Busting Carry-On Myths: 10 Things Most Travelers Assume Are Banned From Carry-Ons

Knowing what can and can't be traveled with when flying can be stressful for first-time flyers. And although the TSA has an entire website dedicated to things that are allowed and not allowed on a plane, mistakes happen every single day.

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There are sometimes sharp objects in our bags that we forget are in there, causing a red flag with TSA. Other times, we purposefully don't bring things we need in fear of getting in trouble. Sigh. Flying can be hard. However, the next time you're about to take off, just remember that these 10 odd objects are actually allowed to be in your carry-on.


You may feel more comfortable keeping your razors in your checked bag but if you're only bringing a carry-on, you can definitely bring your razor on board with you.

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There is a catch, though: you can't bring those open-faced razors that hairdressers use in barbershops. But you can bring those disposable razors that most people use for everyday shaving.


There are thousands of athletes who need to travel for their craft. Leaving their sporting equipment at home just isn't an option. And though hockey players and skiers may need to place their sticks and skis in the belly of the plane, bowlers are more than welcome to bring their shoes and ball on board!

Although, that sure does sound like a heavy thing to be carrying around... It may be tough to find overhead storage for your ball but it can sit comfortably by your feet in the seat in front of you.


Did your mom make you a cake that you simply can't leave behind? Or did your grandfather make the best apple pie for Thanksgiving that must be eaten mid-flight? Have no fear because you can definitely bring those delicacies with you!

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Cakes and pies are allowed through TSA and onboard. Considering the density of cakes and pies, they may need more time getting screened. TSA does also ask to have it in its own separate bag or container. Keeping it in a duffle bag while getting screened is only going to hold up the line.


It seems like any animal is allowed to fly these days. Just a few searches on the Internet shows people flying with ostriches, squirrels, turkeys — you name it. And although people are beginning to complain and airlines are making their rules more strict, goldfish are still allowed to fly as a carry-on.

It should be noted that you can't check your fish in your checked baggage as they must be a carry-on. The fish must be in a clear bag with an appropriate amount of water.


If you're trying to get the party started, bottles of alcohol are allowed to be flown with! Mini bottles of alcohol that are less than 100ml/3.4 ounces are allowed to be flown with as a carry-on.

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The kicker is you're not really allowed to be openly drinking from the miniature bottles on the flight but many people sneak them into their sodas that they get from the flight attendant. When packing your minis, make sure you place no more than five liters in one clear bag.


This is what pizza dreams are made of! Pizzas are absolutely allowed to be taken on a plane. Whether you're flying internationally where you get a meal or not, sometimes you don't want to eat airplane food, and all you want is a full-on pizza.

Keep the pieces in the box and slide that tasty treat through the TSA scanner. You can eat it at the airport while you wait or bring that pie on the plane to have for dinner.


If you're a person who works with a lot of tools (or just has a few extra handy-dandy tools in their bag), screwdrivers that are under seven inches are allowed to be packed as a carry-on.

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In fact, it's not just screwdrivers that are allowed. Any tool that is under seven inches is considered safe and okay to fly with. If you're carrying tools larger than seven inches, they'll need to be packed in your checked baggage.


This is an odd one but hookahs are deemed safe to fly with. Considering hookahs are pretty large and fragile, passengers can feel free to carry them on. They can also check them if they trust the luggage handlers.

However, you cannot smoke your hookah on the plane, nor can you have the flavors or marijuana in it while flying.


Just in case you live on a farm or are leaving the farm for a few weeks, you can bring some fresh eggs with you in your carry-on luggage. They'll need to go through security like the rest of your items but that's not the hardest part.

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The hardest part is trying not to break them! You can keep them in a carton and carry them with you throughout traveling but if the flight is bumpy or you had to run to catch a plane, there's no telling if those eggs are going to make it.


There were a few rumors buzzing around that you couldn't bring cremated remains with you on a flight as a carry-on, but you absolutely can. The ashes can also go in your checked bag. The TSA does have a few rules on this subject, though. Just because the TSA allows cremated remains on a plane doesn't mean every airline does, so be sure to check with your airline before trying to board.

To make security easier on your loved one's ashes, buy a travelers container to make the screening process quicker.

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