prince William flying to and fro in coach? He has no qualms about mingling with the fine people who fly commercial airlines.

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Seeing as he's a prince, you might expect he'd fly first-class all the time, but that isn't so. For starters, it's technically against the rules. There are regulations about when the royal family is supposed to fly first-class. He may also just be frugal. There's nothing wrong with that either, that's how you maintain your wealth.

8 Nicholas Cage

Nick Cage is one of the busiest working actors in Hollywood. It isn't that surprising that he flies economy class with how often he has to travel to and fro for the many projects he has in the works. Flying first class all the time would add up, even for a celebrity.

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If you search for Nicolas Cage flying coach, you'll see many pictures of him being kind enough to grant fans a little facetime with selfies. Although the poor guy would probably like some peace and quiet on his many flights. Keep your eyes peeled for more of his films like The Croods 2 and 10 Double Zero, both slated for next year.

7 Amy Adams

It's hard not to love Amy Adams. She's one of the best working actresses in Hollywood right now (please give her an Oscar already). She is personable and sweet, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with a bad word to say about her. But it gets even better. Amy Adams does travel first-class pretty frequently, but not always.

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She has been photographed with lucky fans in her rides on commercial, and in a notable exchange of seats, Adams gave up her first-class seat to a serviceman as a thank you for serving the country. Just when you thought she couldn't get any better, right?

6 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brangelina was THE It couple of the last few years. Sadly, to the devastation of many fans rooting for the pair, they officially divorced this year. But while together, not only were they style icons, a tour de force in production, acting, and directing in Hollywood, and amazing parents to their many children, they would also fly economy class from time to time!

As perhaps two of the most famous people in the world and notorious members of Hollywood's elite, it's pretty surprising that they would fly coach but also reminds you that, at the end of the day, celebrities are just regular people too.

5 Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is an accomplished Hollywood actor. These days he's known best for his long-running role on 30 Rock and his recent regular status on Saturday Night Live where he does impressions of Donald Trump. Outside of his acting career, Baldwin is known for having some legal issues and highly publicized dramatic encounters.

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We know he flies coach because he was once actually kicked off an airplane. He seems to have mostly settled down in his older age but still flies economy much of the time. Simply because he doesn't mind it and why spend extra money when it doesn't make a difference to you?

4 Paris Hilton

Of all the various celebrities out there, this might be one of the most surprising additions to this list. Paris Hilton, the heiress who has thousand dollar dog houses, doesn't mind flying economy class. You can find her flying coach more often than not. She has stated before that she doesn't mind it and she's mostly a normal woman!

It's hard to believe that considering the lap of luxury she lives in and how incredible all of her social media feeds are. It looks like she's always living the high life. But it's cool that Hilton doesn't mind rubbing elbows with us normal folk.

3 Claire Danes

The Emmy Award-winning star of Homeland, Claire Danes, has no qualms about flying coach. Sometimes you've got to when that's the only seat on the plane available! Danes told a reporter she was flying coach while backstage at an award show and there have been photos floating around of her boarding economy class from time to time.

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It isn't necessarily something she does on the regular but she won't throw a fit if she has to sit in coach either. If you have somewhere you've got to be and time is of the essence, then you'll take what you get without complaining.

2 Jessica Alba

Not only is Jessica Alba talented, beautiful, and an established businesswoman with a billion-dollar company of her own, she is also incredibly humble and down-to-earth. Alba frequently flies coach and she does so happily. Not only does she fly coach, but she usually deals with her own luggage too and doesn't enlist other people to cart it around for her.

She has also been known to send her kids to first-class while staying back in coach with her husband. Perhaps to get a brief reprieve, but also to give them a treat while she sits comfortably in coach.

1 Katie Holmes

Katie is another celebrity who is known for being low-key. Not only does she like to wear comfortable and affordable shoes and clothing, but she also enjoys flying coach, particularly when going to visit her parents in Ohio. Katie has been spotted flying economy on several occasions, and she often brings her daughter, Suri Cruise, along for the flights with her.

She's teaching her daughter the value of being humble at an early age, which is always nice to see! You'll be able to catch Holmes in the upcoming horror film sequel, Brahms: The Boy II, this December.

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