For many, Mexico is a gateway to escape reality and enter into paradise for a short period of time. However, Cancun seems to be the hot spot amongst travelers who are looking for inexpensive all-inclusive resorts and a week filled with some of the best parties. Their beaches are covered in white sand and many all-inclusives have a stunning view and private access to Mexico’s turquoise water.

Unfortunately, Mexico has been in the news as of late for the safety concerns revolving tourists and gangs, though travelers still flock to Cancun in great numbers. Sadly due to Cancun’s not-so-pretty reputation, they also know where and how to get travelers where it hurts most - their pockets. Local vendors have been known to raise their prices and are overly eager to sell their items. Additionally, excursion prices are also known to be inflated compared to other parts of Mexico.


Like any travel destination, there are pros and cons when deciding which is best for you, but let’s agree to disagree that Cancun just simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

The Beaches Are Overpopulated

Every traveler envisions crystal clear waters with white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the back and a handsome bartender that delivers your refreshment to your cabana personally. We hate to burst your vacation bubbles but that’s just not something you’ll find in Cancun. Unfortunately due to the high volume of travelers that Cancun receives each year, the beaches have become a littered paradise.

Sadly, the government has offered little help to clean public and private beaches. Hotels, instead, have been tasked with this smelly task and they try their best to keep their property clean, however unfortunately with the demand from the growing tourism industry, it’s very difficult to keep beaches up to par.

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Cancun’s Safety Ratings Scored Very Low, Beware

As noted, Mexico does not score very high on the safety card when it comes to locals and travelers. There are many acts of crime that are taken against travelers, and Mexico is also faced with the additional mega-problem of gangs. So much so, that the government has also dispatched law enforcement and military members at various tourist hot spots such as public beaches and resorts. Unfortunately, law enforcement has been known not to enforce the law and rather take a generous bribe. Beaches have thus become a target zone for gangs.

In addition to the crime, tourists have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the number of hecklers that prey on travelers and their families which ruins the vacation’s experience.

As A HotSpot For Partying, Kids May Be Bored

When travelers decide to book their upcoming vacation and decide to select Cancun, many of them are looking for a great time filled with alcohol-infused partying, meeting new people and raving until the sun comes up - simply to do it all over again at noon and again at midnight. This causes a big issue with travelers looking to vacation with their families and young children.

Although, there are some activities that can be done with children of a certain age such as snorkeling. However, many offshore excursions, such as horseback riding and day tours around the historical monuments. Cancun has been compared to having a Las Vegas feel rather than a Disney World. Most importantly, if you do decide to travel to Cancun, it’s important to make sure the resort next door isn’t an adult-only clothing-optional resort.

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It’s Definitely An Expensive Mexican Adventure

Cancun also has a reputation for being more expensive than other Mexican destinations, especially when it comes to excursions and day trips. Although Cancun’s flights and resorts are noticeably inexpensive online, it’s the add on’s that become unexpectant. For example, a simple scuba diving excursion can cost up to $300 a person for a few hours. Other excursions such as fishing on a chartered boat, horseback riding, and jet skis can cost even up to $500 per person.

For the same prices, travelers can visit alternate Mexican locations, such as Yelapa or an off-shore resort in Mexico City, which can save you a ton of money.

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