Canada is a country made up of citizens from many walks of life. From the coast of Vancouver Island to the shores of St. John's Newfoundland, this northern nation is a destination full of scenic landmarks and natural sights that are fit for sore eyes. Additionally, Canada is made up of various towns and cities studded across the country, each with a unique name (sometimes with the craziest town nicknames!) and history.

Travelers who find themselves traveling through the Great White North (primarily via road tripping) can ironically find themselves in Europe. This is because many towns and cities across Canada are named after European cities. Want to visit Canada while checking out "Europe" too? If so, take a look at these Canadian towns with European names!

8 New Westminster, British Columbia

Travelers can technically travel to Europe when they stop by New Canada. Named after a neighborhood in the international city of London, Canadians can thank Queen Victoria for naming this British Columbia city! Located southeast of Vancouver, West Minster was formerly recognized as the capital of colonial British Columbia and was the province's first city. Today, visitors can check out one of the oldest cities in the province, alongside its historic buildings and gorgeous waterfront, especially along the Westminster Quay.

7 Castlegar, British Columbia

Named after Castlegar in Western Ireland, this west Canadian town sits comfortably around the Selkirk Mountains. It's also incredibly close to the U.S. state of Washington! Situated between the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers, Castlegar is a perfect stop for nature enthusiasts due to its proximity to several natural parks. The town has proper camping grounds, kilometers of hiking trails, and tons of photo ops along the rivers. For breathtaking views of the rushing rivers and mountainside, visitors should walk along the Brilliant Suspension Bridge, which stands tall at 473-feet!

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6 Stratford, Ontario

Named after Strat-upon-Avon in England, visitors who check out Stratford in Ontario may notice a familiar literature legend! Only about an hour and a half commute from the bustling city of Toronto, Stratford is well-known for its theatre productions for Shakespeare plays. The city streets are also full of history through Victorian buildings, alongside its beautiful Shakespearean Garden! This Ontario destination is perfect for couples or seeing a classic Shakespeare play.

5 Paris, Ontario

Though travelers won't find the Eiffel Tower in the Ontario town of Paris, this destination still has a lovely charm! Located in the province's Brant County, tourists can enjoy various activities in the town, especially during the warmer months. Due to its proximity to the Grand River, visitors can kayak, fish, or even tube lazily along the water. This cozy town is even known for its cobblestone buildings, like the Paris Plains Church.

4 Bath, New Brunswick

At an area of about 200 hectares and a population of only 500 people, visitors who check out the New Brunswick village of Bath will be drawn to its cozy charm. Located in the western side of the province alongside the Saint John River, visitors will witness a community known for its agriculture and forestry. Thus, those who appreciate the small-town countryside vibes of Kansas will fall in love with Bath. The village is also situated on New Brunswick's Mount Carleton Provincial Park.

3 Liverpool, Nova Scotia

When travelers think of Liverpool, they automatically think of England's famous city. However, there's also a Liverpool in the Great White North, specifically Nova Scotia! This town is perfect for those who love the Atlantic vibes of New England's best-kept secret.

Located in the province's South Shore regions, this Nova Scotian town is home to several historic buildings, alongside the Fort Point Lighthouse Park and white sand beaches. During their stay, tourists can also learn more about the traditional lands of the Indigenous Mi'kmaq community of Canada.

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2 Oxford, Nova Scotia

Tourists will know they've arrived at Oxford when they see the giant blueberry. And no, this is not about England's city of Oxford. Instead, this is referring to the little town in Nova Scotia!

Known as Canada's Wild Blueberry Capital, Oxford is the country's largest distributor (and producer) of frozen wild blueberries. Road trippers can spend a lovely day at Oxford just sitting close to the Trans-Canada Highway.

Specifically, those that make a trip out to the town should do so in the last 2 weeks of August, just in time for Oxford's Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival! Otherwise, the town is studded with picturesque trails, especially the TransCanada Trail, perfect for walking, cycling, or even ATVing.

1 Edmonton, Alberta

This bustling Canadian city was named after Edmonton in Middlesex, England. Today, Edmonton is recognized as one of Canada's famous cities, attracting visitors every year for various reasons. Tourists who book a couple of days in Edmonton will find multiple activities to enjoy, such as touring the city's museums or enjoying the nearby wilderness. The city is also equipped with the massive West Edmonton Mall, which houses a waterpark, a skating rink, and an indoor amusement park!

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