10 Best Places To Surf In California

Though its precise origins remain murky, surfing was first practiced by Polynesians—called heʻe ʻana—most notably on the Hawaiian islands, and was an essential part of their culture. A way of life. It was much more than a hobby.

10 Best Wineries In Europe To Visit

Going on vacation in Europe isn't complete without touring some of the many vineyards and wineries around. These stunning locales are like a breath of fresh air. The manicured fields with their rows o...

10 Of The Best Things To Do In New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the Pacific Ocean that is made up of two different islands. It's known for its volcanoes, beautiful weather, and the fact that New Line Cinema filmed The Lord of th...

10 Best Wineries In Spain To Visit

What makes a vineyard and winery worth visiting? What does "the best" mean? Well, for the purposes of this list, "best" means just that. Most of the wineries on this list are world-class operations, w...

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