A cat almost managed to make its way from the UK to New York by stowing away in a carry-on bag.

If you’re a cat owner and you have gone on any amount of vacations, then you know that cats love luggage. Not in the same way as humans do, which mostly revolves around cute colors and efficient storage space. No, cats love luggage for sitting. If they fits, they sits, and sometimes not even then.

However, this can also make packing a bit of a pain as it seems your cat is always trying to sneak its way onto your flight. Which is almost what happened to a couple from the Isle of Man in the UK.


Nic and Voirrey Coole were heading to New York for Nick’s 40th birthday but almost missed their flight. Their cat, Candy, had somehow managed to sneak his way into Voirrey’s carry-on bag without any of them noticing.

Isle of Man Airport security definitely noticed though. After putting their luggage through the airport scanner, they started getting strange looks from security personnel after they’d seen what was in their baggage.

“It must have looked quite unusual on the scanner. At the point at which they scanned it, they were all scratching heads and they were all looking at each other,” Nick told the BBC in an interview. “They were double-taking at us constantly, and it was like they couldn’t quite work out what on Earth was going on.”

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After exchanging a few disbelieving glances, security staff eventually confronted the Cooles with what they'd found. That's when Nik and Voirrey admitted it was their cat and tried to explain that they never intended to bring Candy along as part of their carry-on luggage.

Once they got the message, Isle of Man Security laughed at the hilarious mistake. They then helped the Cooles contact a friend to come and pick up Candy from security so that they didn't have to miss their flight.

“You know that feeling, when you get ushered into a side room at airport security because you’ve got a cat in your hand luggage,” Nick posted on Facebook after the ordeal. He and Voirrey will be extra careful on their next vacation to ensure they don't arrive at the airport with a stow-away.

(Source: BBC)

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