The 10 Most Haunted Cities In America

The United States has a shorter recorded history than many parts of the world. You might not expect America to have the same quantity and quality of haunted locations as Europe, but this is not the case.

10 Best Bookstores In Los Angeles

There are stores dedicated to just about everything, all around the world. Whether you're shopping for jewelry, shoes, or even books, there are stores where you can browse and buy whatever it is that you're looking for.

10 Movie Cemeteries You Can Actually Visit

Whether in a scary movie filled with ghosts and ghouls or a comedic or dramatic film, many cemeteries have been seen on the big screen. Some find these spots to be creepy, while others enjoy the histo...

10 Of The Most Unique Hotels In The World

When you go on vacation, you'll likely either be staying in an Airbnb or a hotel. If you don't know someone in the location that you're planning to visit, these two are the best options for finding so...

10 Of The Best Music Venues In The US

Listening to music can be a lot of fun. Many people have a favorite band or musician that they love to listen to when they're in the car or just hanging out at home. But while listening to music at ho...

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