Carlsbad, California now has direct flights to and from San Jose, Reno-Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Phoenix-Mesa via California Pacific Airlines, making the SoCal destination a must-visit for beach lovers. Reachable from most regions in just under an hour, Carlsbad, is a great weekend getaway for those looking for an unspoiled beach town with a varied wellness, culinary, and brewery selection.

Located on the north coast of San Diego County, Carlsbad features seven miles of virgin, secluded coastline and a quaint seaside village, which affords a provides a laidback alternative to overrun beach locations in the area. A diverse and inviting town, Carlsbad has something for everyone. From food lovers to beer connoisseurs to sun worshippers and the health-conscious, the town is an unexplored treasure that showcases the best of SoCal culture through its spa and culinary experiences, and pristine surroundings.


To find the best SoCal beaches in Carlsbad, visit Heal The Bay’s 2017-2018 Honor Roll, which recommends the best seaside locations to surf, swim, bike, and camp along the town’s seven miles of untouched coastline. The site features five different Carlsbad beaches, which adapt perfectly to each individual’s personal expectations.

Also, the SoCal wellness culture is alive and well in Carlsbad, especially at the full-service wellness center, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. In addition, the town features natural hot springs, which offer the perfect way to relax after an active day at the beach. Known as the "the Craft Beer Capital of America,” Carlsbad also features some of San Diego County’s most respected craft breweries along the Hops Highway. At Barrel Republic, visitors can even pour their own brews.

In sunny Carlsbad Village, the downtown area of Carlsbad, you will find unique shops, theaters, taco vendors, upmarket eateries, and fine dining, all in one central location. Park 101, a popular restaurant in the area, showcases the best outlook in the village with views of the coast from its rooftop dining area.

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For those visiting this week, on Friday, the Kathleen Carrillo Galleries in Carlsbad Village will provide an evening of live music, hors-d'oeuvres, wine, and a raffle. The event will feature the artists Kathleen Carrillo, Pat Harris, and jeweler Diyan Rogers, who will display some of their latest creations.