In July, thousands of athletes will travel thousands of miles to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where they will sleep on thousands of cardboard beds.

The availability of gold, silver and bronze medals won't understandably number in the thousands, although the optics of competitors trying to catch some well-deserved sleep on flimsy beds probably warrants medallion rewards of some sort.

They're stronger than wood and recyclable, too!

Relax, assures Olympic organizers when the announced the quality of the living quarters in the Athletes Village earlier in January. They stressed that not only are these beds stronger than most wooden types, they're also capable of supporting athletes weighing up to 440 pounds. Once the Games are over in July, the beds are scheduled to be recycled into paper and plastic products.


Organizers added that the amount of strength provided by these beds is more than adequate for their design purpose of providing a decent sleep. And while the material is eco-friendly, they might also be durable enough for some equally friendly after-hours activity.

What about ummm... more than just sleeping?

The manufacturers at Airweave were instructed to take into account the pre-competition abstinence that most athletes undergo as part of their training regimen. Once their respective events are over, especially with several days left to go at the Olympics, many of these competitors are highly likely to drop the discipline in favor of some friskiness.

As proof that these recycled creations can take all that punishment, the furniture was tested by manufacturer staff dropping weights on them. They were deemed to provide the requisite support as long as only two people are on the bed.

Hopefully, Athletes Village stewards are equally prepared. The last Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro distributed more than 450,000 condoms, roughly more than 40 per athlete.