The Carribean is one of the most popular places to jet off to when a vacation is desperately needed. For folks in the Americas, the Carribean is relatively close to home, offers sun, sand and surf, and many of the islands are pretty cheap. You can score a great vacation in the most beautiful tropical locales for next to nothing if you are money savvy.

Not everyone taking off for the Carribean is looking to score a deal, though. A select few jet-setters will skip over The Dominican Republic and Jamaica and head straight for the most bougie islands in the bunch. Some Carribean islands are made for the wealthy. The Caymen Islands are notoriously pricey as is St. Barts, but check out some of these other ridiculously expensive islands in the Carribean. Some of them are so secluded most people don't even know that they exist!


St. Barts Is The Playground Of Celebrities For A Reason

St. Barts is one of the most expensive islands in the Carribean, and in recent decades it has become a popular hotspot for celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, The Kardashian-Jenners, Nicole Ritchie, Gwen Stefani, and Usher. With high-profile names like these gracing the St. Barts beaches each year, you know that this place is going to be far from a dump.

St. Bart's truly caters to the rich and the famous. This tiny island has plenty of perfect beaches for celebrities to flaunt their tiny bathing suits on, high-end luxury shops for the famous to get their retail therapy on at, and tons of fine dining options.

 Necker Island In The British Virgin Islands Will Cost You

You have probably heard of islands like St. Thomas, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, and Aruba. None of these tropical islands are anything to turn your nose up at as they are all fantastic spaces to spend a holiday. For a few uber-wealthy and well-connected people, they need just a little bit more when it comes to island dreaming, so Necker Island it is!

Necker Island is the 74-acre private island owned by Sir Richard Branson. The main house here has nine bedrooms, and the island has six other Bali-inspired dwellings on it. This place is literally paradise. Anything you could ever want out of an island vacation is right here. Paradise won't come cheap, though. A night on Necker Island will set you back about fifty thousand dollars, give or take.

Mustique Island In The West Indies Is Not For The Average Traveler

The privately-owned Mustique Island is fast becoming the "it" spot in the Carribean for those with a couple of dollars in their wallets. The island is known for views that are unbeatable and small, private accommodations scatted throughout the island. This island gives visitors only the finest experiences that life can offer, from horseback riding to spa massages to scuba diving tours. You know that if it is good enough for the Royal Family, it's probably going to be pretty amazing. Musical royalty also flocks to Mustique Island. It's a favorite getaway for people like David Bowie and Paul McCartney. So how much does a night on Mustique Island generally cost? Oh, a cool twenty-five thousand dollars!

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Musha Cay In The Bahamas Is A Costly Private Paradise

Musha Cay is a part of the Exuma Islands and is a private island owned by Mr. Magic himself, David Copperfield. If you have a lot of extra cash lying around, then you can whisk your twelve best pals away for a week of fun in one of the most remote and magical places on Earth. Something like this won't come cheap. A night here for you and your guests will set you back about thirty-seven thousand dollars per night! It's certainly expensive, but it is like nothing else on Earth. Imagine having an island like this all to yourself. Now THAT is a vacation.

Calivigny Island In Grenada Is Private And Pricey

If it's good enough for Luda, then it's good enough for us! Calivigny Island is everything one could ever want out of a Carribean getaway, and probably more. This is another private island that can be all yours for a very hefty price. It can accommodate up to fifty guests in its two mansions and three cottages, but a family reunion here will run almost one hundred thousand dollars for a single night. Yikes! A modest two-bedroom cottage suddenly feels like a steal at only twenty thousand dollars per day. If you can afford something like this, then you are truly one of the lucky ones. Most of us will only ever get here in our dreams.

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