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Google has been known for so long for highlighting historical events, important world issues, and various worldwide celebrations in its unique Google Doodles tool, where the world’s top search engine alters its homepage logo to commemorate such iconic moments in history. For April the 30th, 2022, Google is featuring a one-of-its-kind, near-perfect artistic presentation as a live Doodle to celebrate the birth of America’s most iconic drive, Route 66. Here’s the intriguing story of the journey behind this exciting and distinctive Doodle.


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Honoring America’s Most Beloved Route With This Special Google Doodle

Each and every Google Doodle has a story behind it. This specific one of today features an iconic 2448-mile-long journey to honor the country’s most beloved iconic drive, Route 66. This journey was the inspiration for creating a beautiful and fascinating animated sketchbook video Doodle, which is also the first Google Doodle of its kind ever.

This initiative features successful and talented Google Art Lead Matthew Cruickshank setting out in his rare ‘72 Chevelle in Chicago and driving the whole spectacular route to Los Angeles. Along the way, whenever Matthew would spot an interesting attraction, he would pull over on the side of the road to paint or sketch his magical surroundings. As a result, Cruickshank succeeded in creating more than 100 breathtaking paintings and sketches along the magical road. Each of these art creations is influenced by the historic locations along Route 66.

Here’s What To Know About Matthew Cruickshank And His Work On Google Doodles

Matthew Cruickshank is Google’s art director, and he knows how Doodles are made, how they get picked, and any information that anyone would like to know about this unique Google tool. Although Matt grew up in Bournemouth, he’s originally from North London and finished his degree in Wales.

With an experience of 15 years at Disney and Warner Bros as a character artist, Matt entered the world of freelancing to work with several companies in and around Europe. This was when he traveled to California, visiting San Francisco and Los Angeles. After going back home, a Google Doodle team associate contacted Cruickshank after posting the unique sketches on his blog. The year was 2012 when Matt was hired at Google as an artist.

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Matt’s Journey Along Route 66 Made Into A Special Doodle

The birth of Route 66 was on April the 30th, 1926, when the impasse over Route 60 started to be resolved. This is known as the red-letter day when America’s most iconic drive was born. This year, Matthew Cruickshank drove all the way from Chicago in Illinois, passing by the states of Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ending the scenic road trip in Los Angeles, California. From the Cadillac Ranch, Chain of Rocks Bridge, and the Meramec Caverns to Missouri’s 66 Drive-In Theatre, the Blue Whale of Catoosa, and hundreds of other marvelous and stunning attractions, Matt was stopping when he saw each of them to sketch and paint these wonders and historical landmarks. Cruickshank decided to turn this work of art into a fascinating and incredible Google Doodle that anyone should see and dive into its incredible and unique story!