For many travelers, it is not within budget to go to another country. But not to fear! There are many cities worth visiting in the US that have amazing attractions and history to tell visitors. These cities could be near or far, but no matter what they will be a lot cheaper than going to another country. Read ahead for some cities that are closer to home and super fun to visit!

9 Santa Fe, New Mexico

One of the more popular cities in the US is the city of Santa Fe. This city is full of culture, food, art, and natural beauty surrounding it. Santa Fe is a hub of people who love going to one of the multiple museums there, enjoying the creativity all around them, and having authentic food. The city is full of food that will make anyone's mouth water, and all of it is authentic, from people who grew up cooking these meals.

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8 San Francisco, California

A beautiful, cool city in California, San Francisco is home to much history and cultural diversity. One of the most famous things that San Francisco is known for is the Golden Gate Bridge, where people can admire the view of the ocean from high above it. This city is great for visitors who love exercise, as it is easy to rent a bike and just travel around the city to see the sights for the day. Another famous spot is Alcatraz, which was once a famous prison for the worst of the worst, and now has a guided walking tour that will fascinate anyone interested.

7 Nashville, Tennessee

For tourists who want a taste of both the country and a bit of mythology, Nashville is the perfect city to visit. Being the home of country music and where many concerts are held every year, there is never a shortage of country music rolling through these streets. Visitors will also find a replica of the Parthenon, a Greek temple that was built to honor the goddess Athena in ancient times. These two combined certainly make for an interesting trip.

6 New Orleans

Tourists who want to enjoy some amazing food while getting a little spooky should visit the city of New Orleans. This city is full of amazing restaurants, with everything a southern menu could dream of. These things include jambalaya, boudin, and fried chicken. There is no shortage of amazingly cooked food and good views for visitors.

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5 Boston, Massachusetts

For the history buffs, Boston is an amazing city full of rich history. The Freedom Trail runs through the city and takes visitors to a lot of historical spots that lie along the way. Since this city is one of the oldest, that means it was around in the Revolutionary War and has a lot of buildings full of old meeting rooms and where plans were laid. This city is also full of beautiful views and amazing food. A short drive away will lead visitors to Maine, which is a state full of amazing seafood.

4 New York City, New York

This busy city is another super popular one to go visit, but for good reasons. There are plenty of food options here, from seafood to barbeque to any foreign food visitors could dream of. The city is also full of amazing opportunities to go sightseeing or climb up buildings to go see the city from as high up as possible, such as the Empire State Building. Another fun thing to do in the city is taking a stroll through Central Park, which has artwork, shows (and even a castle!) or visitors can choose to take a bike ride through it too.

3 Dallas, Texas

While Dallas is thought to be full of country things like cowboys and beer, this city is full of so much more than most people expect. This city is full of steakhouses and other great restaurants that are sure to have something for everyone. There is also an attraction for everyone in the city, such as the Botanical Gardens, history classes, art museums, and sports events. No matter who is visiting this amazing city, they can find something for anyone.

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2 Greater Palm Springs, California

Another city that has something for everyone is the city of Greater Palm Springs. This city can check off all the boxes of things people might want to do. For the outdoorsmen, there are hiking trails nearby. For festival-goers, there always seems to be something going on in this town. The best news about it is that there is always great weather, so no one has to worry about being too hot or cold. No matter what a visitor's reasoning is for visiting this town, there is something for everyone.

1 Bozeman, Montana

This smaller city is the gateway to Yellowstone, which is one of the most beautiful national parks in the US. This city is full of places to stay and attractions to do, but most of the locals will push visitors towards going to the national park and enjoying the scenery and wildlife that lies within it. This city is full of amazing sights both in the city and just on the horizon, along with incredible culinary options!

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