People across this world are split into two very distinct groups: cat people and dog people. For those who consider themselves the latter, this rundown is not the place for you. But, for all the feline fanatics, the merry meowers, and the kitten cravers… welcome to your happy place.

The concept of throwing a bunch of cute and furry animals into a cafe might be relatively new, but it’s gaining traction like few themed cafes before it. From one side of the world in the United States and Canada, all the way to the opposite end in sunny Australia, the popularity of sipping on a playtime-infused latte while surrounded by our feline pals is continuing to climb exponentially.

It’s time to adjust your bucket list, cat lovers. Just try not to get any fur in your cat-puccino.

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10 Cafe Chat Heureux, Montreal, Canada

The French Canadian city of Montreal has always been rather progressive, and it’s never had a shortage of unique and hipster cafes. As very much a student-orientated city, plenty of people prefer studying in the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a cafe rather than a dreary, drab library. And what could be warmer and more welcoming then 20+ fuzzballs worth of cuteness?

Over in Le Plateau, a culturally eccentric French neighborhood in the heart of the city, Cafe Chat Heureux, which translates to Happy Cat Cafe, offers customers coffee, sandwiches, and smoothies in a cozy, relaxed space, with adorable cats left, right and center.

9 Catmosphere Cafe, Sydney, Australia

We might not find Nemo the clownfish down in Sydney, but we will have a pretty solid chance of stumbling across some furry friends. At the Catmosphere Cafe in Sydney’s suburb of Surry Hills, cat and coffee lovers can sip away on their soy cat-puccino while snuggling up with their favorite feline friends. Or, while sipping on a caramel popcorn milkshake, visitors can check out the unique ‘Cat Cinema‘ experience; essentially watching a film with kittens for company.

The great part about this cat cafe is that it's 100% dedicated to caring for rescue cats and kittens. While they live at the cafe, they’re given everything they need to flourish until they’re eventually adopted.

8 Brooklyn Cat Café, Brooklyn, New York, USA

The New York borough of Brooklyn has also been touted as the most progressive and hipster of the bunch for as long as we can remember, but it was slightly behind in the cat cafe department, coming in second place to Manhattan.

Just off Atlantic Avenue in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, Brooklyn Cat Cafe was the first in the borough—but it surely won’t be the last. Happy customers can enjoy the catmosphere in-store and then continue the experience even after heading home with access to a 24-hour cat cam. There are plenty of coffee and food choices on offer, including vegetarian and vegan options.

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7 Catfe, Vancouver, Canada

We’re heading up to the Great White North for our next stop on this meowtastic journey. Over in the International Village Mall in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Catfe has been a smashing success ever since it opened three years ago.

Catfe not only provides coffee, treats, and cuddles for its customers, but it also gives them the opportunity to adopt the kittens and cats that roam around the cafe. This is through a partnership with the BC SPCA, or the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. For those wanting to meet the cats beforehand to prioritize cuddle times, a list of Catfe’s current cats is on display on their website.

6 Meow Parlour, Manhattan, New York, USA

From the west of Canada, we’re trekking all the way to the east of the United States, to New York City. Meow Parlour, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, was officially New York’s first permanent cat café, opening its doors in December 2013. Meow Parler’s structure is by-the-hour petting and play time, so it’s recommended that visitors book online to avoid disappointment.

After getting acquainted with the feline residents alongside a steaming, soy flat white or peppermint tea, locals, thanks to a collaboration with KittyKind, a cat rescue group, have the option to pursue adoption with their favorite fuzzball.

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5 KitTea, San Francisco, California, USA

We’re jetting off from east to west this time, with the next stop being San Francisco. Located in the city’s Hayes Valley, KitTea is a purrfect little gem for cat lovers from near and far. The customers will be happy in the bright and clean space, as will the cats who get to climb on funky features like a wooden, wall-mounted obstacle course.

After you’ve had your dose of cats and coffee in the Cat Lounge, grab a Meoweo cookie—a cat-shaped Oreo—in the Tea Lounge. Availability is limited, so KitTea management recommends booking online rather than taking your chances with a walk-in—although you’re certainly welcome to try.

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4 Le Café des Chats, Montreal, Canada

We’re sailing off again to Canada for the next leg (read: paw) in this worldwide cat-inspired journey. Besides New York, Montreal is the only city to boast two locations on the list, and that’s simply because it’s always been one step ahead of the cat café craze, being one of the first cities outside of Asia to set up a purr-manent location.

Le Café des Chats, in the vibrant Le Plateau neighborhood, was the first cat cafe in the city, opening back in August 2013. With plenty to see by foot in the area, it’s a great place to stop, pet some friendly four-legged friends, and have a bite to eat for either lunch or dinner.

3 Le Café des Chats, Paris, France

While it might share the same name as our recent stop in Montreal, Le Café des Chats, directly translating to the cafe of the cats, in question is all the way across the Atlantic, in the Marais area of Paris, France.

Now with two locations across the city, the other being in the nearby area of Bastille, Paris’ Le Café des Chats has been welcoming feline fanatics and coffee snobs from across the world since 2013. There are about a dozen four-legged residents in the hole-in-the-wall establishment, and reservations are required for anyone wanting to check it out.

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2 Neko no Jikan, Osaka, Japan

It’s about time that we headed on over to Japan because they’re truly the global frontrunner in the cat cafe realm. Since many Japanese apartment buildings forbid its residents having pets, it’s not all too surprising that Japan these days has 150—yes, that’s one hundred and fifty—cat cafes spread throughout the country.

The very first of those was Neko no Jikan in Osaka's Shinsaibashi entertainment, although, these days, the majority are in Tokyo. Since 2004, it has been welcoming guests with loveable kitties, mellowing teas, and simple snacks. Easily accessible by foot from Yotsubashi station, Neko no Jikan is a purr-fect way to spend a couple of hours and regenerate the batteries.

1 Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London, U.K.

Each and every cat cafe is unique in its own right because no two cats or kittens are the same. Over in London in the UK, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium adds another layer to its individuality. After it raised over £100,000 on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium opened up as both the first London cat cafe, and the world’s first crowd-funded variation.

Since it opened back in 2014, the locales’ popularity has continued to flourish, and, as a result, bookings are now required in advance. But the planning is certainly worth it, as it’s one of the few spots around the world that offers cat-accompanied, playtime-infused 'High Tea'.

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