Stunning wineries, a breathtaking coastline, and magnificent forests characterize Western Australia’s South West, making this unique region a great place to explore. The wineries here are renowned worldwide for their excellence and delicious taste. Colorful wildflowers fill the area during the spring season, making it even more magical and attractive. Australia’s South West is also one of 34 unique biodiversity hotspots worldwide. All of that and much more can be explored by hiking Australia’s Cape to Cape Track.


This is where people will have the chance to discover more than 130 kilometers of coastline. They can start their trek from either side of the trail and choose the Cape they want to begin the marvelous trip. The two Capes are Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste. Here’s what to know about exploring Western Australia’s Oceanside via this fantastic hike.

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Here’s What To Experience Along The Cape To Cape Track

White sandy beaches, spectacular rugged coastal terrain, and plenty of coastal heathlands await at the Cape to Cape Track in Western Australia. People will also see the splendid Boranup Forest, where they will behold the beauty of the Karri trees when they enter the forest. During May and September, hikers will also have the chance to spot the migrating humpback and whales of the southern right. This is not to forget the lovely dolphins playing in the waters along with the surfers.

People will feel relaxed and transported into another world of scenery when they sit at one of the benches along the track, which are perched on the cliffs, and they just admire the fascinating ocean in front of them. The glows of oranges and reds add to the experience when watching over this beauty at sunset. Sometimes, they will feel it’s a painting that comes out of this world. In April and May, people will enjoy watching the renowned spectacular Salmon Run when the little animals head north. Walkers will spot the fishermen and women excited at this event. Aside from the ocean, people will be amazed by exploring the rich wildlife on land, including possums, kangaroos, quendas, wallabies, and birds of all kinds.

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Here’s How Long It Takes To Walk The Cape To Cape Track

What’s unique about the Cape to Cape Track in Western Australia is that it can be tailored depending on one’s intentions, capabilities, and preferences. For instance, this track can be experienced in sections, such as walking it over a whole week or through day walks. No matter how one walks the Cape to Cape Track, it is worthy of people’s time.

  • Recommended: People are advised not to rush the Cape to Cape Track for them to make the walk enjoyable and unforgettable. One can take their time to complete the walk since there are many towns and campsites along the way.

There are three National Park sites, four Cape to Cape campsites, and a few caravan park sites along the track. Most campsites feature drop toilets, picnic tables, and water tanks.

  • Tip: Those looking to hike the Cape to Cape Track during the high season are recommended to pre-book a stay at the National Park campsites. The latter offer accommodation for a small fee. Those who don’t want to pay for camping can stay at one of the four Cape to Cape campsites that don’t charge any fees. However, these sites do not feature a booking system, and people might end up finding no places during the peak season. Moreover, there are no wild camping options available since the Cape to Cape Track runs through National Park.

It is worth noting that people who don’t like camping can still find many accommodation options in the South West. Also, people booking with a tour company can rest assured that the operator will secure them a place to stay each night, along with a pick-up and drop-off service for the track. People are advised to visit the local visitor centers at Margaret River, Dunsborough, and Augusta, where they can get help with accommodation options.

Here’s The Best Time To Hike The Cape To Cape Track

The Cape to Cape Track can be hiked all year round, and people can discover something new every time they walk it. However, the most fascinating time to trek this walk is during the spring season. In addition to the beautiful colorful wildflowers, spring is the best time for the hiking season in Western Australia. This is when the weather is more pleasant, with mild days and friendlier temperatures on the coast.

In contrast, during the winter season, the weather may get too cold and wet, in addition to safety concerns along some of the beach passes. In the early autumn, the weather may still be too hot to walk. Thus, it is better to visit the region towards the end of the autumn season. Obviously, the weather gets too hot during the summer season, although Western Australia is great to visit around this time of year. However, it would not be the best time to hike the Cape to Cape Track. Additionally, people don’t want to take risks with fires and lack of water.

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