Canada is a diverse country which is made up of various cultures from all walks of life. The Friendly North is also known for being incredibly large in terms of landmass. While most of the country lives in major cities like Toronto or Vancouver, other Canadians are spread throughout this massive land. Spanning coast to coast, these Canadians are locals of towns, cities, and villages with a unique history and heritage. Some of these places even have unique names. Unusual town names are not unheard of, and these Canadian towns are no exception.

Despite their unique names, the origins behind them are equally fascinating. From the coast of Newfoundland's Come By Chance to the snowy mountains of Yukon's Destruction Bay, these towns possess some of the most unique names in Canada. Yet, beyond their funny names, these towns offer tourists one-of-a-kind experiences and a charm that can't be found in major Canadian cities.

8 Come By Chance, Newfoundland & Labrador

Travelers who accidentally discover Come By Chance while touring Newfoundland won't be disappointed. This rural town overlooks Placentia Bay and hides a gem known as The Gut, an estuary only known to locals. The town is also close to a hiking trail known as the Isthmus of Avalon. On this trail, hikers can walk among the pine forest that overlooks the local river.

7 Joe Batt's Arm, Newfoundland & Labrador

Located on Fogo Island, Joe Batt's Arm is a cozy town known for The Great Auk Bronze Statue and the 18th-century Brett House Museum. Tourists will especially enjoy the coastal views at Joe Batt's Arm, specifically on Etheridge's Point. Visitors can also get a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean inside the Long Studio, an observation deck that is located along the local walking trail.

6 Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha!, Quebec

Similar to sayings like "Hakuna Matata!" or "C'est la vie," there is a feeling of happiness about the name Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha! While people debate the origin of its name, others will be surprised that this Quebec town is the only town in the world that has 2 exclamation marks in its name. Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha! is around Quebec City, Montreal, New Brunswick, and the US state of Maine. This town is more than its name; Saint-Louis du Ha! Ha! is home to attractions like Aster, the local observatory, the Celestial Gardens of Témiscouata, and Lac Dôle.

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5 Forget, Saskatchewan

The origins of this town are less hilarious than people think it is; this Saskatchewan village was named after Amedee-Emmanuel Forget, a former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. This tiny village is home to only 48 people who know each other by name. Despite its small population, the citizens of Forget have created a tight-knit and happy village, which fits perfectly with their motto: "Take enough people to the middle of nowhere that it becomes somewhere." Travelers should stop at Forget on their way to other unique attractions across Saskatchewan, especially at their local restaurant, the Happy Nun Cafe.

4 Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario

Punkeydoodles Corners may sound like the name of a punk band, but this name actually belongs to a quiet Ontario village! There not be many things to see in Punkeydoodles Corners. However, drivers may notice something special about the village, which is that it lacks any signs. This is because the village was subject to frequent sign theft every time a new one would be installed. Due to this unusual phenomenon, the inhabitants have since given up on putting up signs. Travelers driving between Kitchener and Stratford (which was named after Shakespeare's town of Stratford-Upon-Avon!) can pass through Punkeydoodles Corners, which is situated along Punkeydoodles Avenue.

3 High Level, Alberta

Around 800 km away from Edmonton, High Level welcomes tourists to explore its cozy town in northern Alberta. High Level is home to several hotels, alongside shopping centers. Visitors can also check out the Mackenzie Crossroads Museum & Visitors Centre and some hiking trails around High Level.

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2 Pink Mountain, British Columbia

The British Columbia town of Pink Mountain is a perfect destination for nature lovers. This cozy town is just beside the Pink Mountain Provincial Park, a popular site for gorgeous mountain views, as well as wildlife viewing of plains bison and arctic butterflies! Tourists who love the enchanted forests of British Columbia's Revelstoke will definitely enjoy the peace, solitude, and nature that Pink Mountain offers.

1 Destruction Bay, Yukon

Curious travelers may ponder the name origin of Destruction Bay. The truth is, this Yukon town was named after the destruction of buildings due to a windstorm. Since then, locals felt that the name was a perfect fit for the area.

Yukon's Destruction Bay is a popular stop amongst travelers heading to Alaska, due to its beautiful Arctic views. Visitors can admire the gorgeous mountains surrounding Destruction Bay on the Kluane National Park and Reserve. Tourists will also love the blue-green hues of Kluane Lake, which is a popular site for fishing. Destruction Bay is a beautiful preview of how gorgeous Canada's territories are, so adventure seekers should definitely plan a trip to the Yukon, especially before it gets cold!

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